Dove Lewis is raising donations for their nonprofit organization, although you will have a vet bill in the thousands if you don’t qualify. This piece of mail that we received today has a photo on the front that looks exactly like Morgan AKA Fluffy Pants. Coincidence? This is how deep the network imbeds in all facets of a city. They have everyone including your local veterinarian. This is very strategic.


Although Dove Lewis sent us a piece of mail yesterday with our dog Morgan, who is in Heaven, on the front of the envelope, which was upsetting, we have had very positive life saving experiences with Dove Lewis here in Portland Oregon. We have only praise for the amazing doctors that save animal after animal, and provide free services through their nonprofit programs they have available for those with low incomes, or no income at all. We 100% support these animal loving, life saving doctors, nurses, and programs, however because we did not qualify for their free programs in the past, and didn’t have the money to take our dog to the ER, due to the gangs and groups running us out of our work place, and poisoning our dog, we ended up losing Morgan, because if you can’t pay the fee upfront, and do not qualify for their programs, you are out of luck.

In 2014 we bought a three month old Yorkie puppy from a friend whom we named Mia, and would have to rush her to Dove Lewis after her leash wrapped around a banister and jerked and slammed her tiny, fit in the palm of your hand, body and head onto the concrete sidewalk. Mia stopped breathing and was lifeless in our arms, as we rushed her into our condo building, up the elevator, and laid her lifeless body on the couch. We rubbed our hands together like, Mr. Miyagi, in the Karate Kid, and blasted Mia with our Reiki light that we had learned how to project, as she came back to life, her eyes fluttering like a butterfly, but was unable to move.

We rushed Mia to Dove Lewis Animal Emergency Hospital, which was just a couple of miles away, and the doctors immediately admitted her into their ICU. She was paralyzed from the neck down. Her tiny, delicate baby skull had a slight hemorrhage, and her lungs had fluid in them, because she had died for a few moments. Mia had a near death experience, had seen the light, and came back to share her gifts and love with us.

The Vets at Dove Lewis did not think Mia was going to make it through the night, but they were going to do everything in their power they could to save her little life! Mia was placed under 24/7 monitoring, and into an oxygen chamber. The doctors assured us that she was in good hands, and we could go home for the evening, and they would be in touch with us if anything was wrong.

We went home, and called a few of our friends and family and a Reiki master we knew to help with a distant healing. Everyone lit candles, did prayers and projected Reiki light from a distance for Mia that night.

Dove Lewis called us bright and early the next morning exclaiming that Mia, who was paralyzed from the neck down the night before, was now slowly walking around her oxygen chamber and had eaten a hearty breakfast the nurses had given her! Mia is a little piglet, known for stealing everyone’s breakfast, so this was excellent news! The entire hospital was calling Mia the miracle puppy with the heart shaped nose!

The hospital ICU kept Mia for another day, until she was strong enough to return home. When we picked Mia up from Dove Lewis, the amazing doctors and nurses asked us what on earth we had done, because they knew that this was some sort of phenomenon in which they were witnessing. Just the night before, all of the doctors and nurses were worried that Mia was not going to make it through the night. They exclaimed that this just does not happen ever! We told all the staff about our group prayers, reiki light, and candles, and said we have thanks to give Mia’s Guardian Angels, who have blessed Mia with her life and the rest of us with her light!

We used part of our rent money of $2,000 to pay this bill, and paid our rent late, but were lucky that we had the cash at that moment, and were so thankful for the outstanding services that Dove Lewis provided Mia, which went above and beyond any kind of a price tag. Dove Lewis’ exceptional service to animals shined through for us and our lovely precious Mia!

One of our goals in the future is to create a nonprofit organization for pet emergencies not just for low income, but for a broad spectrum of incomes, because although you may be middle class, you may not have extra cash or a credit card to cover unexpected expenses like these.