When hormones in the body are out of balance a person cannot control their emotions, and they do not even know why. Bursts of anger, tears, sadness, depression, fear, hysteria and other negative emotions can plague a person. If a person cannot be in control of their mind and their emotions, they have no control over their own life. A society of people with unbalanced hormones, creates a society of chaos and discord. 

When women give birth and experiences postpartum depression, this is because there is a serious hormonal imbalance within the body, most likely caused by the barrage of drugs that are administered to women who do not give birth naturally, so not only is a woman’s hormonal balance at great risk from pharmaceutical drugs, but the infant has now been exposed to drugs at it’s earliest entrance into the world, affecting the brain health of the baby for possibly a lifetime.

There are so many elements than can disrupt the hormones in the body, and living a natural vegan lifestyle is one of the best ways to keep the hormones in balance, for meat is loaded with hormones that occur naturally from the animal, and if the meat is not organic, it is pumped full of unnatural growth hormones, these all has devastating effects on the health of the human body.

The addition of chemicals added into the water supply that we drink and bathe in as well as estrogens and other hormones that are secretly added to beauty products, shampoos, conditioners, cologne, bottled water, energy drinks, non organic food, and an entire list of the covert manipulation of the natural hormones in the body being altered to cause negative side effects by added hormones into products is criminal. 

This is why men are developing man-boobs and becoming docile and emotional. “They” want to feminize men and masculate women. Everything is upside down and backwards with the Global Elitist Death Cult who have decided to make America their guinea pigs, to spread their experiment across the world.

A feminized man does not have the desire to rise up and defend our country, our women or themselves, and a maculated female hate men, are violent and start dominating the males. The manipulation of hormones in society is a violation of human rights and is really an attack on the people through biological warfare.

The sensationalization push of the transgender agenda by the media is nothing more than The Global Elitist Death Cult Nazi experiment on the population and create complete mayhem in society. They will push their agenda across the globe, through subliminal programming, hypnotic suggestions, technology within the televisions using flicker rate that hypnotizes children and parents alike. As well technology in the cell phone towers, 5G and devices.

They will use the media to sensationalize and glamorize the transgender agenda, pushing it into schools, which is a form of child abuse. This is unnatural, and most transgender’s that we have met in our years of being in the underground scene of performance art and stripping is there is always a past of child abuse. Often times boys were dressed as girls as children. We have met many of these people, and to each their own, they have their own demons to battle, and this is not something that should be pushed onto children, who’s minds are being manipulated and programmed on a subconscious level at a very young age. Anything you are exposed to as a child will manifest into your adult life.

Are parents being paid by the upper echelon to mutilate their children publicly to serve this satanic Nazi agenda? The transgender push across the globe has to stop it is unnatural.

Altering the hormones of a human being is a violation of an individual’s well being, human rights, and will create devastating results in a society.

Most people have no idea that they could even have a hormonal imbalance, and oftentimes they can’t see the forest for the trees, and think that their negative emotional state is just the way their personality is.

Women who take birth control are altering their hormones often times with testosterone, making many women sex addicts, addicted to their birth control. We had a girlfriend that we became very good friends with for several months, a rare bond occurred between us and another dancer, which hasn’t happened for us too much in the 21 years we were in the strip club industry, because the women all across the board have serious addictions, therefore we were never able to form any real relationships with the women we worked with over the years due to their addictions. This is very sad, for some of the most interesting, empathic, spiritual women with gifts that most people do not have are in this industry. We’ve never met a boring stripper, there is always a back story of intrigue, a life full of colorful stories. Strippers are the life of the party and have the ability to project their energy to fill an entire room if they choose to, they are powerful beings on this earth misunderstood by many, and all of us come from a hard knocks life, it’s what led us to the promise of a better life of abundance, wealth, and riches, as seen on TV. It’s never easy money, and the price one pays to become a slave is hidden.

The one fleeting friendship we gained from the industry ended when our stripper friend got back on her uv ring birth control. Her personality changed from warm and fuzzy like a purring cat laying in the sun, to masculine and arrogant. Our friendship ended within days, it was over. When we saw the sudden personality shift, we asked her what she was doing different in her diet or supplements. She told us she was back on her birth control. We told her that put her at great risk for cancer, and that her personality was different due to the hormones being pumped through her body. She said she liked the way her birth control made her feel and that she was not going to remove the ring. That was it and the beautiful soul had turned dark.

Hormones are not understood by the common folk, and are only truly understood by doctors and scientists, therefore altering a persons hormones is very dangerous to society as a whole. This is why the Transgender Agenda is putting our world at great risk, because if you can create a society of unnatural hormonal imbalances, you can create an unbalanced society full of chaos and disorder. If you cannot control your emotions, you cannot control your mind. If you cannot control your mind, you cannot control your life. 

