Beirut caught in the crosshairs, of the war in Syria, nothing is by accident, there is nothing haphazard and in fact, premeditated and forewarned, Israel had their eye on this Port. This will eventually be uncovered, Israel wants to shuffle the deck of the Lebanese government. One of their formulas used over and over, starve the people and create a war, why not blow up a port, this will create enough chaos to distort, the situation which was already dire, they just added fuel to the fire.

An accidental catastrophe, who do they think that they are fooling. You just have to dive deep beneath the surface, to figure out the motive of who would do this. Who, what where and why, explosives stored for the fourth of July. Lebanese government just plain stupid, let’s ask the question again of who would do this? Who has the the motive lets uncover the logistics, of this valuable port lets look at statistics, and who will this effect the most, Lebanon already under a stranglehold, from sanctions and home to Hezbollah, abracadabra wallah. Lebanon, Syria, and Iran, economies all interconnected, the Beirut Port the lungs of Syria, just another way to try so suffocate her. Their proxy wars hidden agenda to ultimately starve beautiful Syria, and use whatever methods they see fit, are they really going to get away with this?

Oh these geopolitical monsters who do whatever they please to make people suffer, portray themselves as Saints who seek peace, but their clandestine actions tell the real story. With Golden keys to the White House, the AIPAC lobby where money buys clout, with immunity above international law, shielded behind the Military Industrial Complex, and the bought and paid for United States Government, who have showed their true colors that are not red white and blue, Loyal to those with the cash, digital currency they will swear an Oath to. Whatever it takes, no matter how many lives lost, no matter the cost, they have been bought. As long as their precious promised lifestyles continues on this trajectory train, they will keep selling out the USA, and waging their wars all over the World, so what are you going to do about it?

Waging wars in the Middle East slaughtering religions through ethnic cleansing. Christians, Muslims, wiping out the Arab World, starvation hunger, is leverage they use. In Syria they’ve killed nearly all of the men, all that is left are women and children. It’s sick I know it only gets worse, they sanction anyone anywhere in the World trying to rebuild Syria, who’s country is already in a financial crisis, the population of women and children who pay the price, for your vote to go to war, you do not support the troop withdraw, under the guise to protect America, helping to fan hysteria, when you’re only protecting your own interests. The question is if they withdraw the troops, will they replace them with privatized military to fool you, which will never bring relief to these war torn countries, constantly under United States Military occupation, privatized and under the radar, your trickery of false promises granted.

Our U.S. government is despicable they think they are invincible. Dressed up nice, sharp and dapper, committing crimes against humanity, committing war crimes from their congress and senate seats, may you pay the price for all your unethical deeds, may you check for your conscience at the next cocktail party, may you all sweat silver bullets, once the tables are finally turned on you.

The U.S. Military Industrial Complex operates as it’s very own government, ignoring the rules and the laws, they above all call the shots. Beating your head against a brick wall, taking on the Deep State Pentagon, who do not want a President a Commander In Chief, the U.S. Military Industrial Complex expect those in Office to bow at their feet, who hold a facade of what’s best they’re the stewards, while they dominate with force to suppress the Third World, and attack anyone with growing economies, this is why the U.S. has so many enemies, because Imperialism does not want fair competition, dominant force holds the most fruition. This is tyranny all over the Globe, they are taking it all out from under your nose, destroying what the future holds, and even when they have all been exposed, it’s out in the open they continue their ethos.

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ISRAEL “First acquired two British S-class submarines in the late 1950s. Israel utilized these submarines in its wars with Lebanon from 1967 to the 1980s.

Between 1999 and 2000, Israel commissioned three Dolphin class submarines from German company Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft (HDW). [3] Germany donated two of these vessels but split the cost of the third with Israel. The fourth and fifth submarines, agreed to in 2006, are advanced Dolphin-class vessels equipped with air-independent propulsion (AIP). The INS Tanin was commissioned in September 2014 and the INS Rahav was commissioned in 2016.

