Hillary Clinton seeks revenge for all of her failures in Syria, her Libya war crimes she would disguise, by painting Vladimir Putin as the Villain and World’s bad guy. It was too easy to sell sensationalism, no one really cared about integrity of journalism. All that mattered were how many clicks, how many visitors, how many hits. The internet greed turned tabloid whores, no one cared about the truth to report. These exaggerations and blatant lies, Russia rules the World with all of their spies. The media is crazed there is a look in their eyes, since when is the media not questioned and always right? Have we taken a time capsule back to the future, where nothings fact checked, vetted and the media will suture, anyone they choose it’s them against us, the National Enquirer garners far more trust, their sources more reliable than MSM and CNN all an agenda for Totalitarian censorship. Anyone who poses an alternative narrative will be flagged and erased suppressed and embarrassed. There is only one script that is given, there is a target, an enemy and a dark mission. Will this fanatical craze be deployed on any World leader they want to destroy. The story is written everything is penned by them, the United States wins again! They can absolutely without a doubt do no wrong, they know what’s best for everyone! This exceptionalism superiority authority complex, where nothing’s fact check nothing to worry about they are trustworthy and honest. It’s like a sci-fi picture in black and white, this technology is crazy, wow out of sight! But their sites are set on whomever they choose, and just pray to God that it is not you.

Hillary Clinton whipped up Russia-Phobia into a frenzy taking it to new heights! Every word that came out of her mouth blamed the Russians or Vladimir Putin for everything wrong in America and the World. Russia did it! 

Why on earth would Hillary Clinton go after Russia and Vladimir Putin so intently and so aggressively? Because Hillary Clinton is part of the Global Elite Deep State Shadow Government, and has a vendetta of her own, an axe to grind with Russia’s Vladimir Putin for making her look so incompetent in her attempt to serve as the United States Secretary of State and shape U.S. foreign policy, a coveted position entrusted to her by her controllers who had blind faith that Hillary Clinton would fulfill the Neocon War Agenda with ease, and succeed but instead fell on her face. Hillary’s counterpart was Obama. If you saw some of Hillary Clinton’s speeches, you may have thought she was the commander in Chief, and together Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama would run amuck, with no Rule of Law applying to them. They had immunity, for George W. Bush gave it to them when he passed off the stick, and between Obama and Hillary, they thought they had it made in the shade, a home run for their Neocon War Machine, always in pursuit of their One World Government agenda of course, where they would do whatever they please rather anyone else liked it or not all over the World.

“You’re either with us or against us.” That’s the Motto of the U.S. Foreign Policy Maker War Planners in our United States Government, and this aggressive, non diplomatic, ultimatum like tactic worked for most of the World to cower and submit to the United States the Great, since they controlled the monetary financial system and had lured everyone into their debt trap, where the choice was slim, where countries have to obey or starve. They did it to everyone including Russia, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, but Vladimir Putin from the moment he entered political power in the Russian Federation began mapping a way out from under the U.S. dominance and rule. The Russian soul was to powerful to be controlled.

The United States dominant power over countries throughout the World was vast, however Russia was not like most countries, Russia was Russia and Hillary Clinton was met with opposition from Russia’s Vladimir Putin, who was not in alignment with a Uni-Polar World, with one control center being the United States of America.

Vladimir Putin was not in agreement with the U.S. Regime Change War they had planned for Syria. The U.S.’s actions and results in Iraq and Libya, spelled out the fate of Syria and was foreseen by Vladimir Putin and other World leaders who knew that the destruction of Syria was a threat to the entire World, as the strategic balance of power was systematically being destroyed by ignoring and breaking international law, pulling out of treaties, making one’s own rules and laws to impose on the World that only benefit those with the golden quill, disrespecting all sovereignty throughout the World, and blindly forcing an authoritarian dictatorship onto everyone. If we review history, these kinds of actions, behaviors, and attitudes never fair well in the end, and in the modern World, these actions are not beneficial to the overall Global stability and ultimately prosperity and peace for all.

This archaic mindset of the “Old Guard,” had a long term plan of action in achieving a Uni-Polar World, One World Government through wars both hidden and covert as well as through obvious force, from bombs to natural disaster technology, and coup d’etat, leaving a totalitarian legacy of dishonesty and double crossing behind.

The United States Of America’s Foreign Policy Makers and Military Industrial Complex Neocon war machine had nearly established more power than the president and were recklessly destroying the United States Of America’s core foundation, losing all trust amongst many countries throughout the World by all of their illegal and unethical actions. The Deep State Global Elite Neocons within our United States Government, are intentionally collapsing countries economies throughout the World, in any way possible, using weaponized sanctions and strapping down countries with unbearable debt, in order to create an Empire of their own.

The Dollar Has No Future: Putin Ready to Go After US’s Ace in the Hole! OCT 2018

This Totalitarian World Authority mindset, does not have any connection to the people, humanity or the reality of growth, prosperity and innovations in the modern world of 2020. This way of thinking is not based on the human being, but is steeped on bizarre, science fiction and psychotic, sociopathic, unethical, inhumane, morally vacant ideology that has run its course and is out in the open for all to see, unless you live in a country that is completely suppressed, censored and kept in the dark ages, which unfortunately still exists in 2020 in other parts of the World.

If humanity truly was free, imagine where the World would be, we’d probably have flying cars, and made our way beyond the stars, for human potential is immeasurable, a gift bestowed by God on this turntable, but this evil force has coiled, restricted and squeezed, every drop of blood out of humanity!

In the long run this insane ideology is not steeped in any kind of common sense reality, and will hold humanity in a state of regression, suppression, stifling growth, prosperity, innovation, cures, and a leap in technological advancements. All of these things will be blocked and any advancements made in any of these fields will be hidden from the majority of the World and only privy to the Global Elitists 1% of the World.

VLADIMIR PUTIN “This monstrous tragedy [Nazi Invasion] was made possible primarily due to connivance to the criminal ideology of racial superiority and due to the lack of unity among the world’s leading nations.”

Agenda 21 is the start of the New World Order – David Icke MAY 30 2020