How long has Russia been under attack, lets make a timeline to date back, June 22, 1941 Nazi invasion four years this would run, no one expected victory, from the Soviet Union Red Army, 27 million Russians perished, these numbers and calculations is what they have based on their knowledge. There are those still not accounted for, the numbers could be even more.

Those who lurk behind the scenes, started plotting their next hostilities, NATO emerged to counter the Warsaw pack, NATO against the Soviet Union who defeated the Nazis brutal attack. The Warsaw pack dissolved but NATO still exists, rumored NATO are modern Nazis with a grudge against the Soviets.

World War II a victory, for the Soviet Union Red Army, who liberated Europe from being enslaved, what’s with all of this anti-Russia hate? NATO an excuse that still persists, claiming that Russia is a threat, and that they must always have an enemy, so there can never be World Peace.

JULY 30, 2020
MARK ESPER U.S. DEFENSE SECRETARY: “I’ve said that very privately to my counterparts, as well about the importance of NATO, any alliance sharing the burden, so we can all deter Russia and avoid peace.”

Let’s not put the cart before the horse, we still have the arms race and the cold war, that ended in part to the space race, Sputnik satellite won this war game.

Let’s move onto the Soviet Union collapse, where countries were broke off this was a covert attack, where a few politicians sold off the country, this is not what 70 percent of the people wanted. They voted for the Soviet Union to stay united, the people ignored they instead started dividing, their piece of the pie and their plans for control, target Russians neighbors and their natural resource.

30 millions Russians were suddenly abroad, floating in limbo no longer part of the Soviet Union. The worst geopolitical catastrophe of the 21 century, Vladimir Putin tried to explain what this all means. Comparable to World War Two, they lost 27 million that’s what this is similar to.

The Soviet Union had become their game of chess, as foreigners and oligarchs privatized the country and made it a mess. No one really cared about the Russian people, they just saw dollar signs and the chance to weaken, the Russian Federation they wanted to eliminate their competition, they did everything in their power to diminish, the strength and power of the Russian Federation, they never again wanted the rivalry, of the likes of the Soviet Union.

The Russian Federation didn’t stand a chance, the U.S. had mapped out a sinister plan, they destroyed their military-industrial complex, denuclearized and destroyed nearly all of their weapons, this was all a part of the process, the U.S. military even had their own office, where they oversaw all of Russia’s military secrets, can any one comprehend or believe this! They attempted to control the Russian Elites they wanted it all but this corruption was eventually beat. Russia’s national security interests were not considered, these treasonous acts were soon to be shifted. A turning point was the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, an awakening began for the Russians, who took back their power from those who stole it, put their interest first, and took total control.

Vladimir Putin the head of Russia’s FSB knew the New World Order was arranging their chess piece, He recognized this early on, Russia is why the bombing of Yugoslavia stopped.

“To nullify all the international agreements that were reached by the allies after WWII,” the New World Order plans would ensue.

“A group of governments are actively attempting to change the international world order that formed after WWII.”

Wars would be waged in this direction, specific and detailed the countries were listed. Russia did not agree with these actions, the war planners now received severe pushback. The U.S. decided to pull out of numerous treaties, discard international law this is how they preceded. No longer adhering to anyone, they would take over the World and try to play God.

Yugoslavia the first of the bombings, this is where NATO started this process, Russia was the only country to step in and stop this, the New World Order continued their progress. Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Ukraine, the list goes on of the wars NATO and the U.S have waged, and then shift the blame to everyone else, this is how the New World Order likes to clean house.

Then came Vladimir Putin the ultimate protector, he had the interest of the people he understood where they came from, he listened to their voices and studied their faces, looked at their struggles to fix the Russian Federation. Vladimir Putin would raise Russia from the ashes, restore the country with dignity and put things back on track. Vladimir Putin is unique he’s one of a kind, he is an anomaly in this World a rare find, simply look into his eyes, he is honest and does not lie.

It would take years to rebuild and restore the Russian Federation, an impossible task it was obliterated, the infrastructure, looting all industries gutted, no one ever saw Vladimir Putin coming. Broken, in shambles at war with their neighbors, this was the State of the Russian Federation. You know the old saying hit em while they are down, cheap shots would be dealt no one would be left out.

Those in the West saw opportunity, to wage economic wars on the Russian economy. These hostilities comparable to World War Two, the aggression of Hitler’s invasion now being used, through a different type of war strategy, a total assault on the Russian people and the Russian economy.

