As we have written about before, we are anti-drug, and live a very healthy lifestyle. There is a lot of controversy surrounding the legalization of cannabis for recreational use, as there should be because it is a very powerful plant that should be used as medicine, not abused for recreation, or easily accessed by children.The legalization of recreational cannabis can  be abused by neighbors who smoke the potent drug in their apartment or house, which effects the health and well being of other neighbors, innocent children, and pets with the potent drug smoke, that cannot be contained to small spaces.The pot smoke can be used maliciously and intentionally by neighbors who have the legal right to now smoke this drug in Oregon against their neighbors will. 

We are health advocates, and are constantly researching natural remedies that can heal the body of very serious illnesses without the use of pharmaceutical drugs, which can have dangerous side effects on the body, so with the legalization of recreational cannabis, we decided to delve into our research on this subject in 2016, which lasted 8 months.  

Although cannabis has been legal for quite some time in Oregon for medical use, we had never ventured into researching the medicinal effects of this plant because we are not fans of cannabis smoke or vapor, or the effects it has on the body. However, in our research in 2016 we began to learn of the other forms that the cannabis plant was being made into, that did not include needing to smoke it.  Since heating and smoking cannabis creates psychoactive effects in the brain, the unheated forms being extracted into oils and made into tinctures, capsules, and topical rubs were where the real medicine would be found, thanks to Rick Simpson’s innovations in his development of extracting THC and CBD oils from cannabis.

With the cannabis dispensaries popping up all over Portland, and all the new research and bold claims being made of how cannabis was helping many people cope with all kinds of illnesses, and even curing cancer, we decided to start looking into how this plant may be able to benefit and heal the body.

We were most interested in CBD as medicine, because it didn’t posses the psychoactive effects on the brain in which THC did, however we tried both forms of CBD & THC, to see what was more beneficial to our bodies, since everyone’s body reacts differently. 

In the eight months of our research in 2016, we learned that the CBD was what we preferred, and that the THC, which we only used for a short time, was too potent and could create terrifying drug trips if overdone. This happened twice, and was no fun. We eventually eliminated experimenting with THC indefinitely. 

CBD on the other hand with virtually no THC at all was where we found the true benefits of this plant as medicine for our bodies, however there are so many variables to CBD as medicine, including strains, levels of CBD, extraction methods and so on, that we did not find consistency from one brand to the next, which made this a real crapshoot on whether one brand would be useful, and the other useless, not to mention the extremely high price tag. Cannabis was not an economical experiment for the average person. We were lucky enough in our research to find a CBD capsule with no THC, which had incredible healing benefits to our bodies. However, the magic bullet that we had finally found was unavailable, so we were back to square one, Regardless we were excited that there was a CBD that we had discovered that was out of this world, but we threw in the towel on the expensive research project because hunting for the CBD that actually worked for us was like finding a needle in a haystack.

In conclusion, CBD as medicine is where the power is at, in our opinion, however there are many uses for THC that do help a lot of other people with chronic pain, illness, PTSD, and many other ailments that are not necessarily for us to decide. 

We recommend CBD as the true power hitter in our cannabis research. Much extensive research is needed by scientists to uncover and create a consistent, potent formula that yields true results every time.

In Oregon, if you do qualify for a medical cannabis card, your gun rights are taken away. This law infringes on people’s Second Amendment Rights, especially soldiers who have come back from the wars in the Middle East with PTSD and do not want to take dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. This is an obvious ploy to take the guns away from the people most qualified to use them, who can defend society or themselves if needed.