“In March 2014, the United States, the European Union and some other countries slapped sanctions on Moscow over the reunification of Crimea with Russia.”

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “Competition should be natural without any external restrictions.”

The United States Government Deep State Global Elitists who are responsible for creating Hell on Earth all over the world, like to find formulas and patterns that are effective in destroying countries throughout the world using organized coups, funding civil wars, imposing the economic war of sanctions, and accusing countries of breaking laws in order to drop bombs, all for politics gains and world dominance, not beneficial to the targeted country or it’s people. The use of biological warfare, psychological warfare, as well as the covert war on the American people through the toxic food supply, poisonous water supply, and polluted air with the use of geoengineering and industrial pollutants, are all Global Elitists Death Cult’s grand plan to implement onto the world.  They can destroy things on a macrocosmic level as well as a microcosmic level singling out whoever they want to crush economically, playing God to bankrupt their life into attempted silence. Once the U.S. Deep State finds a recipe of disaster that works, they use it over and over again, and if you pay attention to the pattern, the pattern can be broken. As the affairs of foreign politics captures the attention of the people globally thanks to the alternative media, we can see how connected humanity is, and realize the turmoil and suffering happening throughout the world is due to unnecessary, external circumstances manipulated for the United States supremacy and control over humanity. 

The intense economic attack on Russia is because Russia challenges the U.S.’ illegal attacks on the world and if Russia was not the superpower that they are with their military defense system and hypersonic weapons, Russia most likely would have been attacked through an actual war by NATO & the U.S. Russia protecting humanity and the interests of sovereign countries throughout the world, is hampering the U.S.’ dominance over the world, which is why the U.S is trying to break Russia economically, because money is power. However, Russia has persevered and adapted their economy to grow in other areas due to the harsh sanctions placed upon them by the U.S. If there were no sanctions on Russia, their economic power would surpass the U.S. which is the United States Government’s greatest fear of losing economic dominance over the world. The only reason the U.S. has the number one spot, is because they lie, cheat, steal and manipulate the game in their favor through any means they see fit, no matter how unethical or inhumane.

As everyone’s Russiaphobia Spell is broken the documented truth is revealed everywhere about Russia’s reliability, dependability, trustworthy, and humanitarian leadership of Vladimir Putin, as relations with world leaders are strengthened through friendly, peaceful mutually beneficial cooperation and respect.

RT AMERICA’S ALEX MIHAILOVICH: “I lived under sanctions for two years people are hurt not politicians. All it does is boost the black market we are going to see criminals making money, corrupt politicians making money while people suffer sanctions don’t work.”

The Best Army In The World! Russians Are Born Ready!

US re-sanctions Iran despite country’s desperation

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US indictment of Maduro is cruel & inhuman action – Prof. Salas


“Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act” is a United States federal law that imposed sanctions on Iran, North Korea, and Russia. The bill was passed on July 27, 2017 and allows the United States Government to inflict its economic war on the world through the use of sanctions to any country which spans fare greater than Iran, North Korea, and Russia and stretches it’s ice cold wrath all over the world which is something they have been doing for decades, and continue to do by writing their own rules and laws giving themselves dominance to increase their sanction power over the world. The United States sanctions on the world makes no sense, have no merit and breaks international law, destabilizing the world economy, global unity and cooperation, yet they continue to get away with it. The U.S. sees the world as the enemy or as they call it an adversary, which they have their selected countries listed in the bill and punish any countries who have relations with those countries. which spans the globe. The United States continually violates the sovereign rights of countries, while accusing whoever they want to punish of breaking international law, with no evidence or proof, when they are the ones breaking international law. The U.S. sanctions are being used as a weapon all over the world on all countries across the board, which has created dire circumstances for the people of those countries, and bankrupt countries such as Venezuela, while using the threat of sanctions as leverage to manipulate the sovereign rights and freedoms of other countries, dictating who they can and cannot do business and have relations with. The “Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act.” and any laws that the United States has written and passed that has allowed the excessive, abusive use of sanctions by the United States Government is harming the global economy, breaking trust with countries all over the world, diminishing the value of the U.S. dollar worldwide, creating disdain in relations with world leaders which should be built on mutual respect, cooperation, and trust. Through the use of sanctions, the U.S. can essentially torture the people of a country through suffering due to the harsh economic stress the people and countries suffer from due to the sanctions, while the U.S.’ sneaky ulterior motive is to create as much turmoil, suffering, loss, stress and anger within a society that the response from the people will be a violent, volatile uprising against their own government. These mass uprising are often heavily controlled and funded by the U.S. and Global Elitists conspirators manipulating everything behind the scenes resulting in complete mayhem with hire a mob paid rioters, to help serve the U.S.’ agenda! This is how the U.S. attempts to overthrow governments worldwide, replacing legitimate governments with the U.S.’ puppet government to takeover and control the country secretly. Ukraine is a prime example of this formula and Donbas suffered the consequences of the Ukrainian government’s attack. The Ukrainian Government planned to do what they did to Donbas to Crimea, Sevastopol and other heavily Russian populated countries in the Ukraine territory. What they did to Donbas is a tragedy on humanity. .THE UNITED STATES ARMS UKRAINE TO WAGE WAR ON INNOCENT DONBAS CITIZENS & BLAMES RUSSIA…READ MORE WATCH VIDEOS

