While working in the strip clubs in 2018 & 2019 we met many Southern Oregon and Northern California Cannabis growers visiting Portland for cannabis conventions. 

The cannabis community are scientific wizards, forward thinkers, innovating the technology of growing techniques, multiple forms of extraction, medicine, and more. They are all entrepreneurs, focussed on brand expansion centered around cannabis, from merchandise, fashion lines, fabric technology, medicine, and more. They are all are very passionate about cannabis and have been in the game for decades with vast, valuable knowledge.

The cannabis community are all go getters, and serious business men, and cannot even put their money in the bank, due to the federal restrictions on cannabis, leaving them susceptible to organized heists, where they lose everything.  We met a grower who was held at gunpoint by a group that heisted 12 warehouses in one night, like bank robbers. They had semis and heavy artillery and were in and out in minutes. If the cannabis growers could put their money in the bank, this would be less likely to happen. Another time this grower was held at gunpoint in his dispensary and his partner came out of the back with an AR15 and stopped the robbery and called the cops.

When we worked in strip clubs, we always took the opportunity to gain knowledge from business men, entrepreneurs, and anyone with information that we could benefit from, so we asked lots of questions.

While engaged in conversation with the cannabis growers, we asked them if Monsanto had infiltrated Oregon and GMOed the pristine Oregon cannabis?

One of the grower’s told us that Monsanto had indeed come to Oregon and California and bought up many of the Cannabis farms. There was a coalition of organic growers that had banned together, and would not sell out to Monsanto, because they know the evil of Monsanto.  

Monsanto is responsible for nearly destroying the food supply with their cancer causing GMO seeds and cancer causing pesticides including Glyphosate Roundup, and Agent Orange. March against Monsanto all over the world brought great awareness to the evils of Monsanto who is poisoning the food supply, the soil, the air, the water, killing the birds, bees and life on this planet. They are pure evil.


Monsanto put their people in the FDA and Supreme courts to corruptly pass their toxic GMO’s onto the population. Monsanto is pure evil owned by George Soros and the FDA is very corrupt.

GMO has been banned in Russia since 2016. Russia Bans GMO’s looks to become leading organic food exporter READ MORE

Here is an in depth article on Monsanto and George Soros taking over the cannabis industry, we believe so they can weaponize cannabis into aerosol form and GMO the plant making it unnatural toxic and useless as medicine. READ MORE

Will weaponized aerosol cannabis in combination with other chemicals and drugs be used on the population through the Geo Engineering program designed to poison the planet, the people, and block out the sun. 

Will weaponized drug aerosol nanoparticle technology be used as chemical warfare on citizens by citizens, who are part of the paid activism organized crime network?