In June 2002, former U.S. State Department and Pentagon officials confirmed that the U.S. Navy observed Israeli missile tests in the Indian Ocean in 2000, and that the Dolphin-class vessels have been fitted with nuclear-capable cruise missiles of a new design. [8] However, the Israeli Defense Forces have consistently denied any such missile tests. [9] Experts disagree on whether Israel adapted Harpoon cruise missiles to carry an indigenously developed nuclear warhead or if it modified the Gabriel 4LR anti-ship missile. HDW is set to deliver a sixth modern diesel-electric Dolphin-class submarine to Israel by 2020. This submarine, the INS Dragon, is said to be capable of carrying nuclear missiles. [11] Moreover, in 2016 Israel and Germany signed an agreement for three additional Dolphin II-class submarines. These new submarines are expected to be completed around 2027 and will replace the older three Dolphin submarines.” SOURCE NTI.ORG

After the explosion of Beirut Lebanon’s valuable Port this country has been thrust into an intense spotlight that the entire World is able to observe. Beirut was already in an economic crisis that had been bubbling to acute degrees for far to long, relatively unnoticed. The dramatic turn of tragic events has magnified Beirut, where literally the entire World is dissecting this terrible catastrophe. The shock wave from this horrific explosion has created a butterfly, ripple effect is being felt Worldwide, and the tragic backstory of what has been happening in Beirut is being unearthed that may have otherwise gone unnoticed and swept under their messy rug, where everything is swept that they think they can get away with.

Is the destruction of the Beirut’s port a proxy war toward Syria in a deliberate attempt to cut off Syria from being rebuilt? Is the truth of what caused the explosion being covered up by all of those in alignment of this hidden agenda to destroy Syria?

Blocking Syria from healing and being resurrected is causing many people to suffer, including the millions of Syrian refugees who want to return to back to their homeland, but cannot due to instability. The hardships of Beirut are in fact directly linked to Syria do to the economic sanctions on both countries and their interconnected economies.

The United States Neocon War Machine appear to be seeking their revenge on Syria for not achieving their Regime Change agenda, by inflicting economic sanctions on Syria, Assad and anyone anywhere throughout the world associated with investing in and trying to rebuild Syria. The United States has created an economic blockade so that Syria cannot be restored and Syrian refugees cannot return home. This is inhumane, unethical, a crime against humanity and an attack on Syria’s history, artifacts, and culture, which they have tried so hard to destroy. Russia of course is on the U.S. sanctions list, as well as Iran and many other countries. Little known Beirut, is being hit the hardest, which is the home to Hezbollah a staunch enemy of Israel, who the U.S. protects.

At the moment, it appears it will be hell and high water if Syria thinks they are going to rebuild their country without using the Globalist system of the IMF and World Bank that has been embedded throughout the World and is used to control countries all over the World. The Globalist formula of war and destruction, financially breaks countries, bringing them to their knees, literally starving the people so they will come begging.

If Syria attempts to rebuild their country with the help of outside investors and the international community, the Banksters at the IMF and World Bank will intervene through other means. It will be sneaky and done with a hidden hand, but the World Bank and IMF have locked their sights on Syria being owned and under their rules and their control. This is one of the main reason they want Assad to step down, because Syria has their own central bank and still have their sovereignty. One just needs to look at what happened to Libya and Gaddafi when he tried to create a currency for the African and Arab worlds, that would have changed the World order.

Beirut 24 hours later | How could this happen? 2020

The question of how could this happen dominates the dialogue, as should the question why would this happen? There are many motives behind the destruction of Lebanon’s vital port that should be fully investigated, for Lebanon has been under threat and attack constantly for many years, and their ties to Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah is enough to state the obvious. To pretend this was purely an accident is irresponsible. If this was an intentional attack, but made to look like negligence, which is absolutely the dominating factor at first glance, and why whoever may have done this, thought they would get away with it. If indeed this was a strike by another country those guilty must be held accountable. Those in Lebanon who are responsible for their idiocy of storing explosives in a valuable port and populated city must also be held accountable. A port that is quoted as being “the lungs to Syria,” and the life line to the Lebanese economy.

Were the Lebanese people being used as a human shield and did the Lebanese government think that storing these explosives would protect them from being attacked, since Lebanon and Israel have been on the brink of war? What is the logic behind this, because while obvious stupidity, and negligence, there is definitely some sort of hidden agenda to these massive explosives being stored since 2013.

All the elements are prime for a coup d’etat, so we the people must make sure that this real movement that is taking place in Beirut, where the people of Lebanon sincerely want positive change for the betterment of their lives and essential human rights. May Beirut not be hijacked by the Shadow CIA, rioters, looters, agitators, agent provocateurs and the United States Deep State Shadow Government Neocons who will happily put in their puppet government to control every aspect of Lebanon. This would include their relations to Syria, Iran, and Hezbollah, while strapping down the country in even more debt than they already have, keeping Beirut enslaved and impoverished, while controlling the land, natural resources, and the now demolished Port, the lungs of Syria!

