Announcing ISE.Media! 

To truly protect freedom of speech from censorship, ISE will need to expand into other avenues of internet services that are all interwoven and connected as a whole in the big picture of absolute freedom on the internet, which has many layers that must be safeguarded, for the future of humanity depends on it!

Currently the internet is being monopolized through web hosting platforms and domain name registrars, if ISE expands it’s reach into these areas this will allow great opportunities for people to feel they are with a trusted company and their websites are protected, and secure, because even with platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and what ISE is developing, there is and will always be a need for individual websites for this is the foundation of the internet, and the ultimate freedom for people to express themselves and make a living. The ISE platform will be a great way for people to integrate videos and other services offered by ISE within their own websites such as the videos platform for sharing and embedding videos and other tools ISE may offer in the future.

Web hosting and domain name registrars are vital to the internet and should be separate entities for security reasons, or designed in a way that security is not an issue. Right now domain name registrars and hosting companies are in the line of fire for being gobbled up by huge corporate companies, they are under the greatest threat and the monopolization of the internet through web hosting and domain name registrars, has created many problems for the website community. It is the hidden form of censorship, and sucking people dry financially as entrepreneurs struggle to protect their websites, having to pay for added services to ensure their websites don’t get infected, when this should be standard. However these monopolies and their sister companies have plenty of extra services to offer you at your expense, which leads us to who is really doing the cyber attacks to break people’s websites? These are covert inside jobs to financially drain people, especially if you have a website the Big guys want to censor. Insider cyber attacks by employees of companies, working hand in hand with the monopoly giants offering protection through their sister companies once they have successfully damaged your website, has become an illegal covert way to silence people, while profiting from the extra services offered to those who can afford it. There is little trust from many in the web development community toward these big website hosting companies, for they have been monopolized into one big happy family, the Internet Mafia!

Website hosting and domain name registrars are the root core of what controls the internet. Without these you will not even have a website or a platform company and what needs protected the most.

I would also suggest the expansion into encrypted email platforms because these all tie into communication through website contact pages and mailing lists. Proton mail has so far been the best email platform to model after. These are things to encapsulate true freedom and the free flow of information.

Another key element that ties all of this together is website development tools. Website “Themes” which are website tools for developing a website that work with WordPress, or taking it beyond this and developing an easy to use website development platform all on it’s own.

These are big ambitions, but future projections of how to expand and grow this to protect freedoms indefinitely, especially from inside job cyber attackers, which is the new war on the freedom of speech, which leads to the necessity for internet service providers, because we all know how trustworthy Xfinity/Comcast are, they can throttle anyone at any moment, because it’s all about slowing people down. These are all absolute necessities for the future of the internet, because right now the internet is extremely monopolized and at great risk to the free flow of information and protecting ecommerce, throughout the World. 

As the ISE company expands, you will also need to include payment platforms, since these can currently be controlled and censored to block websites from profiting. If Big Tech can keep you bankrupt, then it is impossible for people to have a voice if they cannot financial sustain themselves, and pay for services needed to operate their business, or live the lifestyle of their own making. These are the basic fundamentals to life that are all a key component to one another. You need all of this for complete freedom and total success. You have to think of the big picture, in it’s entirely of what is going to be needed to fully integrate freedom to a free thinking World in the modern World and the future of the internet.