Everything is frequency and as human beings we are all sensitive to the feeling of frequency that most of us refer to as energy, good vibes or bad vibes. It’s all a vibrational frequency emitting off of life that we can feel. Even inanimate objects have a frequency, crystals vibrating at extremely high rates while pathogens vibrate at very low frequency rates. We can all become more in tune with these energies especially when we become consciously aware of them.

One of the best ways to put the body in high vibrational frequency states is through cleansing and consuming foods rich in nutrition and high vibrational life force energy. Superfoods, herbs and plants all contain very high vibrational frequencies. A body that emits high vibrational frequencies can emit those frequencies to others, spreading positivity. The healthier we are as a society the higher our vibrational frequency can become, and it can be felt as a whole collective in our societies.

We became very in tune with energies working in the strip club industry for 21 years, meeting thousands of people over the years. This is how we made our living, tuning into the vibe of people and money. We discovered that money vibrates at an extremely high frequency, that is why you can feel when a room is dead, no energy, no money, or a room is alive full of crazy energy flying all over the place, where money is being spent freely. You can feel the frequency of the people and prosperity in the air. It’s very interesting to say the least, how fine tuned these skill become, for as a stripper it’s feast or famine, survival of the fittest, and you have to hone your own energy as well as tune into that of others, or else you will go home empty handed or in the hole. It’s a rough gig, and anyone who says it’s easy money, never wore a pair of 8 inch heals for 6 hours exerting every ounce of energy in a night, taking days to recover both physically and spiritually, because this industry taxes the body and the soul. Ultimately the majority of all of our money we made over the years was spent on our health.

The demonization of money is a myth that has been perpetuated, for it has been greatly abused by those that control the majority of all of the wealth in the world. Wealth is a frequency of high vibration energy, very similar to health they are one in the same, interchangeable. Without your health, there is no point in wealth, and without wealth it is very hard to attain optimal health. They are partners they need each other, and the more prosperous we are as a society with a positive perspective on money and ethical growth in our own personal wealth, which are the building blocks to our dreams, goals, desires, and health. We have to have it to survive and to thrive. Prosperity will set us all free, when used positively. 

The desire for wealth and optimal health is the responsibility of each of us individually.  It is not up to anyone else but us to work toward these goals and visions, and to create societies that give opportunities to develop all of our human potentials, so there are no excuses or blame to be made.

At this current time in our society, we have an extremely ill society full of sickness and disease. There are a multitude of factors involved in this from the poisoning of the food supply, ingredients added to food to make people hungrier and fatter, misinformation on health and nutrition just look at the American Food Pyramid, and the convenience of fast food. 

However there is also the vast information age of nutrition, the massive vegan movement and health movement as a whole, the information age where everything is at your fingertips and you can become your own researcher. We all know cigarettes are detrimental to your health, as well as fast food, drugs, drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, eating doughnuts etc. These are all are toxic poison to a person’s health and society. So why do people still make these conscious choices to adopt such life threatening vices into their lifestyle? There are many factors involved that could be psychoanalyzed for eternity, but the bottom line is, there is an infinite flow of information about anything and everything you could possibly want to learn or know.  If you make a conscious decision to change your health for the better, you will find the information, and the information will find you. We all as human beings have to take responsibility for our own health, for know one is holding a fork to your head this one’s in your hands, you are the one in control of your silverware.

As our population becomes sicker, more obese and line up in front of the doors of hospitals while demanding health care, we have to take a serious look that yes health care should be available especially in emergency situations, but relying on the sick care industry to fix all of your problems due to the detrimental lifestyle choices people have made who are now looking for the quick fix with prescription drugs and surgery is a recipe for disaster. 

Every single person in society has to step up to the plate in their own life and make conscious decisions to make positive lifestyle choices. 

