Here is a rundown of what the Obama Fast & Furious program is, broken down by Alex Jones, but we are going to take it a step beyond these facts, and give you the other side of the Fast & Furious Operation from our own personal experience & how the Fast & Furious Operation has been unleashed on us in our life.

You may be asking yourself the question, why on earth would Obama have a motive to sick the Fast & Furious MS13 gangs on the two of us? We’re just a couple of Fetish-Burlesque stars, minding our own business. How could Obama possibly even know who the two of us are, and why would he care, how do you connect us and the Obamas?

6 Degrees of separation that’s how.

-In 2005 we wrote and published our autobiography entitled,”Our Life In The Sex Industry,” which was instantly blacklisted by the Clintons.

-In 2004 Beyonce’s team of people saw us perform our shows in London at London’s Erotica trade show which hosts 70,000 people over the course of three days, where we performed for audiences of 10,000 people or more at a time. The event would be televised, and Beyonce’s team would approach us and ask us who made our coats for our spy show, naively we shared our designer. Her team would take our entire image, likeness, costumes & choreography and give it to Beyonce to copy for her MTV Music Video Awards performance in 2006. Beyonce would continue to steal many of our shows when we performed in New York City at the hottest nightclub Renaissance theater in town in 2007 Beyonce would continue to steal our likeness, shows, choreography, costuming, themes for herself.

-In 2008 Laura Bush came to the Renaissance night club theater we performing at, and sat in the front row and witnessed our “AMERICA” show, where we come out goose stepping with George Bush masks on, and Gas masks that sparkle underneath, while performing a flag show followed by a Boxing match with American flag gloves. Many people may not know that Prescott Bush funded the Nazi’s. 

After being nickel and dimed by the Celebrity Hollywood Death Cult over and over, READ POPSTAR COPYCATS we hid our art underground for a decade, waiting for the perfect timing to unload our fury and expose these thieves. God forbid we resurface, they were all hoping we would just go away, so they could steal everything from our Porcelain Twinz brand to our Salvador Likes It brand, which is just the tip of the iceberg of what we are working on.

In 2017, the Fast & Furious MS13 Gang Stalking Operation was unleashed on the two of us, and this is what the OBAMA Fast & Furious Operation really entails.


Where it all began. In 2015 after our condo was sold out from under us, we left Portland, Oregon and toured the country from strip club to strip club, with the hopes of finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. In the end what we did discover was there is no pot of gold in the strip club industry, and all of the fabricated tails hailed by other strippers travels of gold mines in Texas, Miami, & Orange county California, would prove to be nothing more than exaggerations. The truth of the matter was all strip clubs across the country were the same. They all followed the same formula of, charging women to work, taking a percentage of their lap dance and VIP money, overbooking dancers on a shift so it’s dog eat dog, and turning a blind eye to prostitution. The industry was on the downward spiral, and all across the board the averages were the same. Maybe you could walk out with a grand on an over the top amazing night, or maybe you would be in the hole, and have to pay the club the deficit the next time you worked. It’s a rigged system, and the get rich quick overly glamours inflation of the strip club industry, is the greatest tragedy for most women.  We call ourselves the NONE PERCENT 0%, we don’t exist in this industry, for the industry is full of amazing women who lose themselves to drugs, and alcohol and the women rarely make it out unscathed. Every single woman who enters the adult entertainment industry, has a history of sexual abuse. It’s easy to control women when they have been victimized, and by keeping them pumped full of drugs and alcohol they will follow all of the rules that are enforced upon them.

As we realized that there was no stability anywhere in the strip club industry, and every night was a roll of the dice. After a year of traveling, we decided to make our way back home to Portland, but first we would stop in Orange County California, where we heard the money was insanely good. We had high hopes that we would be prosperous, and hoped that maybe we could rack up the cash. Orange County California would be where we would meet what we believe was a bounty hunter, and he would reveal to us how the gang stalking network operated. He said anyone on the TARGET list could not escape. He said, “No one ever escapes, it’s a Network, we are all connected everywhere across the United States, it’s impossible, no one has ever gotten away.” 