Why did the U.S. want to destroy the Russian Federation, destroy U.S. and Russian relations, for the Russians are a peaceful Nation, unfair bias the World must change this.

The obvious answer to this question, Vladimir Putin’s Russia was not for hostile aggression, they sought peace but were ignored, for the U.S. Military Industrial Complex wants their wars. This is why Russia is constantly attacked, the War on Russia is so the New World order can enact, their takeover of the World for their One World Government, this is the reason for the War with Russia.

This is why none of this really made any sense, using old stereotypes to pass bills in congress. It’s embarrassing what our U.S. government has become, bribes and payoffs where you can buy anyone, to the highest bidder holds the seat, the U.S. Government ran by the Global Corporate Elites, and the U.S. Military Industrial Complex, do they control every single person in our Senate and congress? Blackmail will keep everyone obedient, and this is how they control the U.S. government.

Vladimir Putin had proved many times, that he sought peaceful prosperous cooperation through diplomatic ties, but the media continued their propaganda lies, reaching unprecedented sensational new heights, they had actually reached an all new low, the media weaponized for the purpose of war.

The economic and information war now was waged, peaceful cooperation with Russia was not on the page, Vladimir Putin hit with nothing but brick walls, as the U.S. slung insults and sanctions from afar.

Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation, poised with etiquette who remain patient, for the revolving doors of the U.S. Shadow Government to switch hands, to a U.S. President brave enough to take a stand, against the establishment and the Global Elites, and move in the direction of World Peace. Maybe one day that door will swing open, and close the door on the war with Russia.

All of those exhibiting aggressive behavior, waging their wars through Russia’s neighbors, imposing their will on European nations, forcing them to impose their economic war of sanctions.

‘You’re either with us or against us,’ is their motto from the U.S. Foreign Policy Makers and the U.S. Military Industrial Complex, who see the World as their jurisdiction, in their minds they think that they deserve this. As the Worlds policemen and supposed watchers of the Earth, this is dangerous their actions have only hurt, the entire World making things worse, upside-down and backwards this Satanic Cult that rules.

The Holy War has been waged, on countries in the Middle East, Russia protecting Christianity, more than meets the eye to see. The most massive land mass the Russian Federation, Orthodox Christians dominates the Nation, with ethnic religions from diverse cultures, through peaceful prayer with no conflicts, integrated into the Motherland, respect that compliments all the Russians.

Let thy pen be thy sword, defending Russia is defending the World, for if they attack the Russian Federation, there is nothing that will be left off of the table, of these War Planners trying to topple all countries, take over all governments and enslave humanity. This is the plan of the New World Order while NATO surrounds Russia’s borders.

RUSSIA-PHOBIA: “A biased, hostile attitude toward Russia and everything associated with it.”


Intense Russia-Phobia and the silencing of alternative viewpoints for fear of being condemned as a treasonous involved in espionage, would become a worldwide phenomena, and nearly worked to silence anyone from coming to Russia’s defense, in the attempt to exclude and isolate Russia from the entire World, and gain worldwide support of Russia as the Villain, so when NATO finally decides to wage their war on the Russian Federation, they would have the support of the entire World.

NATO has framed Russia as a “threat to the global security of the World,” when clearly it is NATO who is the threat to the safety and security of the people throughout the World. Based on NATO’s numerous war crimes through illegal, unethical, unjust wars that they have waged World wide, as well as surrounding Russia’s borders, using NATO allies all over Europe and Post Soviet States to set up military bases with weaponry directed at the Russian Federation, as well as NATO’s constant provocations toward the Russian Federation.

NATO Are Modern Nazis – Russia DEC 22, 2016

NATO Summit Opens In Warsaw Aiming To Stand Firm Against Russia 2016

Main Results Of The NATO Summit In Warsaw 2016

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “NATO activity doesn’t promote stability either. At the NATO summit last July, 2016 in Warsaw, for the first time since 1989, Russia was declared the main threat to the alliance and NATO officially proclaimed containing Russia as its new mission.

