The Death & Destruction formula to all life on this planet by the corporations ran by the Globalists Elitist Death Cult that cover any industry that these Globalists can rape, pillage, and decimate is all part of their Satanic sacrificial, ritualistic, terrorization of the people, animals, and our mother earth, which is intentionally intended to lower and manipulate the vibrational frequency of the earth’s energy field with negativity by keeping the animals and the people in a state of misery. The lowering of the earth’s energetic frequency field is also done through pain and suffering as well as technology such as cell phone towers, HAARP, and other advanced technologies that keep the people’s body computer system and emotional well being in a constant state of chaos and distress.
The destruction of the people and the the planet is done by the corporations

and the evil and is always pinned on the people. We assure you that it’s not the people destroying the planet, but is the Evil!

FOOD INC TRAILER We didn’t make it past the chickens in this documentary, and this was the tipping point of us going vegan as well as reading Markus Rothkranz book Heal Yourself 101, which was one of the first books ever written busting the vegan myths.