We’d already experienced being hunted like rabbits in Texas, but we thought it was because there was a lot of sex trafficking due to the borders, we had no idea that our life was being intentionally, strategically, plotted for destruction. Someone had nice plans for us, but our intuition and gifts would save our life many times. We were for sure the white rabbit falling down the rabbit hole of our own life, as fear for our life would take our evolution to the next level. Life or death always equals a notch up on the enlightenment scale. Enlightenment is said to come often times on the brink of life or death. We guess that was part of the trade off for the horrors that were about to occur in our life. 

After escaping Orange County running for our life, we came back to Portland Oregon to try to catch our breath. We felt safest in Oregon, our homeland, our sacred ground. Here no one could get us, it was our city that we loved, adored, grew restless with at times, but always came home to. We were home again and a sigh of relief that the stress of our on the road travels were complete, we could ground ourselves, and become stable again. We had no idea that our foundation was about to crumble under our feet, the foundation we had worked so hard to build. We were a part of Keep Portland Weird, we were Portland Urban Legend, but our city that once adored us, was soon to ignore us, and be filled with hatred, violence, and hostility. Where was our lovely city?

In the spring of 2017, the MS13 Gangs rolled into Portland Oregon, and would stalk us in their Fast & Furious style cars, bling mother fucking bling, just like an MTV music video, it was terrifying. At one point we had PTSD so bad, we didn’t leave our house for 3 weeks, which is a big part of the gang stalking psychology, to create fear and paralysis within the TARGET. When we went to a gun class to become licensed, we broke down trembling and crying uncontrollably and had to leave. This is unlike us for we were cowgirls raised in Eastern Oregon shooting guns as teenagers and are a really good shot. On our way to the gun class we were nearly ran off the road by MS13 gang members, and the class was full of criminals and what we believe were bounty hunters.

The MS13 Gangs have a ton of money they are heavily funded. They roll up in their extremely loud rumbling, fast and furious style sports cars, flashy motorcycles, and escalades all unmarked vehicles with no license plates or temporaries. Bling Bling just like MTV all glammed up gang members in full makeup lashes, shiny and fly. They chased us on the freeways, threw chains out their windows at us, strategically blocked us in behind trucks with construction materials that would fly out onto the freeway, nearly wrecking us in our car.  

They have access to a weaponized Electro Magnetic Frequency technology that can attack the physiology of the body, and manipulate a persons mind to try to kill themselves. This technology was used on us after Morgan’s murder her tortured death, and it almost worked.  This technology feels like a heavy, demonic, magnetic weight draped over your entire body. Your stomach is gripped with fear, your head tightens as they lock into your bio-energetic field through your cell phones and other devices. They have been using this technology on us since 2015.

The MS13 Gangs circled and stalked our house, they would sit and smoke their tires in front of our house and peel out leaving marks on the pavement. They chased us downtown to the police station in multiple vehicles and circled the police station revving their engines. We had our three Yorkies with us as we were planning on going on a hike in Forest Park, but got derailed. On our way to the downtown police station one of the many MS13 gang Fast & Furious style vehicles rolled up beside us in their black escalade, and rolled down their black tinted windows. They had a car full of male and female Asian & Mexican gang bangers, all super fly, all made up, looking glamorous. The females had caked makeup, dark lipstick, fake lashes, heavy eyeliner, dark eye shadow, just like an MTV music video.  They all stared us down with hate, pure hatred.

When we made it to the police station the MS13 Gangs circled the station in their sports cars and escalades.  When we walked through the police station door, the police officer sitting behind the glass snickered at the two of us as we held our three Yorkies in our arms and told him we needed to report a gang stalking issue. Of course he had no clue what gang stalking was, and radioed an officer to take our report. We would wait for ten minutes before the officer arrived. We told the police officer that were being gang stalked by the MS13 gangs. The officer did not know what gang stalking was, and said he had never heard of it. We explained what it was to him, and he asked for more specifics, which we did not have. He could not write a report if we did not have identities. When they asked for license plates, we told them all the vehicles are unmarked.  They said they would have to give our report to the gang unit.  

