How can the United States Senate and Congress write bills out of thin air, that our pushed through on an overwhelmingly unbalanced scale. Most of the time on a majority basis, no questions asks just pass notes to hold places, that have been set in stone no one’s going anywhere, Senators and Congressmen going on 40 and 50 years. And what do they have for all of this time, retirement funds and family goldmines. These Congressmen and Senators dictate the laws of the land, they’ve extended their jurisdiction from the center of the United States of America to the entire World with their red right hand. Owned by Global Corporations, George Soros, and Israel’s Nation, so many foreign entities, control our United States of America, and sell the illusion of the land of the free.

It’s not the way it’s always been, somewhere along the way things got warped and twisted. It’s all about the money a popularity game, apparently like high school, they only want fame. It’s obvious by the way they behave in the press, who can say the most outrageous things about the United States President! Kudos for those who jabs hit below the belt, they want the suffering and pain to be felt. They want you to be on your knees, bowing down to the Global Corporate Elite. 

The money and status of the Global Elite Ruling class, the corporate giants have written corrupt laws that protect their own private assets. They’ve sold off America you’ve seen the homeless crisis, to wipe out the middle class without any bias.

Then it will be them above, and us down here, you will have to look up, our Masters are here. You’ll see them in their towers, above us they soar, we are the little people who now are all poor. They’re halfway there, in achieving their aim, we’re all the pawns in this evil game.

As they haven’t thought through every bump in the road, they were counting on everyone selling their soul. They’ve raked it in and racked it up, but they weren’t planning for anyone not to give up. They thought we would all just throw in the towel, they didn’t factor in anyone raising and giving them hell.  Though not quite complete, their plans always get foiled, by those who hate the Global Elite and all of their spoils.

Throughout the Globe they use hegemony and cripple through force, where nobodies free there is no remorse. Those in our US government who helped created this hell on Earth, who have allowed vaccines to sterilize birth, who’ve passed all the bills for America to fail, and extended their jurisdiction making the World their hell. Who’ve added dehydrated corpses to fertilizer and cannibalized the people, this is sacrilege on God’s sacred steeple. Who have poisoned the Earth and air that we breathe, contaminated the water, making everything filthy. Who demonize the sun that gives all life on Earth, the photosynthesis of nature, should not be disturbed. We are light beings and absorb the nutrients of D3, this is what they are stealing from us human beings. To Westernize the World and erase history, to lose unique cultures throughout humanity. This is what this Evil force will not achieve, for their is a great awakening. 

For those who have Imperial dreams, to rule the World through ethnic cleansing, to create Global crisis and suffering, who only have their own interests their insatiable greed. If we let them have their way they’ll finish erasing the middle class throughout the world. Two Thirds middle class wiped out in Beirut, this happened with just one fell swoop, the suffering and sadness now looms.

Add sanctions on top of poverty, and their you have the U.S. Global Elite. Adding to the already broken backs of those who are war torn, with nowhere to run to nowhere to call home. The gap is enormous as they write the check, to be passed throughout our United States senate and congress, this is our great United States Government.

The vast majority of the United States Senate and Congress are career politicians, the cry of the people’s voices far off and distant. It’s just a gig for the Corporate Elite, to control all of their politicians they are their puppets on strings. Whatever they want the politicians at their beck and call, they will write it up and nail anyone to the wall. They will break the rules and remake them as they go, they will dissolve the order of the World, and reshape it for their Cabal. No fair competition only monopolies, enslave all the countries with the IMF and World Bank fees. 

The new War Of The World is breaking all laws, Law Of The World written by the the United States Of America, who have the most bargaining chips in the game, they’ll give you a few now your their IMF debt slave.

They push their power of war and tyranny onto countries until everyone caves, their famous formula is Regime Change. Now they own you a slave for life, this is democracy in disguise. The IMF and World Bank, keep the wheels of the debt machine moving at point blank, keep people impoverished to sustain unrest, so when they need to escalate a coup d’état, it’s merely a featherweight hair trigger now place your bets.

They have set up their system where there is only one winner in the game, and it’s always so far been the one with the biggest tanks, but this in now being challenged, and while their checkbooks are still the fattest, and their Fiat printing press is still the fastest, they are losing something vital to keeping everything together, they are losing the trust of the World possibly forever.

Those who have bought into the fraud, are looking for escape routes being sought. Everything that they design they control, there is no digging your way out of this hole. They will bury you alive, they don’t care, they want everyone to watch and to be scared. They set their examples that this could be you, cross our path and this is what they will do. They’ve got away with it for decades on end, generations indoctrinated into their satanic religion, but they would take it beyond what they’ve done before through television and MK Ultra Mind Control, for this wasn’t enough for their Lord.

They would take it to a level never before seen, a secret experiment they planned to take everything. No one would see it coming for it was not in plain view, a covert operation those destined would skew, the most evil plan that this Earth has ever seen, It would be up to all of those chosen to save it for humanity, and our Mother Earth in God we must trust, a spiritual awakening many would be thrust, a collective would form behind the scenes, an energy formed of significant meaning, to ward off the Evil from intervening. They almost had this one on the bag, there will be many lost, while many awaken. 

Time space and reality, manipulated by technology, an Evil Force on this planet, trying to alter people’s fate they’ve been granted, by God before they came to Earth, and the purpose of your birth.

Unnatural events of disorder created by them, the New World Order “Order Out of Chaos,” is their linchpin, which brings mass destruction they’ll pick up the pieces, it’s part of their instructions to never have Peace. Orders come from the top and trickle down, their puppets in governments around the world goes round.

Tragedy and death is part of their cult, human sacrifice they feed off of the emotions, of the pain and disparity they bring to this planet, it’s what they depend on they plan to inhabit, Terraforming our Mother Earth, destroying humans to enslave and serve, their dark forces without a fight, they figured it out this is not right!

While they are trying to play God, and have taken over the sleepwalkers, who are long since gone, how they have done this it’s unbelievably wrong.

They seem to forget of the infinite intelligence guiding those with magnificent source energy, who are in tune with the frequency, who are here to set the planet free.

There is a positive powerful force on this Earth, to counter those who have disturbed, the natural balance and natural laws, that must be put back in balance.

Of this vast Universe, there are laws that we must adhere to, set in stone they can’t be changed, manipulated is not okay. Those who are trying to play God, manipulating the weather and life’s outcomes, engineering false realities, studying those to bend the galaxy.

Unwelcome visitors foreign invaders, who have come to our planet it doesn’t get much stranger. They’ve showed us everything in the movies, this bizarre reality we are all now living. We all realize that we are not alone, it’s not quite how we imagined this to unfold. We were counting on spaceships and little green men, instead they came completely unnoticed. Invisible to the naked eye they tricked us all they are the spies. Disguised in all technology no one ever saw this one coming.

Cosmic intelligence keeping the balance of the universe intact, countering those turning everything black, including the sun and even the stars, Earth is connected to Galaxy’s afar.

We’ve got them locked in our sights, our invisible forces guiding with light, for our Mother Earth is armed in nature, invisible forces this is why we all came here, divinely guiding those who will listen, on the sacred scroll this has been written.