There is a cyber terrorist epidemic happening right now within all corporate companies across the world. Due to large cyber terrorists networks working together to take down targets, it would be best if donation crowdfunding websites and third party websites offering services for entrepreneurs building companies to remove the option for refunds. The cyber terrorist networks work in large groups of people, and can take down a “TARGET” through refunds and chargebacks when done in an orchestrated event all at once by large groups of people unanimously asking for refunds. This could be in the hundreds of thousands, or even millions, for the cyber terrorist networks are so large. A strict no refund policy is recommended to protect the  corporate companies operating the crowdfunding websites or print on demand style websites where content creators are using a third party service to build their business and companies. To protect all of those interests it is advisable to have a strict no refund policy. so people using these platforms can stop the threat of an attack before it can happen.  

Many corporate companies are restructuring their policies due to the Cyber Terrorism Networks to protect the corporation and clients using the service. 

Due to the Cyber Terrorist Network malicious strategies, corporate companies need to work fast to restructure their platform policies. 

This goes for all donation and membership websites and any third party websites offering services to entrepreneurs and content creators. These platforms are designed for the good of the people and to grow the economy of the world.