DR OTTO HEINRICH WARBURG Awarded The Nobel Prize in Physiology of Medicine 1931: “The root cause of cancer is oxygen deficiency, which creates an acidic state in the human body.”
“Dr Warburg also discovered that cancer cells are anaerobic (do not breathe oxygen) and cannot survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen, as found in an alkaline state.”

Have you ever wondered what happened to our brilliant blue skies, now dusty, faded, pastie and murky grey white, unnaturally occurring blinding to sight, where children draw pictures of chemtrails thinking this is mother natures sky.

Artificially engineered to block out the sun, they’ve brainwashed us to think that the sun is not God, but a fireball from hell to destroy the planet, this is how they have sold us their Satanic package. Where they suck billions from governments to fund this racket, where they’ve developed technology that cause natural disaster, interwoven geoengineering chemicals for this is what activates, their weather weapons to control the climate. Add 5G and secret microchip technology, and no one will know what is really happening. For this is designed to all work together and we thought only God could control the weather, and the fate of the humans who act with a conscience, guided from within it’s something we’re born with. Now just one secret experiment, where conscience is no longer a part of the subject. It’s not even a part of the equation, they figured out a way to erase it. This is something we can’t let be, this is the end of humanity. It’s really no joke the soul has checked out, suicide robots programmed into AI algorithm routes, that will go in any direction that their Masters program their channel, this is not what the movies sold you, of a post human world with superhuman powers. The reality is complete submission, you are no longer here to serve God’s sacred mission, Mark of the Beast patent 666, where everyone accepts the microchip.

They really have everyone fooled with there weather weapon invention, in which they stole from Nikola Tesla, Now in the wrong hands for the past half a century, weaponized for political ideologies, and sinister microchip technology. They claim they’re protecting us from the sun that’s dangerous and burns, but the Sun is what gives all life on this Earth. They want to black out the sun they want to kill Mother Earth, They want to kill as many human beings for their perfect World.

They continue to blame everything on us, as they dump millions of gallons of chemicals from planes to geoengineer the sun. The acid rain slowly kills all the nature, as nutrient rich soil turns into toxic heavy metals. Claiming to be the savior from the Climate Change they’ve created, vats of secret nano particle chemicals are loaded onto their special planes, dropped like an invisible atomic bomb, it’s a covert war we have to stop.

This may be the most dangerous hidden assault on the planet, for if the soil is contaminated the earth will have no habitat, the ecosystem will be so far out of balance, the bugs are dying at unprecedented levels, contaminating nature beyond repair, a slow death of everything in nature where we will all disappear.

The Evil force that has Global control, forcing countries to do what they’re told. Making them cut down all of their old growths, causing ecological damaging results.

Doesn’t this all seem completely wrong, it appears the someone wants to kill God, and all of the beauty that exists on this Earth, why are they cutting down all the trees it’s absurd! Deforestation of the Amazon Rain Forest, when everyone knows this forest is important, to the ecological balance of the environment across the World, it doesn’t make sense of why they are doing this. It’s absolutely not an accident and intentionally on purpose, Mother Earth does not deserve this.

Then they dump all the trash in the ocean, barges of garbage to extinct all the fish now in motion, piles of plastic piling up like an island, this is a deadly war crime on the environment. They turn around and blame all the humans, for single rapper consumption yes we should all curb this, but this doesn’t add up for litter and random trash, this is a deliberate environmental attack, to extinct the fish by 2050 more plastic in the ocean than fishies swimming, this is what they are predicting, it will be the end of fishing. The seaweed and plants have been contaminated as well, microplastics have broken down it’s just toxins that swell, in our beautiful oceans too poisonous to touch, no more sunbathing on beaches or swimming for fun. This insane amount of plastic is a crime against nature, those responsible for dumping in our oceans must be held responsible, and stop passing the blame on to the people, who are trying to clean up all of this Evil, who will be the ones to create and develop advanced technology to save our oceans, we must expedite this process in order to solve this, for this is of urgent and pressing nature, we must all plan for the future so we can save her, so this Evil force destroying our Earth is eliminated from designing our dark winter, for this is just the tip of the iceberg, of their psychotic intention to destroy all of life on Earth.

