Morgan & Salvador’s Dental Massacre
(The Mr. & the Mrs.)

In 2005 we were put on a BlackList for our autobiography we wrote, which exposed the dark world of the strip club industry. Being placed on this list would be the beginning of the intentional sabotage of all of our creative endeavors and career. Our book would not see the light of day, and all opportunities that came our way and would further our career would suddenly fall apart.

Although we faced many obstacles, we still had success touring with our, Fetish-Burlesque, shows on the strip club circuit in America, and at big events that were not strip clubs in other parts of the world like London and Amsterdam. Our shows were gaining notoriety throughout the world, so when an opportunity presented itself in the summer of 2007 to perform at a Multi-Million Dollar Renaissance style theater variety show in New York City, we were ecstatic to take a break from touring, flying, and hotels, and have a steady gig and stay home! Our new home being New York, which we loved!

We would rehearse and fine tune all of our shows and become the finale five nights a week at this theater. This opportunity would propel us to a new level of success that we had been striving for, however all that glitters is definitely not gold, and after one year at the night club theater variety show, we would choose to leave and move back to Portland Oregon to pursue other creative projects that we had been working on.
We left New York just before Halloween 2008 and performed at the Exotic Erotic Halloween Fetish Ball in San Francisco at Cow Palace with an attendance of 10,000 people before touching down in Portland Oregon.

2009 would mark the start to a whole new level of sabotage that would mysteriously weave it’s way into our lives. Project after project would fall apart, while thousands of hard earned dollars would be stolen from us by people that we would hire for our creative designs and engineering with music, websites, and other creative projects. It was mind blowing how everything that we strived to achieve would suddenly turn sour and end in turmoil with whomever we hired. We are really good people, and really fair people, so this behavior that we were encountering over and over was not adding up or making any sense, unless it was being orchestrated by somebody else.

From 2010-2015, we decided that we did not want to tour any longer, so we instead stripped in different clubs throughout the city of Portland, and made a nice living, had a nice condo that we rented, and were considering buying at one point. However, after five years at our condo, at the end of 2014, we received a thirty day notice to vacate our condo because it was now being sold out from under us. We were given the opportunity for first buyer, but we were not prepared for the sudden news, and the $200,000 increase of our condo’s value from when we had moved in, so if we wanted to stay, we would have to afford an $850,000 mortgage. This was obviously not an option, so we would have to move out by January 1st. 2015.
2015 was when the real Hell in our life would begin, but before we moved out of our condo and decided to store our belongings and become traveling strippers for a year, we had to have our two Yorkies Morgan and Salvador’s teeth examined for a few bad teeth that needed pulled, which is a common trait for their breed.

We took Morgan and Salvador in for a consultation to a veterinarian clinic, rather than a veterinarian dentist, because the veterinary clinic in our neighborhood was state of the art, so we thought they would be in good hands, and the fancy doctors at this clinic would have the best advice for how their teeth should be handled. The veterinarian strongly recommended pulling all of the teeth good and bad in their mouths, because they were all going to go bad anyway and we would just have to keep bringing them back over and over again for dental surgery. The vet also stated that, “domestic dogs do not need their teeth, they are fine without them.”

Being very naive and unfamiliar with this type of situation, we deeply regret our decision, and wished that we would have taken them to a dental specialist for a second opinion. The vet would charge us $5000, and poke and permanently damage Morgan’s eye with her instrument, causing it to bulge and become infected within hours of bringing her home, and over anesthetized Salvador to where he was barely breathing when we picked them up from the vet’s dental massacre.

The vet handed us over our dogs, and commented that if there was an emergency that we should take Morgan and Salvador to Dove Lewis Animal Emergency Hospital. She had also performed the surgery during a time when the entire hospital was on vacation, and she did the surgery after hours in the evening. There would be nobody else at the clinic to help her in case of an emergency, or watch over her while she removed every tooth in Morgan and Salvador’s mouth. This is very odd and suspicious.
We rushed home, and loaded up Salvador with natural poison control remedies that we had in the cupboard, and he slowly came back to consciousness. We tended to Salvador until we knew he was going to be okay, and then rushed Morgan to Dove Lewis Emergency Vet Clinic to have her eye examined. The ER vets did not think her eye was going to make it through the night, but after her thorough examination they had to refer us to a specialist since they were just an ER, and didn’t have any eye doctor. They gave us antibiotics and eye salve and an ophthalmologist that we could take Morgan to in the morning. We had to pay $1200 upfront at the ER before Morgan was even examined by the ER doctors.

We took Morgan to an amazing ophthalmologist the next morning, which would cost us another $1000, and was the angel that saved Morgan’s eye. The ophthalmologist asked us who did this to our dogs, and when we told her she was stunned. She kept her cool, and said that the procedure that was done to our dogs should never be done.
Dog’s need their teeth for so many reasons; to keep their tongues in their mouths, and to not choke on food, and a myriad of other reasons pertaining to the nerves and functions of the teeth and how they correlate to the to the health of the animal’s entire body. It would take our dogs nearly a year to fully heal and recover from the dental surgery and they would now have special needs so we could never leave them in anyone else’s care.

Our natural healing knowledge in alternative health and extra special care and attention to our furry children is ultimately what saved our dog’s lives, and enabled them to recover from the trauma.
Is this incident nearing the year 2015 just another coincidental string of bad luck, or did someone with a Vendetta and a lot of money orchestrate another wrung in the upside down ladder for us to walk under?