We are being cyber attacked at Network Solutions by the World Wide Cyber Terrorist Network, and the ICANN rules has enabled Network Solutions to lock 5 of our domain names so we cannot switch domain name registrar companies while we are being cyber attacked with the Network Solutions company, paralyzing our companies from being able to launch for the holiday season, in an attempt to bankrupt us. We are under a cyber attack as well as an economic attack with the intent to destroy our lives

There are ICANN rules that support cyber terrorism and not the domain name owners.

According to ICANN rules, If a domain name owner changes their email address at their domain name registrar company, the registrar company is required by ICANN rules to place a 60 day lock on the domain name owners account, so that the owner cannot move their domain names to another company. This bogus rule is said to protect the domain name owner, but is clearly designed to enable cyber terrorism.

We have been a TARGET of the World Wide Cyber Terrorist Network, who have cyber attacked nearly all of the corporate companies that we have accounts with including our previous AOL email account. AOL has locked us out of all of our emails by redirecting our email login to an error page. Because of the cyber terrorist attack on our emails, we changed email providers and for our security of our company, changed email addresses of all of our corporate accounts including our domain name registrar at Network Solutions, whom porcelaintwinz.com has been registered with since the year 2000. 

Our DNS at Network Solutions has been cyber attacked to redirect our websites to incorrect end points, creating error pages and causing other problems. Whether the cyber attack is coming from cyber terrorist employees within their company or cyber terrorists outside of the company, does not matter, regardless the security of Network Solutions has been compromised and needs to be investigated. We have reported the abuse and demanded an investigation.

If you are having problems with your website check your DNS. If your DNS is being changed by your domain registrar you are registered with report it the the registrar company you are with, demand an investigation, and switch to a secure, trust worthy, domain name registrar who will not condone cyber terrorism within their company. 

Attackers sometimes hijack traffic to internet endpoints such as web servers by intercepting DNS queries and returning their own IP addresses to DNS resolvers in place of the actual IP addresses for those endpoints. Users are then routed to the IP addresses provided by the attackers in the spoofed response, for example, to fake websites and error pages. We’ve attached all evidence of these attacks. 

Due to the ICANN 60 day lock rule for changing our email address, Network Solutions has locked all of our domain names for 60 days, while our DNS has been cyber attacked while with Network Solutions. Who else are they going to do this to….Everybody? 

We have reported the cyber attack to Network Solutions abuse, who emailed us at our AOL account?  When we call to talk to a customer service agent, no agent is available and we are asked to leave a message. We have been playing phone tag, and conveniently missed their call while on the other line dealing with other cyber terrorist attacks, and missed the call. We called back again, left a voicemail, and have heard nothing back.  

All of our Network Solutions accounts are locked, and we cannot even login to our account for “security purposes.”

The strategy of the World Wide Cyber Terrorist Network, is to stop the TARGET from making any money and living our God given prosperous life. The World Wide Cyber Terrorist Network has set out to destroy our companies, create chaos, frustration, delays, impede our success. WE believe they plan to do this to anyone on their TARGET list. Could you be next?

The future of the Internet is being compromised and is in great jeopardy. This World Wide Cyber Terrorist Network needs to be dismantled. 

There are much more sophisticated security procedures that can be implemented to verify domain name owners without locking the owner’s domain names for 60 days.  This is strategic and a plan to sabotage our success by The World Wide Cyber Terrorist Network before the holiday seasons the most lucrative time of the year all over the world.

Locking owners out of their account is illegal and is cyber terrorism and an attempt to hijack our website so that we cannot launch our companies for the holiday season. 

Network Solutions and ICANN are supporting cyber terrorism strategies by making bogus rules that do not benefit or protect the website owners.  

The World Wide Cyber Terrorist Network, strategizes ways in which they can covertly operate within companies where they appear to make rules to benefit the consumer as well as roll out new technology updates that are flawed, malfunction, and cause websites to crash.

HAS ICANN BEEN HIJACKED BY THE WORLD WIDE CYBER TERRORIST NETWORK? Is ICANN designing rules to benefit cyber terrorism and hijack the internet? Why does ICANN have the power to control the Internet?