In 2015 after our condo was suddenly sold out from under us, and all of the rents in Portland had skyrocketed, and we could not find an inexpensive studio apartment for less than $1500, everything was now stupid expensive, and artists were being forced to leave Portland Oregon a city that once thrived on the creative, progressive, and weird culture.

We decided to leave Portland and put all of our things in a secure storage unit built by Boeing, in the Pearl district just down the street from our condo. Thanks to Boeing, who strategically manufactured and created the homeless epidemic in Portland Oregon, by purchasing all of the land and buildings to raise and control the rents and real estate market only the fat cats would weather this storm. Boeing and 3 other builders, jacked up the rents 4 times the price within a year and inflated the cost of real estate both commercial and residential. Small businesses would be forced to pay thousands of dollars in rent for their brick and mortar establishments, being forced to increase the cost of their products or services in order to make a profit. The cost of everything in Portland would be affected. In a nutshell Boeing and a handful of others now own and control Portland.

Leaving Portland was going to be an adventure, but we would miss our beloved city. We traveled from Portland, to California for a few days, then headed for the Austin Texas area, where the money was supposed to be like the gold rush for strippers. We would live outside of Austin in hill country for 6 months in Fredericksburg hiking on the magical Enchanted Rock a vortexal rock that awakened something within us.

Texas was very dangerous for us, and where traffickers, and bounty hunters started coming out of the woodwork, since somebody very rich and powerful with a vendetta, decided to put a bounty on our head. Now that we were not in our safe condo we could easily be hunted. We were like rabbits on the run, and when our lives were threatened day in and day out we left Texas, hoping that our life would return to normal, but it would only get worse.

On our travels, we ventured through Texas toward Florida. On the Houston Texas border was a rest stop where we would rest. While driving out of Texas and crossing the Mississippi river, we noticed a cloud dome over Houston. It was thick, murky, dirty, damp, dank, stinky, and gloomy. As we drove out of Houston into the night sky, we would cross the border of the Mississippi River.

On this border was a huge Budweiser factory with smoke stacks galore. We noticed this was common in our travels, big industrial companies with smoke stack chimneys on all of the borders of every state. The Budweiser factory on the border of Houston and the Mississippi river was billowing out clouds so massively gigantic it filled the entire sky for miles with man made clouds, as if Budweiser was creating the Houston cloud dome over the entire city intentionally. We called it the cloud factory.

This is how they can manipulate the weather in combination with Geo Engineering/chemtrails, and HAARP technology. creating ideal conditions to control the weather with their weather weapons.

The cloud factories, many being Budweiser factories and paper mills, are strategically placed on borders and are all guilty of this extreme cloud creation and pollution. Budweiser is supposedly no longer an American company, and owned by China.

The cloud factories create the ideal conditions for weather control in combination with HAARP frequency technology and chemtrail aerosol chemicals that help to amplify the effects of HAARP and other frequency technology to control and manipulate the weather and the emotions of the body computer system of the people.

If Geo Engineering is banned worldwide, along with the factories creating unnecessary plumes of pollution and cloud domes over cities, pumping God knows what into the atmosphere, maybe the natural disasters would stop. It’s a covert war of weather weapons, and chemical warfare on the people.

Eliminate these forms of weather weapons and weather manipulation, and watch the weather patterns all over the world return to normal, and the man made created Climate Change Hoax magically disappears, for it is all manufactured by the Globalist Elitist Death Cult for an agenda, to poison everyone and carbon tax the people for food, air, water, and whatever else they can slap this tax on, which is everything.

Why do the Globalists Elitists Death cult want to demonize the sun that gives life to all things on earth and use Geo Engineering/Chemtrails to block out the sun, make a dark, gloomy, raining, dreary, environment, which causes depression for many people and seasonal sadness. What the Globalist Elitists Death Cult is doing to the world is unnatural and sinister. Where are the bright blue skies and sunshine on our earth that once existed? The weather is 100% controlled all year round. Who is responsible for Geo Engineering? Who is calling the shots? Chemtrails are a worldwide issue the people are waking up!