They [NATO] have sped up the deployment of strategic and conventional arms beyond the national borders of the NATO member states. They are provoking us constantly and are trying to draw us into a confrontation. We see continued attempt to interfere in our internal affairs with the aim of destabilizing the social and political situation in Russia. At the same time the head of state draws attention of the security services to the fact that it is in our common interest to restore dialogue with the US intelligence services and with other NATO member countries. It’s not our fault that these ties were broken and are not developing. It is very clear that as regards counter-terrorism all responsible countries and international groups should work together, because simply exchanging information on terrorists’ financing channels and sources as well as on people involved in or suspected of links with terrorism can substantially improve the results of our common efforts.”

New Challenges and Threats: Who Seeks to Draw Russia into a Confrontation NATO DECLARES RUSSIA IT’S NEW ENEMY! 2017

Putin laughs at US intel – “I read all of your instructions!” DEC 2016

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “The Russian threat is the invention of those who want to profit from their role of the vanguard unit fighting against Russia, to receive perks and preferences. But all this has time limits and that’s obvious to all.”

CHECKMATE! Putin Completely Dismantles American NATO “Protection” Over Europe In Under 2 Minutes! NOV 2019

America Relies On war for jobs? 2016

Putin Tells Everyone Exactly Who Created ISIS 2015

An excerpt out of a 1999 interview, when Russian President Vladimir Putin was the Director of the FSB [Federal Security Service.]

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “The danger is not only in that people are dying in the center of Europe – which not so long ago, to us seemed entirely impossible…The tragedy, in my view, is in something else. It is much bigger.

It is that a group of governments are actively attempting to change the international world order that formed after WWII. In practice – to nullify all the international agreements that were reached by the allies after WWII. It was these agreements as we know, that became the foundation of the UN. The UN is not participating in the decision making of one of the worst conflicts of our time – this, in my view, is the most dangerous issue.”

Do you know that recently in the US senate, they attempted to pass through a resolution in support of bombing Yugoslavia. Unexpectedly, it fell through. If I’m not mistaken, it was 232 in favor, and 232 against. This was very unexpected for the Administration.

Western mainstream media is quiet about the fact that more and more European countries are supporting the Russian position. If I’m entirely honest – I’m not sure why many Western leaders have taken on the position that they have We are well aware, and if not, I can remind that as a result of military action in Yugoslavia, Western European markets lost almost $400 billion. The Euro fell 10% in value, or maybe more now.”

JOURNALIST: “Maybe the fight for the New World Order, which you spoke of earlier is worth the money?”

INESSA S: “While many of us consider that the Iraq or Libyan wars were the turning points in the public perception of ‘the wars for freedom’, Putin pinpointed the attempt to ‘change the world order’ as early as 1999.

The illegal NATO bombing of Yugoslavia lasted from March 24, 1999 to June 10, 1999. Interestingly, the war is said to have ended on 11 June 1999, when a column of Russian armored vehicles carrying 250 Russian troops arrived in Serbia, who were part of the international peacekeeping force in Bosnia. The column was heading for Pristina (Kosovo) International Airport ahead of the arrival of NATO troops.

Upon hearing of the deployment, American NATO Supreme Commander for Europe, General Wesley Clark, ordered a contingent of British and French paratroopers to be flown in by helicopter to seize the airport by force. While this resulted in a tense stand-off between Russia and NATO – eventually, a joint NATO-Russian peacekeeping force was to be installed in Kosovo. In this way, NATO bombardment of the former Yugoslavia finally ceased, having to work together with the Russians on a peaceful resolution.”

Putin & “New World Order” – 1999

Putin’s Warning: FULL SPEECH JULY 24, 2016

Russia Is Prepared To Respond to US Preemptive Nuclear Strike 2017

Russia Rolls out Futuristic Nuclear Defense System as Part of Massive Military Modernization Program 2017

Russia’s Electronic Weapons Can Easily Neutralize The U.S. Air Force & Ships April 2017

SUPERPOWER RUSSIA: Hypersonic & High-Precision Technology Set to Dominate Russian Rearmament Program Dec. 27, 2017

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Germany’s Delinquent’ Trump Orders Withdrawal Of Nearly 12,000 Troops From NATO Ally JULY 30, 2020

NOVEMBER 12, 2017
VLADIMIR PUTIN: “ Russian and American relations are still in crisis mode. We, are ready to turn the page and to keep going, look to the future, solve issues that affect both the people of the US and the people of Russia. We need to significantly improve our economic cooperation. Lets recall that the the last St. Petersburg Economic Forum, American companies were represented the most [Out of all the foreign companies present] U.S. companies outnumbered the rest. Everybody wants to work with Russia…because your place will otherwise be taken by a competitor. This is inevitable in a modern world. But we would like to have a harmonious relationship with the U.S. – not only in the economy but also in security.”

