There is something very magical about fasting, that is experienced by nearly everyone who has tried it. As the body experiences an emptiness within, and the body transforms into different modes, shifts are felt on many levels both physically and spiritually. When the body kicks over into fat burning mode, known as ketosis, it seems to unlock a sort of spirit within. We often times refer to this as the space in-between. It feels like a quiet emptiness of knowing.

There are many different forms of fasting, and we have tried many of them from dry fasting, water fasting, juice fasting and intermittent fasting, all of them have their roles they play in a transformation of the mind, body and spirit. 

The longest fast we ever did was a 33 day juice fast, and this was extremely hard. We always hear people say it gets easy after day seven or day ten, but for us, we were hungry the entire time, however we had a serious goal, which was to better our health that was greatly challenged at the time. We kept waiting for the magic to come in, the shift the epiphany, waiting and waiting, for we really wanted to have the shift in consciousness experience so many people talk about. It wasn’t until we incorporated coffee enemas into our juice fast that suddenly the magic occurred, and we believe this was because there is a spirit of the coffee bean in it’s purest organic form as well as the elimination of massive amounts of toxins burdening our bodies. Once we started removing the toxins at a rapid rate, the mind chatter of all pathogens that live in the body and vibrate at a low frequencies left. These nasty critters have a lot to say, and when you remove them from your body, it becomes much more quiet. Once we began to remove the toxins, we started healing, and having felt shifts of awakening. 

The body is like a storage unit of your entire life, and if you don’t cleanse out the old, you are stuck carrying it around with you, completely unaware that this baggage is weighing you down. The lightness of air that comes from within as you start removing the negativity from your body is a spiritual experience. 

Echart Tolle calls it the pain body. He’s not kidding. The “Pain Body” is an actual physical mass within your body that you have accumulated over your lifetime from all of the pain and toxins. Kevin Trudeau described it as a mass of black goo. It holds you back in every possible way, and when you begin to eliminate this actual physical pain body from your body, you may have bits and pieces of your entire life flash before your eyes. Memories you didn’t even know still existed come up and are released out of your being. It’s a bizarre experience, but this is what happened to us in 2015 when we began cleansing on a very deep level with the mission to cure ourselves of our lifelong health challenges. This was our deepest darkest secret we hid from everyone, for no one could understand what it was like to be in a body that wasn’t cooperating. It has taken us years of research and experimentation that has helped us overcome many of our health challenges.

With so much misinformation out there, it would take until 2014 to find the right information that spoke to us on a deep level, and would guide us in a new direction of health and healing. In 2014 our permanent vegan shift began. We had been vegan and vegetarian many times in the past, and failed, for we did not have the storehouse of knowledge we have now. There was a lot of incorrect information about the vegan lifestyle, and we had not learned how to cleanse the body, which is the number one most important element to health. You can not throw seeds on barren soil, they will not grow. The body must be stripped down of all toxins so that nutrients can actually absorb into every organ system and cell, and help to heal the body. 

Being vegan is not a diet, but a lifestyle, a consciousness, a way of life, a way of being. In every plant the fibonacci sequence courses through the veins, full of information for our cells. As we juice fast and intermittent fast, consuming more plants, we slowly awaken our DNA. The vibrational frequency of plants resonate our being, elevating us to the highest level of mother earth.

For instance the “spirit of the Cacao bean” the purest raw form of chocolate was used in spiritual and ceremonial purposes by the Ancient Mayans and Aztecs forfor ‘inner work’, creative guidance and so much more.

In our experience, we have felt a spirit in many healing herbs and plants, especially Ayurvedic herbs that are prepared by tribes from the ancient Sanskrit Texts, because now you have the spirit of the plant and the positive consciousness of the tribes. These vibrational energies and frequency have the ability to tune the body to a balanced state of homeostasis where healing can occur.

All of this entered our life, when we opened the door to fasting and cleansing, which go hand in hand. Things just started to appear, and unfold down rabbit holes we would go. As you clear out the old, it allows the new to come in, removing blocks you may not even know you have.

We are all a work in progress everyday, for we are human, and we all have our flaws, but we do feel that fasting has put us on the fast track toward more awakening and enlightenment. It has expanded our consciousness on many levels, which we are always seeking to expand more.

When you open the door to fasting and cleansing, you open a portal into a new dimension of your life. Out of all of the fasting we have tried, we recommend intermittent fasting. This is the starting point for anyone, for fasting is an exercise that you have to train your body to do. Some people jump in head first, as we did and go for the gusto, hence our 33 day juice fast, and while we have done many long fasts ranging from 12-20 days, we feel that shorter fasts are where the benefits are for us, and intermittent fasting is the most powerful for daily results and to acclimate the body to fasting. Intermittent fasting  connects you to powerful energy from other sources both from within, and from without.

There are many ways on how to approach intermittent fasting, and you will have to find your own rhythm with your body and what works for you, because no two bodies are the same, and you are your best doctor, for you know your body better than anyone else, and if you tune into it, you can unlock a lot of answers within yourself.  

Our number one recommendation for intermittent fasting is to drink organic unsmoked Yerba Mate tea throughout the day for energy and a positive attitude, for this tea is beyond magical and is a brain tea tonic full of powerful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, grown in the Amazon rainforest. What makes Yerba Mate unique is it is comprised of Mateine. Here is a brief definition of what Mateine is:

“There is currently a debate about the chemical nature of the stimulant in yerba mate. North American chemists report this stimulant as caffeine. South Americans claim that this substance is a unique molecule called Mateine.

According to them, mateine has the same chemical formula as caffeine, but a different molecular shape. Because of this difference in shape, mateine is absorbed and processed differently by the body, providing a more balanced stimulation. Some suggest that while caffeine is a nervous-system stimulant, mateine stimulates the entire metabolism. This may explain why yerba mate is a thermogenic (calorie-burning) herb.

North American chemists tend to attribute yerba mate’s smoother stimulation to the synergistic effects of its many vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants

In our experience, Yerba Mate is an excellent appetite suppressant making it easy to fast during the duration of the day, while keeping your mood and mind in an elevated state. You will be amazed on how your cravings subside, and health problems vanish as you delve into intermittent fasting and may expand to other forms of fasting such as juice fasting. Our first juice fast we ever did resolved our hypoglycemia, that was so bad we could not leave our house without packing food. There came a point in our life when we felt like a slave to the food, having to eat every two hours or we would have a crash. The first juice fast we ever did reversed this life long issue. It’s that amazing. so as you go on your journey of fasting, we recommend reading books, watching videos and finding your rhythm within yourself of what works for you and benefits your health on every level. A healthy body, creates a healthy mind. Everything is physiology, and once you have your physiology right, everything falls into place.

We are sharing some resources for intermittent fasting. We are vegan and promote a vegan lifestyle however there are some amazing videos and articles on intermittent fasting written by extremely credible doctors, scientist, nutritionist and others that are not vegan, that we included because if you are vegan you can adapt the information to your vegan lifestyle, and the information is to valuable to exclude so please take in as much value from the sources below. Do your own research, the amount of information out there on intermittent fasting is vast! Dive in!