INTERVIEW EX AL-QAEDA MEMBER 2013 – EX-Al-Qaeda Member Nabil Naim #Syria: (Nabil Naim) – The Fake War For Democracy Al-Qaeda Is Led By U.S. CIA

2013 – EX-Al-Qaeda Member Nabil Naim – The Fake War For Democracy Al-Qaeda Is Led By U.S. CIA

2013 – EX-Al-Qaeda Member Nabil Naim  #Syria: (Nabil Naim) – The Fake War For Democracy Al-Qaeda Is Led By U.S. CIA


KHEDR AWARKA: “Sheikh Nabil you offered several years of your life in what is known as the Jihad movement in Egypt as well as Afghanistan and you weren’t released until Husny Mubarak’s regime had fallen. Looking upon your own personal experience now, and comparing it with what is happening in Syria, what would you like to share with those who are going to Syria,thinking that they are fighting in God’s name?”

NABIL NAIM X AL-QAEDA: “In the name of God, praise to God salt Prophet Muhammad. There is a huge difference between Jihad in Afghanistan, and the so called Jihad in Syria. That is because Afghanistan was invaded by the Soviet Union [In December 1979], who was considered to be a foreign enemy. Many of the Muslim clerics declared the plausibility and necessity of Jihad in Afghanistan to free it from Marxist forces, which is what we associated our movement in Afghanistan with. Regardless of the pros/cons, the results of the Syrian uprising, it is a complete different situation, where no foreign invasion is upon the country, or is it being occupied. The real invader is our Zionist enemy a few KM’s away from Syria, who settled in Palestine for 60 years. If such Jihad should be practiced in Syria, it should be against Zionist parties occupying Palestine, however it is not the case in Syria. Rather it’s a hateful division (Fitna) that has been in hibernation. May God Curse those who had awakened it. (X2). I would tell my brothers in Syria those engaged in the fight, I do not doubt their pure intensions in any way.

That you are being fooled and manipulated by an American plot to succeed in fulfilling their goals in the area, such as dividing the Arab world into small religious and racial groups overwhelmed with hatred to each other.

America did neither wear the Hijab nor convert to Islam, to be fighting to solve the conflict in Syria…what is wrong with you brothers. Are they fighting to establish Islamic Khalifa or is it fighting to enforce God’s Shari’a in Syria.

You say Americans are fighting for Democracy, but have you seen Democracy in Iraq? When and where did Americans ever support Democracy, it is the lie that Naom Chomsky mentioned in his book, ‘What did Uncle Sam Say.’ He said Democracy is an illusion that we use to deceive people. 

You are fighting for when this war is over, the mercenaries and agents the U.S is preparing, residing in some Hotel in Turkey or London, will move in to establish a new government and a new crew to attend the Geneva Convention.

This government shall take over if Bashar Al-Assad’s regime has fallen and will bow down and obey the U.S. and Israel more than any other government.

Thus comes your turn. You are sinning in the name of democracy. You will be called terrorists and your fate will be either death or prison like what happened to us when we came back from Afghanistan. The U.S. have allowed us to fight for 15 years in Afghanistan, and have funded us and supported us. Even our amputees and wounded were getting treatment and prosthetic limbs in London and European Hospitals, not at our own expenses of course for we are poor people owning nothing.

But rather from the help and aid we were getting to try to look neutral on the surface when actually are Zionist accomplices. After receiving their support we are now labeled terrorists and imprisoned for 20 years.

Americans were aware of everything happening and they made us Sin in the name of Human rights, and we later discovered that this is another deceiving lie that Americans use to manipulate people. We were tortured in prisons, and Americans withdrew from the whole scenario, and Human rights meant nothing to them in our case anymore. They do not care about Shari’a or about the Muslim Khalifa, There only concerns are their own benefits from any situation in the area that can be summed up by 2 concepts. 1.) Maintaining economic, and Military Israel superiority above all Arab Nations. 2.) Stealing Islamic Nation’s fortunes.

That is why American’s got involved in the war, and you are fighting the Syrian regime on their behalf and in case that the regime falls, your turn shall come you will be pronounced terrorist and get executed or imprisoned. 

Was the Shari’a or the Khalifa indeed fulfilled and established in Afghanistan? Now would address Dr. Ayman who is recruiting fighters against the regime in Syria, we have fought in Afghanistan for 14 years side by side, thus came Karadayi and took advantage of the situation, now you are homeless and on the run without shelter. Is that the Khalifa you promised yourself? After fighting for 20 years you are declaring establishing a Khalifa and you can’t even guarantee your own safety…what Khalifa are you talking about? What is established at the hands of Abu Mis’ab Al-Zarkawi in Iraq where the Iraqi people were ravaged by war and burnt in fires. Was it established in Yemen, or Sudan? Even the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt who succeeded in winning the Egyptian Presidential election, have they established in Khalifa. The story of the Khalifa, just another lie created by the U.S. to deceive you in fighting the war for them.” 

