After Oregon Statute 426 was used on us illegally by Providence Hospital, Legacy Meridian Hospital, Project Respond, and Portland Police, we reached out to numerous attorneys in regard to representing us in a lawsuit that we wanted to file against all of those involved in the criminal activity that was orchestrated against our life.

All of the local attorneys that we contacted were unresponsive to our requests, so we reached out to the amazing, famous attorney, Gloria Allred, who is known to fight for victim’s rights and civil rights of women. We had met with Gloria Allred on two separate occasions while we were living in New York City and had been performing at a famous Renaissance night club theater.

In 2008 we were discussing with Gloria Allred a potential lawsuit that we were pursuing and had two separate meetings with her. The first meeting, we met for lunch and discussed the details of our case that we wanted her to take, which she was very interested in, and would lead us to our second meeting with Gloria and another attorney from her firm that she would bring, who was interested in hearing the fine details of what we were presenting. Everything was looking good in regard to Gloria Allred’s interest in our case, and as we sat at a restaurant table discussing how we were going to proceed, the other attorney that was with Gloria had a phone call come in. The other attorney abruptly picked up his phone, jumped up from the table, knocking it with his knees and vigor, while our glasses of ice cold water tipped over onto both of our laps, leaving us cold and soggy. The attorney rudely and loudly stated, “We are not taking the case!” We were stunned, and Gloria looked shocked by his remarks. She looked at the other attorney and stated that she thought there was enough evidence presented here to prosecute, but the other attorney exclaimed that the meeting was over, and it was time to go! Gloria looked at us and apologized, and left the building, leaving us speechless.

Fast forward to the current situation. We contacted Gloria Allred’s office by calling her voicemail and sending her office our detailed letter of our Statute 426 illegal arrest and hospitalization. Gloria Allred’s assistant Diane had the courtesy to call us back in regard to our lawsuit that we wanted to file on these crimes that occurred against us. Diane interviewed us on the phone, in detail, asking us question after question about what had happened to us. Since it was just three days after we were released from the hospital, all of the details were super vivid and fresh. Diane had our Statute 426 letter that we had emailed to Gloria’s office, so she was asking many questions that she had, while referencing our letter and recording all of the facts that we were telling her verbally on what had happened to us. Diane was so thorough and attentive, and it was really exciting that she had called us back, because what had happened to us was so traumatic, that we wanted nothing more than for justice to be served. We gave her all of the details that she asked for, and at the end of the conversation Diane told us that Gloria Allred does not sue state or government entities, and would not be able to take our case, however in her closing statement to us she said, “I hope you feel like you have been heard.” It was a very warm-hearted statement to say to us, at this very vulnerable moment that we were having in our life. We were moved by her words and thanked her for listening, but at the same moment we were confused to why Gloria Allred’s office would even bother to call us if they knew beforehand that this was not the type of lawsuit that they were going to dive into the first place. We were crushed.

What was Gloria Allred’s motive to have her personal assistant call us and gather all of the fine details to our claim for two hours on the telephone? Did her office take a bribe from someone in New York with a Vendetta against us in 2008? Does Gloria Allred know who is behind this malicious, massively orchestrated attack on our life? Does Gloria Allred feel responsible for not taking our case in New York City in 2008, which has led to a criminal roaming free and unleashing his reign of terror in twisted plots and schemes against our very existence on this earth?
Does anyone else believe that Gloria Allred’s office was calling us out of the kindness of her heart, or was she gathering blackmail information for her next big payday? It’s questionable in our opinion.