KARMA IS REAL Around 2012 when we lived in our Condo in the Pearl District here in Portland Oregon, Amber was making a dash to the bank to deposit $1000 of hard earned stripper dollars to go toward our rent. She jogged a 1/2 mile to her destination. When Amber arrived and was standing in front of the bank teller, she went to unzip her purse, realized it was unzipped, and empty. The $1000 of twenty dollar bills and one dollar bills neatly faced and organized perfectly for the bank teller was gone and had bounced out of her purse on her jog to the bank. Panic stricken about the huge loss of a portion of our rent flooded her, and she back tracked to hunt for the money, which was nowhere to be found. When Amber came home and told me, she was crying by this time. We called our mom and told her what had happened. Our family put an ad on Craigslist without our knowledge and called us back an hour later and told us someone had found our money in our neighborhood and was holding it for us. When we called the saint who had our cash, he asked us to give a description of the money. We described the perfectly organized twenties and one’s faced and folded and wrapped with a rubber band. He smiled and handed over our rent money. We gave him $100 reward out of the pile and said thank you! He said, “I was giving it until the end of the week, and then it was going to be mine.” We all laughed.

Ironically, a week before, when we had been walking in our neighborhood, we found a cellphone on the ground by the train tracks in the same spot that the stranger had found our $1000 a week later. We picked up the cell phone and took it home waiting for someone to call it. When the phone rang we answered it and said, “we found your phone.” The person and came and picked it up from our concierge.
An interesting tail of Karma, and the goodness in people. Does this goodness still exists, or has humanity lost their way?