KHEDR AWARKA: “There are many of those declaring Jihad that justify their fighting in Syria with the fact that it’s self-defense and that it’s a fight for freedom in the way of Muslim Brotherhood, or the Muslim Nation that is being abused by the regime. Can’t you identify with that, as self defense is a duty?” 

NABIL NAIM X AL-QAEDA: “First of all these are make believe lies that are being lead into, and I swear to you by God and ask Ayman Al-Zawahiri to testify to the truth of what I’m about to say in this story that he told me and introduced me to its protagonist. I urge him justify and falsify what I’m about to say…God is my witness in front of whom we will be judged on judgement day: During the conflict between President Hafiz Al-Assad and the Muslim Brotherhood movement in the 80’s a Syrian man went to Cheikh Ahmad Al-Kabtan in Kuwait. He informed him that 200 women in the Syrian prisons were abused and raped and were impregnated by their offenders. So what shall the verdict be, as to should these women abort their pregnancies, or carry on with it. The Cheikh cried in good intensions and announced the case in a speech. Spreading the dramatic news from Kuwait to Mauritania like wild fire leaving the same impression in all its audience until myself and Ayman Al-Zawahiri met up Abu Mussab the Syrian military leader of the Hama battle. We lived with I’m at his own residence in Shambat Sudan for a month. He assured us and swore to God that the rumor the Syrian man had started in Kuwait was nothing but a lie fabricated by him. Mind you were are hearing this not from the Syrian Regime, but from the leader of Muslim Brotherhood in Hama running the battles against Syrians. The man fabricated this like to embezzle 5 million Kuwaiti dinar as donations. Which he opened a furniture factory and business in Italy. Henceforth all the things we hear about the Syrian regime are nothing but lies. Ayman himself granted me access to the facts of the Muslim resistance against the Syrian regime. He said that the Islamic leader were overwhelmed with wealth..when not a single penny was being spent on Mujahideen on the battle fields. There is even a document, which Ayman and I read, in the form of a speech sent from Adnan Oukla, One of the Mujahideen leaders to Islam Al-Attar in Germany reporting the need for financial support and the lack of cooperation from some of the assets that are embezzling money in the name of the fight. 

Leaders such as Said Hawwa and Abu jaafar Al-Masri and many other names that Ayman remembers better than I do. These people have pocketed millions while the Mujahideen in Syria couldn’t even find shelter and were falling one after another. Adnan complained to Isam, asking him about the millions that Said Hawwa gathered. He only sent me $25,000 in the past year, our Mujahideen are dying with no shelters sleeping in parks, gas stations and train stations. These are the leaders manipulating you and taking advantage of you, a group of thieves and mercenaries. You’ll find yourselves dying instead, and the Americans fulfilling their goals not yours. 

I would also like to bring light to those that are calling themselves Islamist and claiming to seek the Khalifa. The ones that got the Iraqi Baath support and were offered a station by Saddam Hussein. Is the Iraqi Baath movement leading Muslims today? Or is Saddam orr Khalifa? The difference between Saddam and Hafiz Al-Assad is that Saddam is using religion as a trade. History repeats itself today with Bashar Al-Assad. Who is he that called upon you to fight against him in the name of God? Was Bashar the one that attacked and ordered the killings in Palestine. Or the Kaana massacre in Lebanon? Where is the answer to the Israeli killings. Is Israeli the face of democracy today? Or did they declare Islam as their own religion? What happened to your minds. You are being manipulated and in a case that you are not even involved in.” 

KHEDR AWARKA: “But there is a lot of controversy over the Syrian government killing Muslim protestors, doesn’t this give them a reason to fight back against offenders?” 

NABIL NAIM X AL-QAEDA: “When the revolution in Egypt started there were around a thousand casualties, the real strength of the retaliation was in its peaceful approach and if the revolution was to be answered by force, with weapons, they would’ve lost their cause. This is a revolution, how many were killed in Iran’s revolution? Around 200-300 were killed in Syria, and I’m sure it wasn’t President Bashar’s orders but they were rather individual actions of the militants dealing with the protestors. In Egypt all of those who have killed civilians were granted amnesty and were declared innocent. Thus no one was held responsible for the deaths that occurred. You cannot blame Al-Assad regime for the killings, it could’ve been anybody, agents, Mossad agents perhaps. We cannot thus hold the government responsible. How many Iranians have fallen to get of the Shah regime 

I will tell you a story about the Sadik Kudb Al-zada addressed Al-Imam Al-Khumayni an informed him of a successful agreement with Gamal Abdel Nasser to support and arm them against Shah. The imam told him no matter how much we get we can never stand up to Shah. We are thus waiting for the Iranian people to stand up for themselves against his tyranny. When they do so, our job then is to defend them, and that is how the Revolution Guards were established. The moral is that in any retaliation against oppression, there will be casualties. I’m not saying the killings are righteous, but rather those that are committing them are manipulated assets, like the ones granted amnesty in Egypt. Some said they were Mossad from Gaza. Some said other things. Give me an example where a single officer responsible fo any killings that was prosecuted, it hasn’t happened. We therefore, cannot accuse the Syrian regime by killing its people…There was not an investigation launched, and we cannot hold the government responsible. We are way too use to these lies, for the one purpose of congregating the crowds in propaganda. Those that were fighting Hafiz Al-Assad then made peace agreement with him and bowed down to him after they pocket billions.” 

