Exotic Magazine The Porcelain Twinz 2001

The Porcelain Twinz are one of the most visually compelling acts currently
performing in the Northwest sex-industry milieu.

It all started when they entered into the adult entertainment industry in the spring of 1997. They started out as exotic dancers in Portland, which is the Strip Club Capitol of the United States. The Porcelain Twinz….have been wowing Portland audiences with their theatrical stage shows of fire-breathing and erotic dance routines. With their original style of erotic dance, they offer you the opportunity to join in on the fun.

But as avid readers of Exotic should know, the sex industry boasts many avenues of entertainment other than the strip clubs. After starting out as dancers, The Porcelain Twinz were introduced to cabarets and burlesque style shows which intrigued, inspired, and evoked a passion that would soon evolve into something much greater than anyone could have ever imagined.

Soon after they became dancers, they were courted by other media within the sex industry. They were scouted out in the spring of 2000 by Playboy TV, and have been featured on the Playboy Channel on ten different occasions. They have also appeared in a German rock video for The Farmer Boys. They also appeared on the May 2001 cover of Penthouse Magazine, with a 13-page layout.

The Porcelain Twinz take a hands-on approach to their craft, writing short
theatrical performance-art pieces which they performed at fetish balls,
masquerades, and cabarets that periodically occurred throughout the city. When Dante’s Sinferno Sunday Cabaret opened, this
created a place for entertainers to bring their performance art to the stage every week.

Those who’ve seen the Porcelain Twinz perform live will be pleased to know that they are now bona fide film makers, with an erotic art film shot on 35 mm. Called The Masked Charade, the film was written, directed, and produced by The Porcelain Twinz. They also star in the film.

Inspired by the type of entertainers Dante’s features, The Porcelain Twinz made an entire erotic art film centered around this club. They cast over 50 entertainers, many from Dante’s, and hand-selected dancers from other clubs throughout Portland. The film was then shot at Dante’s.

The Masked Charade is a 30-minute short erotic art film backed entirely with music. The Twinz hand-selected 11 local artists from Portland for the soundtrack of the film. The artists are: The Dandy Warhols, King Black Acid, TV:616, Papillion, Miss B. Haven, Sardonic Grin, Vito y Cocoa, Television Eye, My Regrets, Tea, and Secret Society. The film also features an audio track by The Porcelain Twinz titled “The Masked Charade.” The song was produced by MYG and released under the name The Porcelain DollZ.

This is just the beginning of what The Porcelain Twinz have to offer. They write continuously and plan to release a series of erotic art films in which will feature them as stars.