In 2005 I wrote a song entitled Sylvia, inspired by my own depression that recently began after I was prescribed a pharmaceutical drug for my stomach ailment by a doctor. One of the pharmaceutical drug side effects was depression and suicide, which I would not read until weeks later, when strange thoughts started floating in! Yikes, we had no idea what we were taking and how serious those kinds of side effects were. I think when most people take prescription drugs, and they are given the long list of side effects, they think, oh that won’t happen to me, those are just statistics of other people. This is medicine. True medicine does not have negative side effects that can result in detrimental health.

In 2005 we had no knowledge on health or healing, and were stuck in very sick bodies due to our childhood exposure to environmental toxins. Sylvia Plath’s life story was made into a movie with the lead role played by Gwyneth Paltrow, which inspired our song Sylvia as well as are stint of depression caused by the side effects of the pharmaceutical drug. Sylvia is one of our darkest pieces of poetry ever written, with a moral tied into the closing lines. 

Since the age of nine years old, the two of us have suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome. For the first eleven years of our life, we grew up in Hermiston Oregon, fifty miles from Hanford Nuclear Plant, which took the liberty of cooling the reactors with the Columbia River, the river we swam in since were were toddlers. Our third grade teacher Mrs. Carlson was reading a book about rivers to the class and asked all of the children how many of us swam in the Columbia River? The entire class raised their hands with smiles. She went on to say, that they were finding fish with deformities, in the Columbia River, some fish having three eyes and two heads, due to radiation that had contaminated the river, and she suggested that we not swim in it. The Columbia River was an amazing river, and we would continue to swim in it throughout our childhood. We would also swim in pesticide filled irrigation ditches and drink contaminated well water from plutonium that had leaked into the ground water from the Umatilla Army Depot just a few miles outside of Hermiston Oregon. Our little bodies would be inundated with deadly environmental chemical toxins, and we would spend the majority of our life trying to resolve it. Throw in some lyme disease that we picked up from the rocks on the river banks, which was biological warfare made by the US government into the mix and our already overburdened bodies would suffer greatly. Due to all of our health challenges our path to healing ourselves would unfold in our twenties.

After our estranged biological father that we hadn’t spoken to or seen in 13 years, called us on his deathbed, dying of throat cancer, we had a cognition at 22 years old, that our poor health was going to need to be addressed soon, but we had no idea where to begin. Our father did not die, however a moment of urgency swept over us about our own health, which we would eventually get around to.

We had learned to deal with our chronic fatigue throughout our life, requiring insatiable amounts of sleep. Regardless of all of these health burdens, we were star athletes and persevered with successful careers as distance runners in high school and college, taking the coveted title in our high school as Athlete of all time. They squeezed both our names onto the plaque, which was meant for one person, but we were an exception due to our unique twinness and running talent.

When we ventured to Hollywood in 2001, after shooting our Erotic Art Film, “The Masked” Charade, we decided that we wanted to try to figure out what the cause of our chronic fatigue was. The internet was sparse at that time, so finding a doctor through online research was not what it is now, but we did find someone and made a doctor’s appointment in an attempt to fix our health

This doctor was in Los Angeles, and claimed to be somewhat natural. We had no clue on anything holistic, and trusted that this doctor was going to resolve our problems. After giving him a long list of ailments, nearly a mile long, he decided that he would test our thyroid. The test came back normal, but he said we exhibited all of the symptoms of a low thyroid and diagnosed us with Wilson’s Syndrome, and spoke of pie in the sky testimonials that he had fixed many people using this protocol. We were eager to sign up and be cured of our life long chronic fatigue. He handed us a prescription for synthetic T4 thyroid medication and a whopping $700 bill. This was in 2001, and $700 was half of our rent in LA, which was really expensive at the time, but desperate we trusted the doctor.

The protocol was for 3 months, and as soon as we started taking the medication we felt worse. The doctor informed us that this may happen, and there would be a period of adjustment, and to continue with the protocol for the full duration. Like good patients, we followed orders, and after a month of our health going from bad to worse, we started experiencing severe stomach pains where we believe the pharmaceutical drug we were taking put holes in our stomach. While at the gym working out, something went terribly wrong and the onset of stomach pain would lead to the next phase of ailments we would have to fix later. The tipping point of this quackery T4 synthetic drug, was when we both woke up in the middle of the night after increasing the medication as recommended, for it was a gradual step up program where you increased the dosage over the course of 3 months. We woke up in the middle of the night, and thought we were going to have a heart attack because our hearts were racing out of control and we could barely catch our breath. That was the night we quit the synthetic thyroid T4 pharmaceutical drug, which had now reached havoc on our already dire health. Now we had severe stomach problems, worse fatigue than when we began, and would later learn that this doctor had put our thyroid into extreme hypothyroidism something that is nearly impossible to reverse and requires lifelong medication. Our once normal thyroid was now dangerously low, and not functioning properly at all. Luckily when we ventured into naturopathic medicine, we found an amazing naturopathic doctor who would resolve our thyroid imbalance, and she would teach us many things about holistic medicine and healing. She was the beginning of our journey to healing, but before we found her we would have a few more negative experiences with conventional doctors who spent five minutes with us and prescribed a pharmaceutical drug.