KHEDR AWARKA: “Today there are thousand of Mujahideen in Syria. How do you think they’ve managed to convince those crowds to fight in Syria on a mental scale, and what is your opinion about it?” 

NABIL NAIM X AL-QAEDA: “They first convince them that fighting an infidel who reverted from Islam, is more worthy than fighting those called upon in the holy-book, which is a complete misleading idea. Fighting those who oppressed Muslims, and spread their culture and their faith and invaded their lands is more important than fighting a so called revered Muslim. The Zionist have invaded our lands, raped our families, forced us out of our homes…so what else are we waiting for? 

Calling Bashar a reverted Muslim is a lie…who are those that declared that? As far as I’m concerned, he is a Sunni who declared that he’s a Sunni brother who believe in a Muslim brotherhood the day he got married. Even if he isn’t a Sunni, as long as he isn’t imposing a war on your religion your fasting, or your prayer. The only country that called for social equality was Syria, the only country where the poor can live and survive is Syria, the only country in the third world that had not a single dollar in debt was Syria. Thus Hafiz Al-Assad was providing the important life basics and essential for his people…So why are we starting a conflict?

KHEDR AWARKA: “There is oppression and dictatorship, the people need the freedom of speech which they didn’t have as you.”

NABIL NAIM X AL-QAEDA:  “My dear sir, we support freedom of speech, but we were supporting negotiation not fights. Starting fights was a wrong step and Bashar had the willingness for negotiations. The readiness to make changes for the freedom of media, making a difference between his regime and Hafiz’s regime and we saw the beginnings of it. Does this call for turning the people against the government? 

Since when does America promote freedom of speech, look what they are doing in Nicaragua, Honduras and El-Salvador…They carry out massacres. Where did Americans ever provide freedom to anybody?

Their freedom is that of dogs. They will allow you to bark but they will never get you near the bone. Bark as much as you like but never interfere with their greater interests. And I asked Dr. Saad El Din Al-Ibrahimi, my close friend, who is cooperating with the Americans. 

What exactly is the American goal in the Middle East area; I have never seen them work for anyone’s freedom. He said they are only concerned with their personal interests, that i the self profit policy of the U.S.” 

KHEDR AWARKA: “Are you against McCain’s visit to Syria? John McCain who announced that he support the idea of arming the Syrian opposition and supporting it. Are you against this idea? own McCain the Senator.”

NABIL NAIM X AL-QAEDA: ”Who does John McCain think he is, in what position is he to negotiate anything with the Opposition? You think he’s going to be talking about initiating the Khalifa? The fellows that are fighting are declaring jihad for the Khalifa initiation, not for McCain’s democracy, they are infidels with their own democracy. They consider voting as a sin, democracy is a sin. So how did McCain decide to negotiate with the Al-Nusra Army? Who do you think he went there to negotiate with? He went there to negotiate with his mercenaries, and his filthy agents. Those guys are willing to do what Bashar Al-Assad wouldn’t do to the people for example? Like yielding for Israel, dividing Syria and the annihilation of Moqawama (Hezbollah) and dropping the Golan Heights case.”

KHEDR AWARKA: “Do you think that there is a way to convince the resistance that the negotiations with the regime will be more fruitful than that with the Americans?”

NABIL NAIM EX AL-QAEDA: “First of all, the Al-Nusra Army were declared terrorist by the Americans and they are ready to destroy them, and the army will never negotiate with them. That was done because the Syria conflict is nearing the end, and the Americans are preparing for the annihilation of the Al-Nusra Army by declaring them terrorists. They declare them terrorist as they owe they declare themselves to be followers of Ayman Al-Zawahiri. So this is just an excuse to remove them, and I personally believe that the leader of the Al-Nusra Army, who declare his support for Ayman Al-Zawhiri is a CIA operative in the Al-Nusra. the leader’s been fighting in Syria for 2 years, and he just decided to call upon Ayman…after you pocketed millions. What do you expect from Ayman to do, send you scud missiles. He owns nothing and he’s constantly on the move. All he owns is a recording that he releases every 6 months. But these however are his order from the American. He’s asked to portrait the Al-Nusra Army in Syria as Ayman’s followers giving the Americans an excuse to remove them from the equation…a plot orchestrated by Americans and Israelis.”