This is the deal with the gang unit in the police force.  When gang members enter the police force, they enter the gang unit. We knew this was not going to be of help to us, for when we were in Orange county California and met a high up gang member and what we believe was part of Korean mob cartels, for he was known as the “King of Orange County,”  who presented himself as a real-estate developer.  He had just landed a 100 million dollar commercial property in Peters Landing, an impossible property that know one could get, but he was able to raise enough money from investors from Korea overseas. We knew this person for 30 days and gained the following information from him.  He was heavily funded by overseas money in Korea, much of it dirty money.  He owned the Orange county cops, his son was going into the Orange County Police Force gang unit.  His other son was going into the military, both adopted. He paid politicians $100,000’s of dollars, gave them cars, had a politicians wife working for him as his real-estate agent. had a house in the middle of know where in the woods, and had multiple properties in Orange County.

We believe this person was a bounty hunter heavily funded by someone else to hunt us.  He informed us of how gang stalking worked that it is a form of psychological terror that they inflict on their target (this is before we knew were the target) to break down their target.  He said they use motorcycles and loud vehicles as part of the attack, because it creates PTSD in their victims. The goal is to break the TARGET down psychologically, because then they can get them.

When we fled for our life from Orange County, from a motel 6 where the night before someone had kicked in a door a few doors down from our room and stabbed someone nearly to death. We knew that was meant for us, and they got the wrong room. We fled for our life, and we’re gang stalked by hundreds of cars, motorcycles and helicopters. We stayed at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs California for 2 nights during the Coachella festival, and our hotel was circled by hundreds of motorcycles all night long. Mr. King of Orange county was in a high profile motorcycle gang and one of the people in the gang was the owner of Sysco food distribution company, most likely part of the Globalist Elitist Death Cult.  

We drove home in a U-Haul after our car was repossessed illegally by Toyota after they refused to take a late payment that was $70 short of the full balance past due. Toyota stole our car in the middle of the night leaving us stranded in a shitty motel.  It was awful.

When we finally made it home from Orange County after being nearly murdered at gas stations along the way and cars on the freeway, we stayed at our sisters house.  We arrived on her Birthday, went to the store to buy her food so we could make her a vegan birthday dinner and bought a vegan frozen cheesecake dessert, which was way to sugary.

We believe our sister was contacted by Mr. King of Orange county, and paid, to kick us out of her house, which she strategically did after we returned our U-Haul truck, had no transportation and all of our belongings we had with us stored in her garage, including expensive cookware, water filters, and clothes. She booted us out of her house after 7 days into the street with our three Yorkies, Morgan, Mia, and Salvador, at 10pm at night, and tried to lock us out of her house where all of our things were.  

This was odd because we weres helping her get her health on track. We had deep cleaned her entire home, reorganized all of the cupboards in her house, cleaned out all of the junk in her garage hauling an entire U-Haul full of junk to Goodwill.  (She is a bit of a hoarder)  

The night our sister kicked us out of her home, she came home, started a fight with us, and demanded that we leave. She kicked us out onto the street with no where to go with our three Yorkies. She then tried to steal all of our things we had in her garage by locking us out of her garage. She had previously mentioned that she wanted us sign a contract to live with her that stated if we left we could not take anything with us. This was very odd.

When we were removing our things from her garage onto the sidewalk, our sister physically attacked Amber.  Amber shoved her with all of her force throwing her across the room onto the floor. We are yogis with some serious Chi energy, but have never really used it quite like this before. Our sister dazed stood up and charged her again, and I picked up an empty glass gallon apple juice bottle and said, don’t touch her again or you will be sorry. She quickly went in the house and closed the door behind her, while we finished moving our stuff out of her garage onto the street.

Our sister then tried to close the garage door with all of our things inside. The garage door jammed on something and she called the police claiming we were damaging her property and tried to have us arrested. 

Our dogs were inside a tented doggy pen covered in their blankets, as they looked at us with worried eyes.  

