The pharmaceutical drug industry is intertwined with the candy companies, as well as the addictive, toxic, synthetic sugar and preservative chemical companies that are used in the food supply. These chemicals are causing massive health catastrophe’s in people, and ADHD in children. The candy companies and chemical food companies create the problem in the children by making the food like a drug. The pharmaceutical companies treat the problem they created by having doctors prescribe the children their pharmaceutical drugs for ADHD and other diseases that they caused.  

One evening while working at strip club a few years ago, we struck up conversation with two private school teachers, who were out having a good time. During our conversation we asked them how many of their students were on pharmaceutical drugs? They replied 99% of them were on medication, and that they had to a-lot specific time slots for the children to take their “medicine” which are pharmaceutical drugs. The teachers were in disbelief of how this could be happening to the children, since we are all in a different generation where putting children on drugs was not normal.

Kevin Trudeau blew the whistle on the pharmaceutical drug industries 50 year plan to have everyone hooked on prescription drugs. According to the Kevin Trudeau’s Radio Show on iTunes, it began with the invention of door to door health insurance salesmen, where insurance salesmen would knock on doors and sign people up for health insurance with mandatory yearly check ups with a doctor. 

Before health insurance was invented, people did not go to the doctor, and instead they used natural remedies, folk remedies, and home remedies to ward off illness. Once the pharmaceutical companies had patients in the doctor’s office for a checkup, the doctor would prescribe the patient a drug for their ailment that the doctor would diagnose.This is where it all began, and fast forward to present time, and you have nearly every American on a pharmaceutical drug.  

With new diseases springing up constantly, there is always a new drug waiting to be prescribed. The harmful side effects of these pharmaceutical drugs is criminal and include, death, suicide, cancer, stroke, heart attack and ten more pages of side effects that you will need a magnifying glass to read.

The Pharmaceutical Globalist Death Cult kills hundreds of thousands of people a year with their deadly drugs.

These psychopathic pharmaceutical companies think long term, and now they want your kids hooked on their drugs early on to create the addict brain. Children who take pharmaceutical drugs are at great risk for crack, heroin and other illicit drug addictions in their adult life, because when the prepubescent brain is introduced to drugs it creates an addict brain and will be a lifelong affliction, not to mention all of the dangerous side effects prescription drugs cause. 

This happened to Amber’s X-Boyfriend who was put on Ritalin as a child for pouring Elmer’s glue in a girls hair that he had a crush on. He was removed from the class, and placed in a class with all of the severely mentally challenged children and prescribed Ritalin. He was scarred for life, and grew up to be a lifelong drug addict of cocaine and heroin. He said when he tried cocaine for the first time as a teenager that it felt just like the Ritalin he took as a kid. He was instantly hooked. At the age of 18 he was living in Los Angeles pursuing his dreams, and was signed with Ford Models and had a Diesel campaign. He was a 6’4” Italian babe and amazing musician and a lead singer of a successful rock band. He had the world at his fingertips, however his battle with drug addiction would sabotage all opportunities, including the record deal he had waiting for him at Capitol records, his addiction would destroy our friendship and relationship, addiction is a lifelong battle that can begin in childhood if allowed.

The side effects of pharmaceutical drugs and the drugging of the food supply is criminal and is a war on the American people. The pharmaceutical drugs side effects are intentionally engineered into the drugs to kill the American people. How can pharmaceutical drugs be approved by the FDA when the side effect include:  suicide, death, stroke, heart attack, cancer and an entire list of horrible deadly debilitating effects. The pharmaceutical industry is weaponizing their pharmaceutical drugs intentionally.  A covert war on Americans. How are these drugs on the market when they hurt so many people killing hundreds of thousand of people every year with no repercussions. 


David Icke On The Pharmaceutical Industry