Passing the buck, blaming the government for all of your problems is not the solution. We could go on all day about growing up swimming in a radioactive river, drinking plutonium laced well water, swimming in pesticide filled irrigation ditches, being exposed to biological warfare such as lyme, we could waller in our misery if we choose, but honestly it’s been a gift that has put us on the long hard path of health and healing expanding our consciousness and knowledge beyond what it ever could have been if we were just going through the drive through. Listen, we use to eat Hostess Ding Dongs in college, we were healthy and ate plenty of nutrition packed foods to complement our athletic running career, but we had our guilty pleasures as well. We would even slightly heat up the Hostess Ding Dongs in the microwave just enough to warm the inside filling. Not only were we killing ourselves with the Hostess treat, we were changing the molecular structure of the food turning it into a carcinogenic substance, but that was years prior to the information age. They were still teaching us the food pyramid in college at this time in nutrition class. We sat dumbfounded that nutrition had not evolved beyond the food pyramid. It was very disappointing to say the least, for we had learned all of this in our seventh grade health class and this is as far as it had come in 1996. The information age of organic food, and superfood nutrition was yet to be born, it would be light years away, but we would try our best to be as healthy as we could with the information we had, and always sneak in our guilty pleasures.

Health is in each of our hands, it’s no one else’s responsibility. It’s up to the sole individual to choose what they consume on a daily basis, regardless of any external factors. We could all make excuses for days, but that is not going to benefit anyone. It’s all about taking action in your own life for the betterment of one’s self. The nutrition one consumes and the exercise choices one makes is up to the individual. We always recommend choosing a workout routine that you enjoy, otherwise you will not stick with it.

Asking the government to pay for our sick society, is not the holy grail of answers, although government definitely has a responsibility to provide some sort of healthcare especially in emergency situations, but a society cannot become dependent on the state of mind of prescribed medicine and surgery, because these are not the long term solutions for humanity and is not going to fix the health of our society or help the financials of our government. The cost of emergency health care is outrageous, and no one individual can afford the insane cost of going to the doctor or the hospital on a regular basis, and we don’t want a society reliant on doctors, hospitals, and surgeries, these should be used for emergencies, but our society is becoming in a state of emergency and doctors are ready to slice and dice as soon as you walk through the door. 

Alternative and natural therapies should never be excluded from those seeking it out and should be as normal as conventional medicine, for often times it is safer and more effective depending on the circumstance. Holistic, and naturopathic has been completely ignored and pushed out by the powers that control the healthcare system, which is ultimately set up for profit from an overly burdened sick society. 

There needs to be a huge shift in the opposite direction on a massive scale of where society is going in regard to health. Take the prescription drug ads off of the television, and eliminate all fast food chains, remove all toxic ingredients from the food supply and stop adding chemicals to the water. That would clean things up real quick. This isn’t a one stop shop, but seriously it’s not that hard to create a healthy society, they just don’t want to for the profits on your sickness are great!

The way many view being healthy as arduous difficult, and devoid of pleasure is false. The vegan movement is the fastest growing movement in the world, and it’s turned into state of the art cuisine, rivaling the steak on your plate. It’s truly an amazing evolution of consciousness that is occurring within the vegan communities across the world, for it is not just about the food, but a state of being and self awareness along with amazing nutrition, superfoods, and maximizing performance in athletes. It is only going to continue to grow and expand in knowledge and food technology. It’s very exciting!

The first thing we must do as a society is continue to educate, motivate, and inspire as many people to want to change their lifestyle choices. There are many inspiring documentaries changing people’s lives such as Forks over Knives, & Fat Sick and Nearly Dead. These documentaries moved many people in the right direction. Inspiration is key to positive change. 

Of course the evils of the world need to stop poisoning the food supply, water supply, air we breathe, land we live on, and move in the direction of a sacred Mother Earth. A healthy society will create a wealthy society, where people are happy, motivated, prosperous and full of life. Health equals wealth. May we all be prosperous in our health and in our economic lives, for this is what make the world go round.