With the intentional feminization of American men due to the massive amounts of estrogens that has made its way into our water supply, food supply, men’s beauty products, and the attack of the DNA through GMO’s and other toxic chemicals, it’s time for people to get proactive in their health and become conscious of what is happening and how to avoid and change it. 

While working for 21 years in the strip club industry, we witnessed the change of behavior within the male population. Everyone acts gay. We love the gays, don’t get us wrong, but the majority of men going out to strip clubs are not gay men, however the gays do enjoy watching naked women to, we’ve heard all kinds of twisted stories we won’t go into here, but all in all, our American Made Men are turning into a bunch of pussys.  

The two of us are well aware of why and how this is happening, we have been hip to the trip on the agenda of what they are doing to all of us here in America for awhile. This is why they add testosterone to women’s birth control to make them more masculine and aggressive and estrogen to all men’s products to make them emotional, docile, sterile, and impotent. This is not an accident guys.  Pay attention to what you put on your skin, including the soap in your shower, what you wash and put in your hair, fragrance you wear, and most of all anything you consume, because it is affecting your manhood.

Step up to the plate in your own life, and be proactive in taking control of your body, it’s yours, no one else controls it, it doesn’t control you. You’re the boss, the captain of your ship. Learn to detox out of your body, the garbage that has been inundating your life without your awareness. 

Here is some inspiration to get you all going in the right direction, because life on this planet depends on all of you!


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