We had no one to call, and called a customer we knew from years ago who had a house in Forest Grove, a small town 40 miles outside of Portland.  His name was Patrick, and he said he could rent us his attic. We were waiting on the street for him to arrive in the cold, when the police arrived.  We told them our side of the story and they had empathy, and said it’s the same story over and over when families live together. We said we were waiting for our ride to come get us.

When Patrick arrived in his small beat up pickup truck, we loaded everything in the back. We drove and drove and drove, Amber and I felt a bit uneasy and said, this isn’t going to be like that Australian horror movie where, the two people get in a car with a stranger who drives them to the middle of nowhere and murders them? The two of us let out a nervous chuckle, as Patrick just turns and smiles ominously. 

When we finally arrived to Forest Grove Oregon, to Patrick’s dilapidated one hundred year old house that looked like something out of a horror movie, or the Mickey Mouse haunted house cartoon, a sort of strange prophecy, we scanned our surroundings. The front porch was collapsing, with dust covered furniture, and canvas tarps. It was super creepy, eerie, and spooky. When we walked into his house if felt like something out of Ed Gein’s story. There was old vintage furniture everywhere, the entire house was covered in dust and cobwebs. The two of us looked at each other and knew this was a bad idea, but we were so desperate, we had nowhere to go, we couldn’t stay at a hotel because it was too dangerous and we didn’t have very much money. We were trying to get back on our feet.  The night our sister kicked us out we were scheduled to work at a downtown strip club where we made lots of money at in the past, but had to cancel our shift. This downtown club would get us back on our feet, but would later fire us after we were poisoned and bullied by other dancers. When we reported this and asked for cameras due to the ramped prostitution we were fired.

Our mother who had always taken us in after many of our adventures, was living in an abandoned house in Damascus Oregon with our oldest sister who had taken control of our mothers mind, money, and life, so our life line to our mother, which had always been available in the past was gone. Our other sister is a 20 plus year methamphetamine drug addict, with three aggressive pit bulls and a violent temper. She isolated our mother away from us, drugged her, abused her and used MK Ultra mind control, & the book of Satan, to take all of our mothers money and steal her light.

The house in Forest Grove was a house I (Heather) had dreamt about around 2004.  I dreamt that Amber and I were ghosts in this house, and no one knew we were dead.  We were dead in a crawl space in the attic we were now living in.  It took a few months for this dream to come back to me, and after Salvador came to us in multiple dreams about us being held captive in a water tower in the middle of nowhere with another woman, I knew that we had to get out of this house. Patrick the person we were living with we believe was a serial killer and had bodies in the walls of his house. He was in construction and had dangerous power tools strung all over the house, a sign of a serial killer. The night before we left, he started power tools in the middle of the night, and started tilling the dirt in the two planter boxes in his back yard, just big enough for our bodies. There were blood stains on the floor of the attic we were staying in. This was a really bad situation. We believe he was going to murder us on the 4th of July, 2016 and we escaped for our lives once again after being poisoned by him with a powdered pesticide. We packed up a U-Haul and left. We had enough money to move into an apartment, and we would have a little peace for a moment.  

We moved into the Waterline apartments, and lived there for 9 months. While living at the Waterline, we thought we were safe. We spent much of our off time researching health and cleansing with a plan of writing a beginners guide on how to be healthy book. Over the years we have tried many, many cleanses, and had recently ordered a cleanse from Keith Morey of the company Super Good Stuff. This was a mistake, for this cleanse was poisoned. We had talked to Keith Morey on the phone for two hours, discussing  our company we were creating and asking him if he private labelled products? If we liked his products and if they worked for us, we could potentially private label our health brand we were creating.  He sent us his products we had agreed to buy, which was not the entire package he had wanted us to buy for $1500, but a much less expensive starter pack so we could test things first. This was not a doctor formulated cleanse, and we usually only use cleanses that are formulated by doctors, for this reason, because there are a lot of products out there that are not safe, and the company is an example. However we believe he intentionally tried to murder us for the cleanse put us in the ICU at the hospital for 3 days in fatal condition in July of 2016, something that has never happened from cleansing and we had been cleansing for many years, although we had had some close calls, but nothing like what we were about to experience.

