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We are The Porcelain Twinz, independent artists, writers, authors, investigative journalists, whistle blowers, performers, dancers, rappers, film makers, models, health advocates, and femme fatale entrepreneurs.

We have created our donate page as a way for people to support us by contributing to help us build our brands. The two brands that we are currently preparing to launch is our Porcelain Twinz brand and our Salvador Likes It brand.

We have created a one time donation and a monthly recurring donation as a way for our fans to support us by contributing a dollar or more every month, or a one time donation, to share their love and help us bring our brands to the world. 

We are putting the finishing touches on our two brands that we have been working on all year long, The Porcelain Twinz & Salvador Likes It. Both brands will have fun and exciting online shops, where you will be able to purchase a variety of products that we have been designing! We have created ecommerce stores for each brand, where we will be selling T-shirts, hoodies and other apparel, as well as calendars, wall art, canvas prints, coffee mugs, cell phone cases, blankets, shower curtains and more! It’s exciting! Please help us open our online shop doors!

We have also created a Vlog centered around Political Arts and Entertainment to give the world our unique perspective on politics through our eyes, mixed with music, cinema, and inspiration for everyone as well as to share how we, as women entrepreneurs, are building our two brands from the ground up.

We have re-crafted our Porcelain Twinz brand and are striving to create our business model like that of The Kardashian Empire, with brand expansion into multiple avenues that we are passionate about such as beauty, health & wellness, fashion, music, cinema, authoring more books, comic books, and so much more.

Our image has been stolen by Pop StarsFashion Designers, and the Corporate Entertainment Industry, who have taken our art and used it for their Pop Icon Puppets, with their big corporate money machine behind them.

We have been Black Listed by these Corporate Industry Controllers from our success and our independent wealth. They have stolen many of our creations from our performance art shows to our image and likeness and unique fashion style, and even crashed the independent book market in 2005 the week our books came off of the printing press. They are attempting to destroy our companies we are currently building and bury our legacy as The Porcelain Twinz. We are innovators in all that we do, and our knowledge is vast in many areas and we have so much information to share with the world! These Corporate Monsters have Targeted us in an attempt to harm, silence, and bankrupt us.

We have hidden our body of work for over a decade to protect our art and and our image, and we are now resurfacing to go head to head with this Corporate Monster Machine financing the Copy Cats.

We are asking for your support so we can succeed in our dream to spread our positive message of truth, as well as bring all of our amazing entertainment and art to the world that has been suppressed and stolen by these Corporate Monsters.

We are asking for your support so we can raise the money we need to launch our companies into the stratosphere, so everyone can hear our voices that the Evil of this world has attempted to silence.

Salvador Likes It, is our brand which is centered around our dog Salvador, and his animated adventures. Salvador Likes It is going to bring joy to all of those who discover him, for he is magical. Our Porcelain Twinz brand will bring truth, beauty and inspiration to all.

We are currently writing the second edition to our autobiography, and have changed the title to, Life Is A Lapdance, where we whistle blow the dark world and truth of the strip club industry. We have also added many new stories from our childhood and high school days, with intimate details about where we came from before we became, The Porcelain Twinz. 

Our Porcelain Twinz & Salvador Likes It brands are going to inspire many artists and people all over the world, with the beauty of our creations and story, and perseverance despite all of the obstacles we have been faced with. With the power of the people and the internet, we are taking our power back and asking for your support so we can achieve our goal of launching our brands and live The American Dream that has been stolen from us.