God is in all of nature, from Fibonacci sequences to Golden Ratio’s, this is why they try so hard to change her, through GMO’s and and synthetic chemicals, and use heavy industrial pollution, impossible to breathe for the humans.

Is the square root of God, 02 Oxygen, without this life would cease to exist, this may be the most important arithmetic. We may want to do the math, we all know how to add, If we plan to carry on, as the World develops more nuclear arms. An itchy trigger and we are all gone, are we humble enough to do right and not wrong.

This will be all she wrote the end of the story, I promise you there will be no glory, only the final chapter, did everyone get off their chest their last words while obeying their Masters. Was it worth it all those juicy fat checks, never having to worry about paying the rent, putting the World deeply in debt, while ignoring those with common sense.

I don’t think anyone thought that this would catch up to them in their lifetime, they were just planning to pass on the burden to generations following. No one ever thought they would be met with Armageddon due to their actions, they all had grown use to their lifestyle with no interruptions.

Well it’s finally caught up to all of us here, face to face with the challenge from previous years, it has compiled into the current status, all of the corruption and karmic debt must be paid now in advance. It’s time to act In good faith in God We Must Trust, or else the entire World will be lost, and possibly the afterlife, galaxies, and Universe, where sound and thought will no longer be heard.

There is a war on this planet on nature and people, there is a force that is black and pure evil. By the shape of the World this can’t be denied, you just have to awaken to the truth and open your eyes, and stop looking through your rose colored glasses, take a deep breath that’s all I am asking, stop adding up your massive unethical profits, everything is at stake they want to make the Earth Godless.

God is in the Oxygen, this is what they are attacking, they want to steal this from the planet, anaerobic aliens trying to inhabit, to takeover a host with their demonic serpents, ancient folklore text confirms this, pathogenic disease replicates, but disease cannot live in an oxygen rich state.

A war on your lungs and the air that you breathe, this is why God is in everything. The secret is out God is in, literally in the Oxygen, it’s just a theory maybe a hunch a hypothesis that can’t be put in a test tube or measuring cup. Since oxygen is what heals all disease, God must be in the Oxygen we breathe. Oxygen is God’s physical form on Earth, omnipresent in everything is the proof.

“I Can’t Breathe,” is on the deepest level, the stated intention of what the Global Elite Death Cult running the World want to steal from every living being on this Earth, which is your Oxygen. As discovered in 1931 by Dr. Otto Warburg disease can only live in an oxygen deprived environment. The less oxygen in the body the more cancer and disease can flourish.

The human race has a plethora of genius minds and if we all sink up into beautiful like minds, toward a planetary goal for humanity, we can beat this Evil trying to steal our Mother Earth and all of her oxygen, sunlight, beauty and nature. Ultimately this Evil force is on this Earth is trying to kill God, or Infinite Intelligence of the Cosmic Universe, All That Is Ever Was and Will Ever Be, Consciousness, Source Energy, however you want to define it, whatever name, symbol or feeling speaks to you, the Cosmic Spiritual Energy of this planet is at the heart of this war on humanity and the Earth and we are all under attack.


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Just like an awakening everything is building up and compiling in nature, creating a tipping point where it’s time to face all the great dangers, that exist on this Earth our sacred Planet, those running our governments are faced with the chance, to shift the World in the right direction to shift us out of the Satanic religion, to invoke light on this Earth, change the frequency and be saviors. It is time to take everything back that’s been stolen, and face all that has been ignored. It’s time to come up with practical solutions, in regard to mass industrial pollution, and the landfills piling up, we have to invent something to solve all of this, and change the laws to protect the people, we are taking back the Earth, the World and protecting the steeples.

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