The U.S’ abrasive  do what I say dictator attitude, is creating a shift amongst the world leaders who are working together and strategizing economic alternatives free from the forced, unwelcome rules and sanctions the United States imposes illegally all over the world on their countries, for countries must protect their sovereignty and their people from the U.S.’ economic war and military force, which often leads to full scale unwanted, unjust wars. The United States appears to see the world as their enemy, for they have successfully sanctioned nearly every country throughout the world illegally. Does anyone have a tally on the United States sanctions list? They hit countries multiple times with numerous sanction packages to try and achieve their desired outcome of total control, destruction and dominance over those countries and over the world economy and natural resources. Why does the United States have the authority to break international law and write their own rules? Does the United States rule the world?

Putin: Russia Rejects Double Standards, Hidden Agendas, Discriminatory Restrictions & Sanction Lists

“VASILY KOLTASHOV Head of the Center of Political & Economic Research: “There is a reason why Germany loses $667 million a month. This is because Germany has the closest ties with Russia and is the country that determines the European Union’s politics, and it turns out that it’s the principal country to pay for the losses inflicted by these sanctions, that is to say that it assumes the main losses of the European countries. And this is a serious challenge for the entire German politics and the entire EU politics.”

Europe Continues to Self-Harm! EU Extends Russian Sanctions Despite Damage to Own Economy!

Putin: American Sanctions Boosted Russia’s Economic And Technological Sovereignty


‘We told you so’: EU reaps bitter harvest of siding with US in sanctions row – Russia’s UN envoy

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Sanctions For You, For You and For You, China! US Not Pleased With Russian Arms Delivery Sept 21 2018

THANK YOU! Putin: American Sanctions Boosted Russia’s Economic And Technological Sovereignty


We told you so’: EU reaps bitter harvest of siding with US in sanctions row – Russia’s UN envoy

Serbia president Vučić ‘fed up of being lectured’ over ties with Russia and China

It Never Ends! US Congress Approves 3 New Anti-Russia Bills Despite ZERO Proof of Kookspiracy!


The humanitarian crisis in Crimea & Sevastopol was due to Ukraine’s corruption and the coup that took place in 2014 putting in place a tyrannical fascist Ukrainian government, who fueled civil wars throughout the regions. Ukraine’s slumlord, unethical abuse toward the people who had been illegally held hostage since the 90’s after the fall of the Soviet Union is why the referendum to join Russia was so successful. The years of neglect, harm to the people, and deterioration of the Crimea Republic, were finally resolved, thanks to Russia and the will of the people living in Crimea and Sevastopol, which were headed toward the same fate as Donbas had Russia not helped. The Ukrainian Government, must be held accountable for their support of fascism, racism, civil wars, and severe corruption while bankrupting the country. Ukraine does not deserve to control the fate of any country, they have proved themselves to be corrupt, inhumane, irresponsible and unworthy of such responsibilities, and do not represent the Ukrainian people. Ukraine’s war on the people must be stopped.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “Before doing what they did in Kiev on February 22, 2014 they should have thought about the consequences that this type of solving political problems would have for the country. It’s easy to turn everything upside down, but it’s important to be mindful of the legitimate interests of one’s partners if we want to treat each other with respect.”

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “For Russians, Crimea is a hero part of our history This includes the period when this territory was incorporated into Russia, and the heroic defense and surrender of Crimea and Sevastopol during the Second World War. Crimea is connected to Russia history, Russian literature, the arts, and the Czar’s family. By and large the entire fabric of Russian history is intertwined with Crimea on way or another. 

