We are vegans, yogis, athletes, meditators, natural health researchers, and so much more. We are always on the quest for new knowledge that can better our mind, bodies, and souls. We have always been very healthy and lived a very healthy lifestyle, thanks to our high school running coach that shaped us into the strong machines that we are still today.

We are anti-drug and do not have any tolerance, or relationships with anyone who lives this ill fated lifestyle, including all of our family members that we do not talk to or communicate with because we cannot help or change the lifestyle choices that they have made for themselves. Aside from paying our mother’s phone bill, because we have a heart, we do not have a relationship with our mother or any of our other volatile family members.
Involuntary Commitment Services laws attempts to allow family members to commit other family members against their will. This Federal and State law is dangerous and being used illegally as a lethal weapon.

All of our deranged, estranged family members are drug addicts therefore we have zero relationship with any of them. We kicked our mother out of our home last July, and the police were called, so it is not a very pretty relationship between us.
Hate groups most likely have contacted all of our family members, with the intention for our family members to use this illegal law against us in an attempt to Silence us.

This law is corrupt, illegal, and has no merit, especially when our family members are harboring anger and resentment for things that we have written in our autobiography.
What family members get along in this day and age anyway? There is always at least one rotten apple in the barrel, which in our family’s situation, has spoiled the entire bunch.