The United States Government’s reckless actions toward countries all over the world, with the economic war of sanctions, bombing of other countries, organized coups of other governments, and assassinations, is irresponsible and creating unnecessary tensions between the Superpowers of the World, while driving a wedge between positive relationships with allies, and creating enemies who despise the United States of America.

Trump is not acting toward the interests of America and has his own personal agendas rather than our country and the World as a whole, for in the modern day, the world is now connected more than ever before, there is no denying this. With so many positive relationships all over the world with other countries and World leaders, working together in Peaceful cooperation, it’s really not that hard to be a good business man for our country, a good President, and a humanitarian with interests of the people first. 

As President of The United States Of America, the responsibility is greater now than ever before to run our country with good will and intentions, honesty, integrity, purity, positivity, loyalty, love, and move toward peace and prosperity, because we are in an era like never before of incredible technological advancement that has connected us all. 

For now it is not just the American people who are watching America’s every move, but the world, for all of America’s actions affect the world on a global scale.

Now is the most crucial time to have a President of the United States Of America who will deescalate all tensions between all countries, to fix what has been damaged, before it is past the point of no return, and do what they say, and say what they mean. The Lip Service of the United States Government and Presidents of current and past administrations must be done away with. It’s time for a new generation, new ideas, and new attitudes. There is so much massive corruption within all facets of our United States Government that has to be completely removed and resolved, for we cannot move forward as a progressive nation and expect to keep up with the World. 

While America’s Dinosaur, Global Elitists, Neocon mentality is putting us behind, other world leaders are advancing their country, their people, their technologies, health systems, medicines, economies, and infrastructures, while we are going to be left in the dust, by suppressing all progress, innovations, cures, ideas, education, and destroying the health of the people and our country and the Earth. Without your health, you have nothing, and the weakening of the human species for the up and coming generations, due to the catastrophic evil that has been saturated onto all of us through a multitude of ways, makes it nearly impossible to escape America’s poisonous grip. The only way to save America, is to stop all of the evil that is responsible for doing this to all of us, and hold them accountable. 

With the interconnectedness of the World, the President Of The United States Of America has to take into account our country and the World, for much of the world is working together in Peaceful Cooperation. If the United States Government would stop attacking the World through organized coups, sanctions and wars, and covertly poisoning and suppressing its own people, then there will be Peace.

Vladimir Putin compared Americans’ weaponization of the US dollar to “sawing the branch on which they were sitting.” 

Speaking at the Russian Energy Week Forum in Moscow, President Vladimir Putin slammed the US for hindering energy cooperation between Russia in Europe by trying to stand in the way of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. He also compared Americans’ weaponization of the US dollar to “sawing the branch on which they were sitting.” He also spoke at the Valdai Discussion Club in Sochi about plans for greater Eurasian cooperation and ways to deepen relations with Asia and the Pacific.

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Russia urges the UN Secretary-General to look into Washington’s refusal to issue visas to foreign delegates. Among them were representatives from Russia. Nearly 60 representatives from Iran were also refused an entry permit. Due to some participants’ absence, the work of two committees of the UN General Assembly was frozen – the Legal Committee and the Disarmament Committee.


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