When we moved back to Portland, we took a stab at a few different conventional doctors in hopes to resolve our health problems. One doctor referred us to a gastroenterologist, who forced a tube with a camera down Amber’s throat after she decided she did not want to do the endoscopy procedure, but had already placed the camera with the tube in her mouth. When Amber held up her hand and said wait, he assaulted her with the invasive camera shoving it down her throat and into her stomach making her helpless. The procedure was excruciatingly painful, expensive, and came back with no results.The doctor mocked us both as he explained the problem by throwing a tube of toothpaste onto the floor an stomping on it while saying, you have blah blah blah, and gave us a false diagnosis that he pulled out of thin air. He was arrogant and all in all it was a terrible experience. We did not have health insurance, so this was a $1500 out of pocket expensive, which would explain why he forced the tube down Amber’s throat without her consent, he wanted his money.

We were both in a lot of stomach pain everyday and as a last resort we were put on Prilosec by another doctor. Prilosec is a pharmaceutical drug to treat stomach problems and actually makes the stomach stop producing stomach acid. This is a terrible solution and in the end will cause many more problems. At this point we were in daily pain from the holes put in our stomachs by the synthetic T4 thyroid medication and were willing to try anything.

The Prilosec did help the pain, however we both became extremely depressed. Unable to see the forest for the trees, in a sea of despair and poor health, we wrote some of the darkest poetry of our life, but we recognized that this was way out of our character, and we both had a cognition that this was abnormal. We knew about side effects from pharmaceutical drugs, and marched into our kitchen to read the Prilosec box. Written in extremely small hard to read font was depression and suicidal thoughts may occur as well as a long list of adverse side effects

We instantly threw away the medication and knew this was not the solution, for suicide is never the solution and we believe if you commit suicide you can get you horse shoed back into a life of despair according to the Sylvia Browne philosophy, or you just go to HE double hockey sticks. It’s never in the cards, it’s never in your chart of why you came to earth. If you kill yourself, the Devil wins. There are many testimonials online of people who tried to kill themselves and survived, and every single person has the exact same thought as they made the attempt which is, “I wish I would not have done this.” Suicide will take you straight to the dark side, the underworld, it’s not God’s plan for anyone to take their own life, and breaking your contract with God of why you came to earth.

These dark thoughts we had that were created by pharmaceutical drug side effects left instantly when we discontinued the drug and we were back to our normal selves. The series of negative experiences we had with conventional doctors and prescription drugs that worsened our health to great magnitude would lead us the complete opposite spectrum and into alternative healing and holistic medicine, where years of research and experimentation would bring us to where we are today with our healing knowledge, overcoming many of our health challenges that we had been plagued with much of our life.

There are no accidents that we are here on the earth at this present time experiencing all that we have both positive and negative, for every single experience has prepared us for this moment now.

There are very dark forces on our earth right now that are manipulating people’s physical well being through the use of frequency technology that can lock into a person’s energetic field and take over their vibrational frequency, tuning them into a low vibrational frequencies of negative emotion and physical well being. 

This weapon has been used on us in 2017 after our beloved yorkie Morgan was murdered by domestic terrorists operating within the Globalist Elitist Death Cult. Due to our devastated state of despair at that time from the loss of our beloved Morgan, we believe this evil invisible weaponized frequency technology was used on us to exacerbate negative emotions. We had never felt a pain like this before it was beyond anything we had experienced. We could not stop crying and mourning Morgan’s death. However our higher self came through and became the observer, recognized that this was indeed something outside of ourselves occurring, and we made a conscious decision to stop crying and move away from the emotion of pain and suffering and call on the light. This invisible weapon would be used on us again and again, as many threats were made on our life. We were in a state of complete awareness, and would transcend the attacks, through the use of our minds, intention, and action steps we take everyday. We live our life by the Napoleon Hill philosophy and other spiritual teachings we have studied that speak to us on deep levels.  

Our bodies area a bio-energetic computer system, everything is physiology and everything is frequency. if a person is in a state of depression, despair, anger, fear, any negative emotion on the scale of emotions, then they need to change their physiology. The best way to do this is to start cleansing the toxins out of the body, for the toxins are what are interfering with the natural homeostasis of the bio-energetic computer system. Cramming drugs down people’s throats is not addressing the core issue and is not treating the body as a whole, but is instead adding chaos and discord within the body for chemical medicine does not align with the natural state of the human being. 

The suppression of natural medicine in the United States started in the 1930’s when all natural medicine was pushed out of the United States by the AMA “American Medical Association.” Dr. Royal Rife’s heartbreaking story details all of this. In 2017 over 50 prolific naturopaths mysteriously died, who were on the forefront of curing cancer and other diseases. The Global Elitist Death Cult does not want a high vibrational society of people full of vibrant health and positivity, and instead want to keep the low vibrational frequencies of death, destruction, disease, chaos, and hell on earth to be the dominant resonance. 

There is ancient natural medicine Ayurveda being one of the oldest forms on the earth written in Sanskrit Texts, where ancient tribes can decipher the formulas. This ancient medicine treats the body as a whole, and we have found this form of medicine to be one of the most effective. However throwing seeds on barren soil will not bring forth results. It all starts with removing the toxins from the body through cleansing programs such as juice fasts and other methods. Once the body is cleansed and detoxed adding herbs into one’s health regimen will yield positive powerful results. This highly intelligent bio-energetic computer system of the human body, will heal itself when the body is in balance.

Everything is physiology, change your physiology to change your life. The mind body connection is the most powerful and that everything is connected as a whole. As above so below, heal the earth, heal the people, raise the vibrational frequency of the people and the earth, and we can create the frequency of peace.