Spotlight The Masked Charade Film 2011

Published November 15, 2011 By Nick Thakkar

As a creature of habit, I pretty much always end up stay at the Ace Hotel on 29th Street in Midtown NYC – mostly due to the sheer creative energy and personality of the place. Last week, I met internationally acclaimed fetish-burlesque, performance artists and mind-blowingly beautiful talent “The Porcelain Twinz” in the lobby. After an hour of public Reiki and brilliant conversation with them, here I am a week later watching their film – The Masked Charade.

The content is incredible captivating and totally avant garde. Oozing with pop culture inspiration from Steven Klein to Stanley Kubrick, the self-directed 60 minute movie (shot on a 35mm) takes you through a dreamlike voyeuristic fantasy with a wicked soundtrack and groundbreaking performance artistry. A LOT of current pop stars have clearly based elements of their work on scenes of this nature.

You might have already spotted The Porcelain Twinz on KARLISMYUNKLE when they made a cameo appearance in 30 Seconds To Mars’ epic video for Hurricane. If you have the chance, go and see the twins perform live. Here they are shot in a stunning campaign for Boom Boom Room back in 2009.