The United States and NATO strategically use countries bordering Russia, many of which at one time were a part of the Soviet Union, to create Russiaphobia, and false narratives of fear and hatred toward Russia. The U.S. uses the corrupt governments of neighboring Russia countries, who’s corrupt government politicians have their hands out for their USA payday, as well as use the corrupt media outlets to circulate their Russiaphobia hate propaganda stating that Russia is a threat who is going to invade neighboring countries that were once a part of the Soviet Union and occupy them with plans to take over the world, all of which has no merit. This is merely a way for the United States Government to intentionally destabilize any country who have good relations with Russia through corrupt governments willing to participate in this dangerous game that the U.S. controls. The countries governments are not representing the people of those countries as a whole, many of which have friendly, peaceful relations with Russian citizens.

This U.S.A. formula to dictate is used over and over in neighboring countries on the Russia border and is an act of war on the people within those countries and Russia. If the United States can destabilize countries, those countries will become dependent on the United States in one way or another, and the Unites States can then control those countries for their own agenda. Rather that agenda be one step closer to starting a war with Russia so they can steal Russia’s land and all of their natural resources, while keeping the money making war machine churning, and build military bases within those neighboring countries on the Russia border, to make it easier to attack Russia. They will use other countries for the unethical pillaging of the natural resources, cutting down all of the trees for lumber, or extracting Shale oil through deadly means. Destabilizing other countries, to create wars, and steal all of their natural resources is not beneficial for the Global economy of the world or humanity.

VESTI NEWS: “Russian MP’s aren’t ready to put up with insults from those who our country helps earn money into the budget.”

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, leader of the LDPR Party: “They do it because Washington said so, to make a staging ground against our country around Georgia. Of course, the Georgians don’t want it, but they impose it on them. They were a part of the Russian Empire and then the USSR. Stay independent.”

Gennady Zyuganov: “Unfortunately, those who don’t like Georgia, hate Russia, try to make our peoples quarrel define politics today. They’ll fail to make our peoples quarrel. But I think that those conducting hostile propaganda or just arrogantly and disgracefully comment on certain events should be punished and held responsible.”

Georgia and Russia were prosperously working together through trade of $300 million in wine, and mineral water, and $750 million in Russian tourism, as well as other economic benefits for Georgia, and in one fell swoop, civil unrest and hatred was created by the United States who destabilized the entire country using a handful of corrupt politicians and leaders of Georgia after the visit of a United States representative was in Georgia for three days and realized the blossoming, peaceful, economically beneficial relationship Georgia and Russia had. The two countries were, discussing the abolition of visas for Georgian citizens. 

In one year, the estimated loss for the political unrest in Georgia was $1.5 billion. The losses Georgia has suffered from the chaos created within the country is on the verge of bankrupting the country, who will now more than ever need the U.S.’s support to survive.

This is how it works. The United States of America wants all countries dependent on their money, as well as their weapons now that civil wars are happening within those countries. The U.S. does this over and over and why are they getting away with it? Because for the most part, no one is paying attention to the representatives of the U.S. Government who are responsible for being a part of the corruption. It’s time to pay attention and put a probe on every single government official who has the power to give money to other countries. Every penny must be accounted for, there can absolutely be no tolerance for corrupt politicians with offshore bank accounts. This is on both sides including the U.S. dipping their hand in the honey jar, as well as corrupt politicians and Presidents of other countries. Everyone is lining their pockets and those controlling the money from the United States Government, must get a great rush of power, a real feeling of importance writing those checks and calling the shots. This money is being abused and misused. It’s time to pay attention.

This all ties into the U.S. Government’s Money-Making War Machine, Industrial Military Complex, who profits greatly off of war and selling weapons to other countries, while keeping NATO active, heavily funded and in full scale operation of protecting all neighboring countries from the supposed Russia threat they have created, while they provide weapons to terrorists to keep the wars going within countries. Remove the United States and NATO from the equation, and there is hope for peace. Once you figure out what the problem is, it can be solved with an obvious solution. 

The United States has strategically targeted countries on Russia’s borders to create conflict, strife and hatred toward Russia, and civil wars within the countries, so the U.S. can use those territories for their military purposes against Russia, to eventually try to start a war with Russia.

The “Spring Storm”Military drill is an obvious aggression by the U.S. and NATO, who used 9000 NATO troops for the “Spring Storm”, drills that were carried out on May 9th, 2019 on Victory Day, which honors the many soldiers that died while fighting the Nazi’s.

“Victory Day is a holiday that commemorates the surrender of Nazi Germany in 1945. It was first inaugurated in the 15 republics of the Soviet Union, following the signing of the German Instrument of Surrender late in the evening on 8 May 1945 (after midnight, thus on 9 May Moscow Time). “

Staging military drills on Victory Day is intentionally done to create insult and is disrespectful of all of those who fought in the war and lost their lives. This is also a psychological attack on the people many of whom are Russian. Russia by far suffered the greatest losses during WW2 while fighting the Nazi’s, of anyone in the world, and deserve to be honored and respected. Russia’s neighboring countries Ukraine and Georgia participated in these drills, which is a deliberate way to keep the corrupt manufactured by the United States conflict brewing. If we can begin to pay attention to the pattern being played by the USA, then we can dismantle it. 

All countries working together in peaceful, harmonious, cooperation are going to benefit economically, which will allow those countries to prosper and grow. We are in the technological age, and the world is everyone’ oyster, the plethora of possibilities that are on the horizon everyday with new discoveries, technological breakthroughs, makes being a part of the modern world enticing, appealing, and beneficial to all. No one wants to revert back to the Stone Age, and anyone participating in this agenda, must be eliminated from the equation.

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This is an example of how corruption within governments of  other countries milk the U.S. for money and the U.S. obliges keeping the inner conflicts within the countries alive. Ukraine, Poland, Georgia and Baltic States Beg the United States Government representative for money & weapons against Russia. This is corruption beyond belief on both sides, begging for the U.S. Government’s hand out relief. Who’s writing the check? Many people are profiting enormously with Russiaphobia. It’s in the Billions, it’s a real racket!

AMBASSADOR’S OF COUNTRIES ASKING FOR MONEY FROM U.S.: “unanimously said that you shouldn’t scrimp on counterbalancing Russia, because it poses a terrible threat.”

Relations With Georgia Sour! Russian Opinions of Loud and Aggressive Neighbor Plummet!

VESTI NEWS: “This week, NATO’s been recruiting new personnel. U.S. Air Force General Tod Wolters assumed the position of Supreme Allied Commander Europe in Europe. Secretary General Stoltenberg reminded him that for 70 years the alliance was held together by the necessity of deterring the Soviet Union. The aggressive neighbor legend is still the best means of preserving unity in NATO. The first major exercise under the leadership of the new commander, called Spring Storm, is being held in Estonia, close to the Russia border. 9,000 servicemen from 13 NATO countries, Ukraine, and Georgia are taking part in it. The hypothetical frontline was put in the same location where the brutal Operation Narva was executed in 1944.

NATO HOLDS AGGRESSIVE “SPRING STORM” ON VICTORY DAY: “Here in Johvi, the excise will held on May 9th. Victory Day is actively celebrated in the Estonia city of Johvi. The residents carry flowers to the monument of the Unknown Soldier. Despite foreign armies on their streets, this year won’t be an exception.” 

NATO Holds Aggressive “Spring Storm” Exercises on Russian Border in Estonia! on May 9th Victory Day…SHAMEFUL ACTIONS OF NATO!

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