We are currently independently, writing, creating and financing numerous projects:

~ 3 New Websites
~ Photo Shoots & Video Shoots

~ Health Book

~ Ebook of our Autobiography

~ Audiobook of our autobiography

~ Part 2 to our Autobiography

~ Electro Hip Hop Record

~ Comic Book Series

~ Television Series

~ Two Feature Film Scripts

Our inspiration to write a health book came from the goal to cure ourselves of chronic illnesses due to deadly environmental toxins we were exposed to as children. We grew up near Hanford Nuclear Plant and swam in radioactive rivers, drank plutonium contaminated well water, and swam in pesticide filled irrigation ditches. All of these toxins would plague us for years to come and lead us toward our health journey.
In the quest to heal ourselves, we delved into alternative therapies and natural remedies, and with the information age we would have access to infinite knowledge, old and new that we would uncover, discover, experiment with, and research thoroughly. We feel our purpose is to share our knowledge that we have gained from in depth experimentation with natural and alternative healing therapies. In 2014 we transitioned to a vegan plant based lifestyle, which changed our lives indefinitely. We continue to live a vegan lifestyle with the aspiration to inspire others toward a plant based lifestyle.  We are currently developing a healing recipe that people can implement into their lives to better their health and heal from sickness. Our mission is to bring all of our unique health knowledge to the world as well as complete all of our entertainment dreams.




The Porcelain Twinz


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