It is irresponsible for doctors to administer hormone replacement to children and young adults  or anyone who have no idea of the long term repercussions of their decisions they are making that will impact the rest of their life.This is abusive and a violation of human rights, being pushed by the media as a gravely dangerous trend. 

Many transgenders regret their sex changes after the procedures, and the sex change is really a mutilation of the genitals, which will no longer be usable, for these are cosmetic procedures and in actuality do not function like an actual woman’s vagina. Many transgenders speak of the  pain with intercourse and the inability to even have sex as they were promised by the doctor. 

Sex changes should be illegal, because the glamorization of these procedures are false, misleading, dangerous and an all out lie to those who undergo them. It’s a dark embarrassing secret that has not been fully exposed, and should be at the forefront of discussions, for this is Frankenstein surgery, midivil, barbaric and dangerous.

The delicate balance of the hormones in the body are still being studied and no one has a full understanding of all the nuisances of hormones. However doctors and scientists know enough about hormones and understand that altering hormones unnaturally is dangerous, and that the attack on the hormones of the people covertly in society is to create imbalance, chaos and discord and a violation of our human rights a biological warfare on the people.

To have a harmonious society, we all need to have balanced hormones, to have peace from within.

Here is an article written by a doctor who specializes in balancing the hormones naturally. A body out of balance creates disease. Too much estrogen is known to cause cancer, not enough estrogen causes aging, there is a fine line that should never be Frankensteined.


A hormone is a chemical messenger formed by an orchestra of highly talented players, such as the adrenal glands, the hypothalamus, the pituitary, the liver, the pancreas, the ovaries and the thyroid. Hormone commute through the bloodstream via an information superhighway that connects the executive suites of your brain to the DNA managers working in your body’s cells.

Hormones communicate with chemicals called neurotransmitters, such as serotonin dopamine, and norepinephrine, that are produced by our brains. These neurotransmitters greatly influence our energy levels, moods and other bodily functions Women’s bodies contain female hormones such as estrogen as well as male hormones such as testosterone and androstenodione, which remade by various endocrine glands and are responsible for libido, energy, and well=being.

Imagine your body as a city consisting of different commercial and residential neighborhoods where several hundred trillion cells are busy living and working inside and outside the membranes of every cell receptor sites suctions like elite clubs that can be entered only with special passwords. For any substance to enter the club and provide information to the DNA, the cells require the proper password. In this case it is a hormone, which makes contact with a specific target cell and gains entry to the receptor site.

Once inside, the hormone delivers it biochemical messages for processing. For example hormones have the power to switch various cellular functions on or off., such as telling the liver t make more blood glucose. They can orchestrate menstrual cycles and measure cellular activity throughout the body.

Depending on a woman’s age, health, diet, fitness levels, and circumstances, her body will produce different hormones at different times of the day and the month. In most women, hormone levels peak in the early twenties and start descending after age twenty-five or so. Around age forty, hormone levels typically start to fluctuate, as the body moves beyond childbearing age and starts to prepare for life after menstruation, or post menopause. 

Because hormones affect the body in staggeringly complex ways, there are dozens of hormones that scientists have yet to fully understand. One of the most heavily researched female hormones is estrogen, which is made in the ovaries and which circulates through the bloodstream. Besides activating a girl’s metamorphosis into womanhood, estrogen creates the perfect conditions in the womb for the implantation and the nourishment of the early embryo. While estrogen acts as a growth hormone for breast, uterine and ovarian issues, it also fortifies the collagen layer o the skin, which improves elasticity and helps to prevent wrinkles. In addition, estrogen regulates mood and works many more health-enhancing wonders.

The body produces more than two hundred different hormones every day. Just as certain nutrients from our food support specific aspects of the mind/body health, each of your hundred of hormones decisively influences specific body functions. In addition, hormone levels vary at different times of the day and night they rise.

Your most famous hormones are undoubtedly the sex-related ones: estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Yes, even women produce the male hormone testosterone, and it’s a lucky thing too. Essential to healthy female sexual response and libido, testosterone also stokes energy and enhances general well-being. In most women, testosterone levels are doing fine until women reach a certain point in perimenopause, the six-to thirteen-year-long span that culminates in the last menstrual period.

Perimenopause may take place anywhere between the ages of forty and the late fifties, and symptoms vary from woman to woman. Irregular menstrual periods, missed periods, heavy or scanty bleeding, anxiety and insomnia are some of the most common signs of perimenopause. Because this symptoms overlap with common PMS symptoms, the two conditions are often confused and thus misdiagnosed by health-care professionals. 

The body is complex and should be handled delicately and with great care.

Since transgender sex change transitions prey on mentally unstable individuals, children, and are a form of eugenics on the human species, why doesn’t this procedure be made illegal and banned world wide?

13 Fold increase in girls undergoing gender reassignment surgery.