When we ingested the Super Good Stuff products, we started vomiting within 10 minutes. The vomiting would continue every 10 minutes. We could not drink any fluid or keep anything down and we’re in excruciating pain all over our bodies. We did an enema to try to counter what was going on in our bodies, but the water would not come out. Whatever was in the products was not allowing our bodies to expel toxins with an enema or keep any water down that we ingested in our bodies to stay hydrated. This went on for 3 days before we went to the ER, because we thought the extreme vomiting and illness would pass, but it did not.

The symptoms would not subside, but would only worsen. We were in so much pain that we were rocking back and forth, and dry heaving, we couldn’t sleep and if we dozed off for a minute, we were having dreams of our death. We summoned all the strength we had, called a cab and went to the Emergency Room. 

When we walked in to Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital in NW Portland just five minutes from our apartment, we told the registration that we had ingested something that was toxic to our bodies and we think we are about to die. They told us to wait in the waiting room, and that the wait would be at least 2 hours and handed us barf bags. We were in so much excruciating pain, that we called a cab and went home after waiting for an hour. When we arrived home another hour passed, and we knew we had to call an ambulance, or we would die. We called an ambulance and were taken to a hospital. The EMT’s in the ambulance said there was nothing wrong with us and our vitals seemed fine. We insisted that we be taken to the hospital.  When we arrived we would have to wait for another hour or more, and when we were finally seen by a doctor we were in fatal condition in and out of consciousness. Our organs were shutting down. We would be rushed into the ICU for three days, enough to recover and be released, even though the doctors did not feel we were ready, however we had no insurance. We brought the products with us to the hospital, and reported the company. In the 17 years we have been into alternative health and healing, we have never experienced such a negative result from an herbal cleanse, and feel the products was an intentional poisoning on our life. We also believe he used biological warfare against us and gave us a fast growing cancer beyond what we already had, which we almost had cured. Whatever he gave us hatched in our bodies and went systemic.

Also while living at the Waterline Apartments, we had to break our lease early for we were living in a smoke free building, and the neighbor next to us was smoking pot and other drugs that were coming directly into our home.  We have detailed emailed reports of this and reported it to the police who could do nothing because marijuana was legal. The drug smoke was so bad we had to move.  We were running into walls, tripping, slurring, and our dogs were affected as well. We were all being drugged. 

As the experience in Laurelhurst neighborhood began unfolding we would be hit again with weaponized drug smoke, vapor, & aerosol, as we realized that this was already happening to us at the Waterline, and a strategy by whoever was out to destroy our life.

The MS13 Gang Stalking began at a whole new level in the Spring of 2017 when we were living in Laurelhurst neighborhood.  It reached a frantic peak when we were gang stalked out of the strip club, The Hawthorn Strip, when gang members with tattoos all the way up their faces came in and sat at our stage with their hands in their pockets. Two other gang members who spoke very little english stormed through the door and walked up to us while we were sitting at the bar. We felt the intention, and ran into the dressing room locked the door, packed our stuff and left. The MS13 gang bangers chickened out and ran out the door.  

We frantically sent an FBI agent we had communicated with in the past detailed emails about Mr. King of Orange county who we believed was behind all of this, but as we began to connect the dots of the multiple attempts on our life, through multiple avenues, we began to question who is really behind all of this? We would send over 115 detailed emails to an FBI agent in New York about how these gangs and networks were operating, and in the end the FBI agent would be as corrupt as everyone else we reached out to for help.

We have the Fast & Furious program unleashed on us, and someone with a nasty vendetta destroying our city. We’ve been blacklisted by the Clintons for our book we wrote exposing the strip club industry, and have had multiple attempts on our life. Are all of these random events, or are they all interconnected in the plot to destroy our life. From MS13 Fast & Furious to the current situation we are now stuck in, there are many evils involved at very high levels of government, trickling down the bread crumbs to all those eager to sign up for the destruction of our life. From the multiple attempts on our lives to stealing our art and an economic war waged on our life, to biological warfare, and strange things in the air, something very sinister is going on in this world, and we just happened to in the center of it all. It’s surreal as this sci-fi movie plays out in our life. We are working on writing the perfect ending.