VIKTOR MELNIKOV  Member of 3rd Rapid Response company of Sevastopol, Afghanistan war veteran: “Sevastopol has earned eternal glory, in spite of 23 years of occupation by Ukraine. After the coup in Kiev, nearly all Sevastopol residents joined the self-defense forces. In my 60 years, I’ve never seen people become so selflessly united in heart and mind and dedicated to the defense of their city.”


How Crimeans defended against an organized takeover of the Crimean Parliament in Simferopol

Crimea. The Way Home. Documentary by Andrey Kondrashev

VESTI NEWS: “Today, the entire country is following what’s going on in Crimea, which made its historic choice at the referendum in 2014 — To be with Russia forever. That decision has protected its residents from the events taking place in neighboring Ukraine. This decision made quiet, peaceful, and robust development possible. And the footage of today’s Crimea — Whether it’s the bridge or the modern airport, the new vineyards, and the highways — Is a source of pride, delight, and a realization of what else needs to be done.

“Russia and Crimea. Three years after reunification. In response to the bloody coup d’etat in Kiev, March 16, 2014, a referendum was held in Crimea, during which 97% of the peninsula’s residents voted for Crimea’s accession into Russia as a constituent member.”

“We Are Together at Last!” Putin Addresses Crimeans and Welcomes Them Back Home!


Russia Celebrates Third Anniversary of Reunification With Crimea March 21, 2017

VLADISLAV GANZHARA, State Council of Crimea: “There’s a moral aspect to it. Unfortunately, the historic mistake which wasn’t corrected right after the collapse of the USSR resulted in Crimea being a part of a state alien to it. They deliberately dind’nt develop the peninsula. It was absolutely obvious and it was the policy of the Ukrainian government.”

Counting the Costs of Crimea’s Neglect! Staggering Numbers Reveal Depth of Kiev’s Corruption!

Crimea Means More to Russians Than Resorts! National Strength and Pride Were on the Line!

Sergey Shargunov’s: “Crimea is about our people who were abandoned but still believed about fate and historic justice about the dream that I had as a teenager the dream the Crimea’s always had. Nobody thought it would come true. As much as there has been suffering, pain and disappointment, it still seems unbelievable. Here I am in Crimea in February 2014. Everybody had the same dream that Russia would take them. 

“It’s not about the fact that Russia interfered later and prevented the war. It’s about the fact that the protesters didn’t know if Russia would interfere, but kept repeating the word as a password. They expected to be alone, as always, when Ukraine comes to suppress them They were preparing to fight Ukraine even though the forces were far from even.”

“The first referendum in the USSR was held in Crimea on January 20, 1991, the Crimean Parliament. It was a vote to transform the Crimean Oblast into the Crimean Republic as part of the USSR and member of the Union treaty. More than 81% of the Crimean citizens took par in the referendum. almost 94% of them voted positively. On May 5, 1992 the Crimean Parliament adopted the Act of State Independence of the Republic that was supposed to come ito power after being verified at the referendum that was scheduled for August 2. But Kiev interfered and prevented the vote. However on January 30, 1994, Crimea elected its president, Yuri Meshkov. The pro-Russian politician quickly became popular. The majority of voters supported his party with a manful name ‘Russia.’ Crimea is becoming independent. On March 17, 1995, a decision of the Verkhovna Rada and the President of Ukraine canceled the Constitution of the crimean Republic and abolished the position of the president. The crimean Constitution Referendum scheduled for June 25 that implied independence was canceled once again. History is a musical thin: 19 years before Crimea reconciled with Russia there was a coup on the peninsula. Spetsnaz units were deployed . Each floor of the Supreme Council building where the presidential residence was located was captured by machine gunners That was the true annexation. In the end, Meshkov was banned rom Crimea by the Ukrainian authorities. 

Meshkov: ‘I’m dressing all Russian people Citizens of Russia, don’t abandon us. We’ve never abandoned you and never will.’

Crimea 5 Years Ago: Cossack Whips, Fist Fights and the Struggle Against Kiev’s Mafia State!


GREAT Russ Doc: Most Crimean Tatars were against the Maidan coup & supported Crimea return to Russia

VESTI NEWS: In Crimea, the results of Sunday’s presidential elections are a clear confirmation of the referendum on reunification with Russia 4 years ago. 92% of the votes in Crimea were for Putin. What more proof is needed? And for whom? International observers in Crimea saw everything with their own eyes.

Putin Wins Over 92% Of Vote In First Russian Presidential Election In Crimea MARCH 30, 2018


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