Downtown Strip Club Rocking our Victoria Secret Lingerie!
January 2017

This is a photo we took while dancing at one of our favorite clubs in Portland Oregon, where we were loved and adored by the staff and made friends with many of the dancers. We did very well at this club, since it was small, quaint and only scheduled four girls at a time on the night shift, but five with the two of us since we counted as one because we danced on stage together. All of the dancers had ample opportunities to make money since there were just a few of us competing for the gold in an evening.

We would be forced to quit this club after working there for two years when we called out the prostitutes that were working on our shift doing illegal acts in the lap dance booths so that nobody else could make any money. When we asked for cameras for our protection, and to stop the prostitution, we were treated with hostility by the owner and her daughters, as well as many of the dancers that were performing the illegal acts under the roof of this establishment.

We were bullied and heckled on and off stage by a particular dancer, and our water, which we had in the dressing room was poisoned by yet another dancer, which we would drink at the end of the evening, go home, and almost have a heart attack on our kitchen floor. When the poison hit us at home, we scrambled for an antidote that we had in our cupboard, and were barely able to function. We dropped to the kitchen floor, our hearts racing out of control, with a glass of water and stirred in an antidote, which neutralized the poison within minutes, but we could not move for two hours, and just had to lay in our kitchen floor until we regained our mobility.

This industry has no checks and balances, and when you speak up, you get kicked out! Not to mention the Slave Lords – Slum Lords running the clubs and charging the women to work.

Perks of the job:
-Nightly slave fees of $50-$200 depending on what city you are in
-Tips only, so no guarantee & you go to work in debt
-No Heat in the winter & sometimes even air conditioning
-Filthy dressing rooms & bathrooms
-Potholes in the floors of dressing rooms and uneven floors and ripped carpet so when you are walking around in 8 inch stiletto heals and lingerie, you might do a face dive onto the floor, which we have had happen on many occasions, resulting in a broken foot for Heather, keeping her out of commission for a few months while she healed.