My sister and I are long term Whole Food customers. We have been shopping at Whole Foods in Portland Oregon, before it was Whole Foods, and was named Wild Oats and before that Natures Market. We have been customers for almost two decades…Wow!
One evening my sister and I were shopping at the Whole Foods Market in the Hollywood district, and we experienced a multitude of odd and somewhat aggressive behavior from many of the Whole Foods employees.

My twin sister and I live in Portland Oregon and we have been put on a target list by a domestic terrorist network. We have reported much of this to local authorities and federal authorities. These networks are paid to stalk their targets wherever they go. It is a part of the domestic terrorism going on in Portland Oregon that not many people know about. We believe Whole Foods in Portland Oregon has been contacted by these domestic terrorist networks to participate in harassing and bullying us when we are shopping at the Whole Foods Market. These groups are heavily funded and anyone participating is being paid. This is not our first incident that we have reported at Whole Foods in Portland. The last incident occurred at the Laurelhurst Whole Foods Market.

These networks use a multitude of tactics. On this particular night when we were checking out and paying at 9:08 p.m. a woman standing behind us was rudely hovering closely inches away from my sister at our receipt screen and it appeared that she took a picture of our receipt screen with her camera phone with our $272.62 purchase. We asked her what she was doing and why she was taking a picture of our receipt screen. She said she was an employee that worked there, and that the screen looked funny. I said, “if you work here, you know it is against policy to take a photo of someone’s receipt screen.” She claimed that she did not take a photo, but we believe she did. These groups participating get paid to take photos of their target, which we have had to deal with constantly at Whole Foods, and were swarmed by the Whole Foods employees on this particular night.
Other odd behaviors exhibited by the Whole Food Market employees in Portland, is that whenever we show up to do our grocery shopping, nearly the entire store has blue gloves on or puts on blue gloves in front of us, making sure that we see what they are doing. Yes it was late tonight and people were cleaning up, however it doesn’t matter what time of day it is when we arrive, multiple employees begin their blue glove ritual. This is a psychological attack, which is making reference to the psychiatric ward in a mental hospital, where blue gloves are worn by those committing a person into the ward. The blue gloves tactic has been going on for quite some time now, and has to do with the illegal use of Statute 426 used on us in March of 2019 where are civil rights were violated. Apparently everyone knows about this private event at Whole Foods, and other local grocery stores, since they are all a part of the organized domestic terrorist group gang stalking network, and have massive instant communication with one another through their cell phones. For example, when we went shopping at Natural Grocers after our Statute 426 abduction, as we walked through the doors of the grocery store, one of the employees walked up to us and said, “wow, they let you out!” The behavior of these domestic terrorist networks are arrogant, and hateful to say the least. We also encountered extremely odd, rude and unwelcoming behavior at our local New Season’s Market, another store we have been shopping out for years and years, since their stores first opened. Many of the employees know us by name, and we have had in depth conversations with them over the years. New Season’s really was the friendliest store in town until the domestic terrorist groups infiltrated like, “Invasion of the Body Snatchers.”

When my sister was in the produce section at Whole Foods, an employee working there had an approximately 6 inch knife in a sheath hanging from a belt directly over her back pocket of her jeans, and went out of her way to walk in front of my sister 3 different times throughout the store so she would be sure to see the knife, which was clearly inappropriately visible. These are well thought out intimidation and bullying techniques used by these domestic terrorist networks.

When we picked up our case order of kombucha from Whole Foods, which was supposed to be waiting for us in the cheese refrigerator, our kombucha was instead moved into another cooler with all of the fish, which an employee fetched for us while putting on his blue gloves on our way to the cooler. The ultra-fishy kombucha box smelled up our entire car and house like a fish market. We are vegan, this is well known by the domestic terrorist networks. We believe all of the Whole Foods employees in Portland Oregon are participating in this domestic terrorist groups that are being paid to bully and harass us while we shop and spend our money in their stores.

THIS WAS ANOTHER WHOLE FOODS INCIDENT THAT WE REPORTED TO THE WHOLE FOODS CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS: My sister and I have been shopping at Whole Foods market since the early 2000’s when their first store opened in Oregon changing from Wild Oats to Whole Foods.

On this particular evening when we were shopping at our local neighborhood Laurelhurst location, we were met with many unfriendly employees, which is very odd, because we’ve been shopping at this particular Whole Foods for so many years.
A male customer came into the store with his large German Shepherd dog and walked it toward us. We did not know the temperament of this dog, or if the owner planned to give it an attack command, for the owner was acting very aggressive and unfriendly toward us. We put our basket between us and the dog, and loudly said to an employee, “excuse me, is this large German Shepherd allowed in the grocery store?” She replied, “Yes.” We said only service animals are allowed in grocery stores.” The man with the dog said, “how do you know it’s not a service dog.” We said, “It does not have any of the service animal gear on.” He got nervous and left quickly with his dog, exiting the building.

We continued to ask a different unfriendly Whole Foods employees if it is legal to have a large dog in the store. She replied, “we can only ask them if it’s a service animal, and if they say yes we have to allow them in.” We replied, “Are you sure about that, they don’t have to have any documentation or service animal gear on?” She said, “No.”

Oregon Law according to KGW8 News Channel. PORTLAND, Ore. — People love their dogs. They take them everywhere. But are some pet owners going too far by bringing their dogs into grocery stores and restaurants? Are they abusing the system? To clear up any confusion, we’ve come up with a list of five things you need to know about service dogs and the law.
1. Dogs are NOT allowed in grocery stores and restaurants. Oregon law prohibits all animals except for service animals in grocery stores, restaurants and other food establishments. For most people that means your dog needs to stay at home. Only service animals are allowed.
2. Service dogs are trained working animals. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) clearly defines a service animal as animals that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. They are not pets. “They have a particular task. Hours of training go into a legitimate service animal. They are working,” explained Sandy Lissman, who raises puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind.
3. Therapy and companion dogs do NOT qualify as service animals. Dogs or therapy animals whose function is to provide comfort or emotional support are not covered by the ADA. They are not allowed in grocery stores or restaurants, even with a doctor’s note. Other laws do protect owners’ rights to use them when it comes to air travel or housing.
4. Service dogs do NOT need identification. Vests, tags or other accessories are not legally required or recognized for service dogs.
5. Business owners can ask two questions. That’s it. Under federal law, there are two questions employees can ask. First: Is this dog a service animal required because of a disability? Second: What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?
“Both of those questions are ways that businesses can check whether or not someone has a service animal or not,” explained Emily Cooper of Disability Rights Oregon. “The reason why the questions are limited is so people with disabilities aren’t having to choose between purchasing a gallon of milk, and their rights to privacy and going about their day like you and I would.”

It’s shocking that there are not laws requiring documentation and proper service animal gear. This could be a huge liability to a company like Whole Foods, if the dog were to attack a customer, and not be a registered documented service animal. Service animals are rigorously trained and you have to qualify for the animal as a service animal owner if you are disabled.
Thank you, Heather & Amber

WHOLE FOODS LETTER TO CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS & RESPONSE FEBRUARY 14, 2019: Hi, Thanks for reaching out! We got your note and if you need an answer, help is on the way. Our office hours are Monday-Friday 7:00 am to 10:00 pm and Saturday-Sunday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm CST. A member of our team will be in touch soon. If you are contacting us about an online order for catering or a holiday meal with a scheduled for pickup within 48 hours, please call your local store for immediate assistance. Many thanks, Your Whole Foods Market Customer Care Team