“The Founder of Centerpointe Research Institute, Bill Harris was the creator of Holosync® audio technology, used by well over two million people in 193 countries. Based on research at Mt. Sinai Medical Center and the world-famous Menninger Clinic, Holosync calms the brain’s limbic system, enhances the prefrontal cortex, and creates changes in the brain’s electrical activity, allowing the creation of meditative states, enhanced creativity, increased focus and concentration, increased willpower and ability to self-regulate behavior, and many other beneficial mental and emotional capabilities.”

Around March-May of 2018, we were working at a local Portland, Oregon strip club on the southeast side of town named, “The Hawthorne Strip.” This was a quaint club that was fairly quiet when we first arrived, but since we had danced on the southeast side of town in Portland for many years prior to this time, as soon as the southeast dwellers caught wind of our return to their turf, the club began to pick up steam, most likely interfering with the business of our enemies who owned other clubs nearby.

We always like dancing at small clubs, because it was a lot more fun than the rat race of a giant club with a ton of girls on the schedule. Small, quaint clubs give the girls opportunity to connect with people on a more personal level, rather than just feeling like a commodity lost in a sea of people. There was always an interesting conversion waiting to be discussed at these types of bars.

The two of us were always giving recommendations of self-improvement books and programs to those that were in need. There are a lot of people who come into a strip club looking for a good conversation, or to be cheered up, or just to have fun. You never know why someone may be seeking out a pretty girl in lingerie and eight-inch heels to talk to, but there is usually always some sort of motivation beyond what meets the eye.

On numerous occasions, we had conversations that lead to an email bomb of self-improvement books, audio lectures, or our number one recommendation to people, who just needed to calm their mind but didn’t have the patience to meditate and that was Holosync audio meditational CD’s, invented and created by Bill Harris, who was in the movie, “The Secret,” and a famous self-improvement public speaker, his program having been used by people all over the world.

Bill Harris created a program based on his twenty years of brain science research and binaural beat technology, in which he developed and pioneered through his study and musical background as a jazz musician. Bill Harris’ Holosync technology was designed to mimic transcendental meditating Zen monks. Bill Harris was a transcendental meditator for years, and was frustrated with his lack of results, hence his motivation to create a new way to meditate that could deliver results faster, like a shortcut to meditation.

Holosync technology was officially born and a brainchild of Bill Harris. He conducted a lot of different experiments with the binaural beats and sound wave technology until he perfected a twelve year program which was designed to change the brain from a lateralized brain state, to what he called whole brain synchronization, syncing the left and right hemispheres of the brain, which would improve intelligence, psychic ability, intuition, and a whole host of other positive possibilities. The sky was truly the limit or limitless in Bill Harris’ creation of a new way to meditate with audio binaural beat technology. You just had to put on a pair of headphones, kick back and let the beautiful soundscapes pull you out of your alert mind and into a relaxed, calm journey into your subconscious abyss.

Holosync meditation created a true feeling of blissfulness when those headphones echoed the beautiful sounds of Tibetan singing bowls, rainfall, rivers and streams, and many other beautiful sounds woven into his binaural beat technology.

The first level of Holosync is what Bill Harris named the Awakening Prologue. He wrote an entire book entitled, “Thresholds of the Mind,” which he recommended reading while using his program so that you could create a mind-body connection to what was happening positively to your physiology, which in turn would yield more powerful results. His book was very thorough, explaining in great detail what would be happening to your brain, and some of the things to expect while listening to his program. Bill Harris’ book describes a Quantum Leap Awakening that can happen and has happened to many of those who have listened to his Holosync Awakening Prologue and did happen to us after three months of listening daily to the first level of Bill’s program.

Based on our positive results and overall improvement of our well-being, and mental attitude, like we said before, Bill Harris’ Holosync meditational program was our number one recommendation to help someone improve their life, and let the brain science technology that Bill Harris created remove the cobwebs and blocks from the brain that we all have from years and years of programming. This embedded programming can create stuck patterns and looped pathways of bad habits which impedes growth making it nearly impossible to find a new path to that bright shining star glowing in the distance.

While dancing at the Hawthorn Strip, which was around the time that all of the gang stalkers began ramping up their game, and the MS-13 Gang began showing up in our bar, we were having a conversation with someone on self-improvement, while he drank a beer and shot a game of pool. We are not sure exactly what prompted the topic, but all paths always lead to self-improvement or conspiracy debates. On this night, the conversation was all about Bill Harris and his Holosync technology which Bill had created. This person that we were chatting with actually knew Bill Harris and was a fellow Jazz musician that had played with Bill a time or two. He couldn’t believe that Bill Harris, a local Oregonian that lived just thirty minutes outside of Portland, and often played in Jazz Clubs around town, had created something so phenomenal, which had become a world-renowned program studied and marveled by many of the users. Bill Harris’ Holosync program was known for delivering results! Within weeks of having this conversation about Bill Harris, Bill Harris would be dead on May 1st, 2018 after a brief illness.
Maybe it’s just a coincidence but based on the series of events that have occurred in our life over and over, this just seems like another notch in the rope of the hangman’s noose.