As doom and gloomy as some people are about the prospects of a non corrupt government stepping in, I do believe that unrest will continue if the people are not put first. The sovereign rights of Lebanon must be created since it has been stolen from them for so long, and a major shift in their political system will have to be overhauled and implemented.

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SYRIAN GIRL MARAM SUSLI: “You know actually there is a bit of a confusion for everyone at the moment there was a what’s up law introduced where they wanted to tax what’s up and I believe it was introduced by Hariri’s government and this is a corruption that has been rampant in Lebanon and people have been sick of it. The only risk is that some nefarious forces are gonna try to exploit legitimate grievances inside Lebanon and you can already kind of see that in the Western media trying to make this about you know Hezbollah people being against husband hour i’ma let cetera etc you know but at the end of the day this is against corruption.”

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Not too many people have been paying attention to, the humanitarian crisis that has been occurring in Beirut Lebanon, due to the years of wars in Beirut, as well as the wars in Syria causing the immigration crisis flooding into Lebanon, and the Palestinian refugees crisis created by Israel’s attack on the Palestinian people and their land, all of this swirling for decades. The massive immigration crisis all over the World is because of illegal, unethical wars waged throughout the World for geopolitical purposes, disguised as democracy and humanitarian intervention, when all of these actions have caused an extreme humanitarian crisis that has been exacerbated, exceeding any supposed excuse for starting a war in the first place.

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This is diving beneath the surface of the obvious and going into the concealed, hidden intentions of why our planet is in utter chaos. Why in the modern World we have many countries living in Third World poverty and why our planet is so polluted, and has yet to be resolved. It is not because the amazing human species is not capable of coming up with answers to every problem on our Earth, it’s because the World thus far has been dominated and controlled by the Global Elite Death Cult, who do the majority of the destruction on this Earth. From wars and bombs and the complete destruction of countries history, culture and infrastructure, to deforestation, industrial pollution, and car pollution where innovations in electric car technology were suppressed and attacked for decades before reemerging. The suppression and barricades to innovative technologies being implemented has kept the World from evolving into in an enlightened state, and currently practical solutions are being suppressed and instead dangerous radicalized environmental extremism are blocking the true environmentalists from applying they’re expertise to solve the crisis, who are capable of resolving many of the acute environmental problems on our Earth if permitted to do so.

Filth, contamination, and pollution are all factors that robs the people of nutrient rich oxygen and this is what the Evil on our Earth wants to take from all of us above all, is our God given clean, oxygen rich fresh air.

To add to an already out of balance stressed World are illegal, unethical wars resulting in economic collapses, refugee and homeless crisis, which create massive filth, sickness and poverty, violence, terrorism, chaos, instability, burdens and fear. The inability to solve problems are the same tactics, used in war torn countries. Libya is a prime example of this formula in play. In every statistic war torn countries are far worse off than previously before the wars began. It’s a dire consequence to the illegal wars waged all over the World controlled by the Global Elitist Death Cult operating throughout governments World wide, who have created all of these humanitarian catastrophes while they twiddle their thumbs and pretend to try and solve the problem they created, making their arduous efforts seem noble, but oh so challenging. With no solutions in existence, they are able to rape, rob and pillage the land adding more pain and suffering to the people of those countries, for this is what the Global Elite Death Cult feeds upon.

The inability to come up with actual effective solutions is part of their formula to keeping the world in a disheveled state. However, according to the Silva Method created by Jose Silva, a problem would not exist without a solution. Everything on this Earth is mathematical, therefore there are multiple solutions to every problem.

This is why as a human species on this beloved Mother Earth, we must do all that we possibly can to restore the ecology of our Earth, protect all of nature, and the forests, provide clean purified water and air for every living organism on the planet.

There is an Evil on our Earth that wants everything to be dirty, polluted, smoggy, foggy, murky, mired, and chemically overwhelmed which is why everyday they geoengineer toxic, poisonous aerosol sprays that blanket the Earth. They want wars in every country all over the planet with disaster chaos, filth and poverty, with disempowered people, broken societies and shattered countries.

Are you starting to see the big picture, our greatest asset on this Earth is a clean Mother Earth, with vibrant, strong healthy people, living in peace, harmony and prosperity, and that is what this Evil force is trying to deprive all human beings of.

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