While working in a gentlemen’s club in Portland Oregon we met a Johnson and Johnson pharmaceutical representative, who we talked with all night in VIP. We always capitalized and took the opportunity to learn and ask questions from businessmen that worked in these huge corporations. We picked the Johnson and Johnson rep’s brain for hours. He revealed to us that Johnson and Johnson was in the heroin capital of Portland Oregon studying the heroin epidemic and the behavior of heroin addicts, and what specifically made Portland Oregon the heroin capital and why. Johnson and Johnson wanted to solve the mystery of our heroin filled city, so they could try to help develop a drug to ease the burden.

What the Johnson and Johnson rep really didn’t say was Johnson and Johnson wanted in on the heroin racket. This was before the huge opioid epidemic that would sweep the nation. Was Johnson and Johnson’s trip to Portland Oregon the beginning of the opioid push in America? Looks like we have a new kind of cartel that has been operating in the corporate infrastructure of the Pharmaceutical drug companies.

Let’s now forget about the 50 year plan to have everyone hooked on drugs that the Kevin Trudeau radio show exposed. Drugs destroy the brain ruining the cognitive function, creates sociopathic behavior, and destroys families and societies. This is not an accident.

Kevin Trudeau also explained how these elite uber rich families from lineages of wealth think differently than the average person. They think very long term, years into the future. KT said you could tell a person’s financial class by the way they think about money. Day to day is poverty, week to week is broke, month to month is low income, year to year is middle class, years into the future The Global elitists. This is why the books 1984, Animal Farm, A Brave New World and others written decades ago predicting the future, is because the Global Elitist Death Cult has been planning the future for decades upon decades and even centuries.