TRICK OR TREAT Does this dragon staring into our living room window have a really big…Is this dragon appropriate for children? Our friendly Catholic Laurelhurst neighborhood dragon.

How our neighbors mow their sidewalk, filling our backyard and home with carbon monoxide gas fumes for more than an hour, and only turned it off after we reported it to Portland police. Neighborhood harassment in Portland Oregon.

Our neighbor’s brand new flag matches Kellyanne Conway’s hat.
Smells Like Team Spirit!

Our next door neighbor in collaboration with the city has taken the authority to call our landlord and attempt to have all of the trees cut down and removed from our yard, claiming there are root structural problems and disease

This is highly illegal, a blatant lie, bullying and harassment. Our next door neighbor has an axe to grind with us, after we reported her to the police due to her excessive pot smoke from her property billowing into our house affecting our health. We asked her to stop and she denied it and increased her drug smoke into our home. Pot smoke is very strong and hard to hide.

Our neighbor has our landlord and our property management on speed dial, however we are contractually bound to have no communication with our landlord who lives in California, and we must communicate through our property management company, who said they will have to investigate the tree issue and bring in a city inspector to evaluate the situation.

As we know, the city is definitely not on our side based on a series of prior events that we have to fully revealed yet.

However we have renters rights, and we are quite certain that the landlord who owns this beautiful gem of a house we have been renting from him and taking great love and care of it, would not want his property devalued by hundreds of thousands of dollars by having trees illegally and wrongfully removed.
Is our next door neighbor planning to cut down the shared laurel hedge that is 15 feet tall, absolutely gorgeous and provides us privacy and beauty? The last time she had the laurel hedge landscaped, they butchered it cutting off 3-4 feet from the top, and cutting holes to see into our yard. This is illegal, and a violation of shared property plants. This is the property of our Landlord, not hers to do as she wishes.

Based on the previous posts of neighborhood harassment, it seems as though the Laurelhurst hate mob is always trying to cook up a scheme to harass us for no reason, for we have done nothing but keep to ourselves and mind our business.
The behavior in this community is sociopathic and there is absolutely no reason for it, for we have always been friendly and cordial to all of our neighbors before they all decided to harass us for no reason.

It is illegal to behave this way to your neighbors, illegal to cut down trees that are not your own and make up lies to do so, and illegal to harass landlords and tenants.

Who is behind all of this, and how many people are really involved in the plan to cut down and remove trees from a property that they do not own, is not theirs and is a lie?

Hey look everyone, Kellyanne Conway does it again, matching our neighborhood! This time she matches our beautiful shrubs. Looks like she’s giving everyone the “GREEN LIGHT”