Growing up our mother had a fascination with the mysterious, the unknown, walking through old cemeteries to finding ghost towns, watching black and white Twilight Zones, and other stories of those who had connected with other dimensions of spirituality through near death experiences. Our mother always a dreamer and deep thinker, a bartender for many years, she was the ultimate bartender psychologist, giving many words of insight to those that came her way. She was charming with deep perspectives that those in her presence paid close attention to what she had to say. Her connection to people as well as her love for horses. Horses are of the most spiritual mystical animals a human can connect with on a psychic level, for once you are on the back of a horse, our mother would say, the horse knows if you are afraid, and if it senses fear, it will take you for a ride.

Our mother had no real religion, but we said prayers at night to God, whoever that was? Our grandmother read the Bible daily, but this trait was not passed down to our mother or us, but instead an intuitive, spiritual guiding instinct that we all naturally had. It was not forced, it just is and always has been.

Our mother could sniff out a rat in a second, always knowing good people with good intentions or the opposite. Our mother didn’t even have to say too much about it, she would just state her opinion and we would take it in, not being forced one way or the other, but if our mother sensed something in a person and shared her thoughts, it’s as if she had decoded something in the Matrix, and it couldn’t be ignored.

We never saw our mother as a mystical spiritual being while growing up, she was just mom, and sure she made plenty of bad choices and mistakes, but when it came to her daughters, her motherly instinct to guide us in the right direction, give advice when needed, and be a friend was invaluable. Our mother was our best friend, we had many good times growing up as well as hard times too and our lives stayed intertwined deeply for most of our adult lives. She was our greatest cheerleader and supporter of everything we did, even if she did not completely agree with it, but she knew the ultimate goal we were after and that was to achieve our dreams of music, film, writing, dance and all things entrepreneurial, so that we could ultimately take care of our entire family, live large, and attain the American Dream. We were all dreamers, and our mother lived vicariously through all of our stories and adventures, hanging on every word. We were driven beyond words, and took action toward all of our goals.

Sometimes the shortcuts were the dead ends, or wrong turns, and lead to the long run. The long run is the story of our life, 21 years later in a strip club when it was only supposed to be a few, but there seemed to be some strange divine grand plan for it all, and even at the age of twenty three an epiphany washed over me (Heather) that my life would have great purpose, and that I would be a very successful writer and filmmaker. I hadn’t written anything at this point but some poetry, and essays in college, so I wasn’t exactly sure how all of this would unfold, but I always held onto the lightbulb epiphany moment that struck me like lightning. The funny thing is as a child I had always wanted to have a struck by lightning moment, that many people spoke of after being struck by a bolt of lightning. A sort of awakening occurred within these people. I desired to have that kind of experience from the moment I heard of it as a child. I guess the desire for awakening came very young, and would be a driving force of seeking and searching beyond the physical. 

You can never predict anyone’s awakening, so never count anyone out ever, for it’s completely unpredictable. Byron Katie was sitting on her living room floor obese and depressed when a cockroach scuttled across her foot, and she at that moment woke up. Jill Bolte Taylor had a stroke and remained conscious the entire time, going omnipresent in her “Stroke of Insight.” Bill Harris created Holosync audio meditations and woke up through brainwave entrainment technology he created, which was a part of our awakening that came in 2008, in combination with Rife frequency technology tuned to the transformational series, as well as series of catastrophic events that unfolded in our life. We would finally have our awakening, something that we could have never predicted, that ultimately changed who we are indefinitely for the rest of our lives, and we would continue to have felt shifts in awakening and growth as we continued to read, learn, study and work toward improving ourselves as well as achieving our dreams. 

Our desire to wake up was great, and in 2004 while touring we ran across the book “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind,” while in the self help section at a bookstore in an airport. This was always the first section we went to when touring on the road, for you never knew what you were going to randomly find in this section at any given airport across the country. I think we missed our flight that day, lollygagging in the bookstore, not realizing our flight was boarding. We had a few good books to read, which kept us content.

We would also find Sylvia Browne’s, Phenomena Everything You Need To Know About The Paranormal,” in an airport bookstore, which lead us down the Sylvia Browne rabbit hole. We had seen Sylvia Browne on television many times, and had thought she was a real wack job, but when we read her books, the words on the page were nothing like what we had witnessed on TV. After reading her book “Phenomena” on the road for a week we had a noticeable physical shift occur visible to others. When we arrived back home, our mother said to us, “You look different.” We said, what do you mean? She said, “you have a glow, something is different.” Apparently Sylvia Browne flipped on a light switch within us, and her books spoke to our souls, which were ready to rock n roll and find more. We loved her books and her philosophy, but once we devoured them all, it left us yearning for more. More truth, more answers, more knowledge. Between the Power of Your subconscious Mind and Sylvia Browne, our life took on a different outlook. Those books were the beginning of our transformation, and when we were introduced to the movie the Secret in 2008, it opened up another door to philosophers such as Napoleon Hill. We wouldn’t devour Napoleon Hill for a few more years, not until we had our Quantum Leap Awakening using Bill Harris Holosync technology and our rife machine, although we do not recommend a rife machine, for it is too experimental without enough scientific research on it’s safety. However we do recommend Holosync audio meditations, for this changed our brains and increased our intelligence, which Bill Harris stated would happen in his book “Thresholds Of The Mind.”

Our awakening was a shock to the system, for it happened fast and was profound, lasting 3 months. We had to ask for it to slow down, it was too much too fast, and we were operating almost on a nonhuman level, we knew we had to be of the earth not beyond it. The faucet would turn down, and we could continue to live our lives, but in a completely and totally different state of being. We had finally had our quantum leap awakening, but it wasn’t enough to make us superhuman as hard as we tried, we were still human with all of our greatness and all of our flaws, however we were changed, on the deepest level, everything had changed. We would continue to wake up more and more along our journey from Holosync meditations, to Burt Goldman and Silva Method teachings. We would discover David Icke, devoured all things Napoleon Hill, joined the Global Information Network success club that transformed our lives. All of these things would be the key factors of who we are today. 

We helped many people who crossed our paths in need of a rabbit hole to fall down. We are not sure how many people we woke up who found us in strip club bars, but like our mother, we had a way with helping people, it was in our DNA makeup, something we were born with, the goodness of the Smurf Village. Often times a person would come in and say, “I don’t know why I even came in here, I was driving by and felt the drawn into this place.” This happened time and again from locals to out out out of towners. A sort of strange fate for everyone. That is the mystery of the world we live in.

We helped many people along the way, and we have our own inner struggles and battles as well, but the ultimate battle on the earth right now is for the people and the mother earth herself. As the amazing year of 2020 enters all of our realities, may the true consciousness of the people, and the human spirit come together as a collective and create World Peace. It starts the mind, and while “THEY” project this as hundreds if not thousands of years of impossibility into the future, do realize that the future is NOW. Peace is here, you just can’t see it yet, but you can feel it. It is on the way, the momentum is set, the world is waking up!