It is nearly impossible in this day and age for the average small business entrepreneur to realistically start the business of their dreams if it involves leasing a brick and mortar space from the fat cats of the Global Elitists who have snatched up all of the real estate, and set the astronomical leasing rents to be unattainable for the average citizen.

If you are lucky enough to afford the lease price tag, you will have to tack on another six figures for the renovation of the space, followed by the overhead of whatever business you may be starting. Once you have gulped down the debt of starting a brick and mortar business, you better have a very well thought out, calculated business plan to recouping your investment, otherwise you will not be able to pay the rent, and be booted out of that six figure renovated space you worked so hard for, and left in deep debt from that bank loan you had to take out.

In our experience of wanting to change the direction of our life for the better, we strategized many new ways that we could make a living, and wanted to pursue an avenue that we were passionate about, because when you are happy working, it does not feel like work, but a labor of love of your own desire. We kicked around many ideas, from a juice bar to a yoga studio, to both a juice bar and a yoga studio together. Who doesn’t want a fresh, cold-pressed glass of fruit and vegetable juice after a hot, sweaty yoga practice? It seemed like a win-win idea! Genius in fact in our minds!

We began formulating ideas, angles, plans, and strategies to what all our business would encompass. We wanted to give our yoga studio an edge with far infrared heating, and a studio filled with warm, lit salt brick walls. We would nestle the juice bar café in a cozy corner of the space and create an ambient atmosphere with soundscapes of music pulsing through the studio and cafe that would keep people coming back for more. We wanted to keep everything very warm and inviting with a unique yoga experience waiting for all who walked through our storefront doors.

We began creating a juicing menu, with our favorite recipes that we had mastered in our kitchen after years of juicing in our Norwalk cold-pressed juicer. We had selected our new $25,000 industrial juicer that would take a ten-hour juicing batch to one hour. We had selected the heaters that we were going to purchase, the salt bricks we were going to buy, and all in all had a solid plan of attack laid out of how we were going to propel ourselves into a new reality that we so dearly desired. The next phase of this operation was to find a proper space in the right location with enough square footage to accommodate our needs.

In our quest, and internet search of retail spaces for lease we were able to pin down three locations that we thought were viable options for our studio. We began calling on the spaces, which didn’t always list the price of the lease, and one phone call after the next with the leasing realtors left us overwhelmed with the overinflated cost of leases and renovation. We met with a few of the realtors at the spaces with the contractors to assess the overhaul of the space and to negotiate the rent with the realtor, and it began to feel like a bait a switch scheme.

The quotes we were given over the phone would be doubled and tripled, and the email from the contractor went from six figures to seven figures. The monthly leases for 1,000 square feet started anywhere from $7,000 per month and $15,000 per month if the landlord paid for the renovations. After looking at three different spaces, and realizing that this was going to be an impossible price tag to choke down once all was said and done, let alone hope that are calculations on making a profit were accurate, we decided that this was a risk that was not worth taking.

We were not going to make it off of the starting blocks on this business venture, and we are sure that we are not the only ones who have been duped in this rigged game against the people by the global elitists who create their business model to push out their opposition of competition and control with their strategized, monopolized game where they own it all and the rest of us are left with nothing and have to be slaves that work for their corporations running the world if we want to survive in society. It’s a real hose job here in America, full of dirty little secrets and pipe dreams!