Putin/Trump Colluding On Camera NOV 2017

INESSA S.: “It’s been five years without Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. If the mainstream media did their job back in 2011, representing Gaddafi’s true opinions and views, it’s unlikely that NATO and the UN could ever manufacture the consent for his murder. Amongst the obvious repercussions of his death is the strengthening of ISIS, resulting from the power vacuum in Libya, as well as facilitating the stream of refugees into Europe. In this outtake, Gaddafi offers his stance on the question of Ukraine vis a vis its larger counterpart – Russia – which in retrospect, is rather accurate”

Gaddafi’s Most Rare Interview, 2009

How the US checkmated Russia in Ukraine 2016

Docs shed new light on Soviet collapse 2017

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PUTIN IN 2008: Russia’s President Explains Georgia Situation To Western Journos At The Valdai Club

What Was Putin’s Initial Reaction To Georgian Aggression Against South Ossetia In 2008?

This is how the Corporate Media and U.S. Industrial Military Complex are interwoven, for in order for NATO to exist they have to have an enemy and rely on their trusty, in their back pocket, corrupt Corporate Media to deliver their message through all media outlets Worldwide. NATO must have an enemy and that enemy is programmed into society via the media.

Western Media Accuses Putin on Wanting To Rule The World – Putin’s Response Is Priceless! 2018

NATO and the Neocon Global Elite are the root cause of Russia-Phobia, making Russia-Phobia a war strategy and agenda. Those pushing this propaganda are owned and operating on behalf of the Military Industrial Complex, pushing a secret war plan with Russia always for the relentless ambition of the New World Order – One World Government agenda. War is the only way they can achieve this, Russia-Phobia is a war agenda.

This is why sneaky sly NATO has tricked all of its members into needing it’s protection, when NATO is using all of its allies as tools to set up their launch pads aimed at Russia. Russia-Phobia, ultimately comes back to Hillary Clinton who fanned this mass hysteria into the Mainstream media at record heights in 2016 for a multitude of purposes mainly to distract from her numerous crimes and an attempt to Villainize and isolate Russia from the World, and their perpetual War agenda. Hillary Clinton is owned and is a part of the Neocon Global Elite War Machine, not that she doesn’t have her own personal vendetta toward Vladimir Putin, but in the end she is a puppet of the Shadow Government, who through her evil deeds and mafia ties, has moved up in the ranks wielding her power over others, and the reason Russia-Phobia dominated the media Worldwide.

The underlying objective of Russia-Phobia pushed onto the public by NATO, the U.S. Foreign Policy War Planners, the Deep State Global Elites throughout the World, and the Worldwide Corporate Media is for the purpose of War and the insane ideology to create their New World Order – One World Government!

Russia is constantly falsely accused of wrongdoings, slandered by the media who perpetuate lies to distort the true character of Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation, blaming Russia for things that others are doing. NATO are the real criminals committing innumerable war crimes with no repercussions, Just look at Yugoslavia in the 90’s as one example.

NATO has violated agreements and crossed all lines by surrounding the Russian Federation in its entirety, and because of this intense threat that NATO has imposed on the Russian Federation, using their NATO allies as board game pieces where NATO’s careless, self serving actions has put the entire global security of the World at risk.

Who does NATO answer to? Is NATO merely the Global Elite’s Shadow Government’s Military? Is NATO the Military for the New World Order – One World Government? NATO was founded on the premise of protecting the World from the USSR, when it was the USSR that was the dominant force in defeating the Nazi’s in WWII and liberating many countries throughout Europe. Outdated NATO and Hillary Clinton are absolutely in cahoots when it come to Russia propaganda and their Globalist agenda.

INESSA S: “Hillary Clinton is calling for a no fly zone over Syria [2016]. In 2011, she enacted the same in Libya, through an official UN resolution. The no fly zone was generally designed to circumvent Gaddafi’s own aircraft – while the US proceeded to bomb the territory, in clear contravention to the UN resolution. Gaddafi’s convoy is believed to have been bombed with the use of a drone, after which they sent in the rebels and a camera crew to kill him. Will there be a repeat scenario in Syria?”

Putin Checkmates Clinton – NATO POOPS PANTS 2016

NATO LEAKS! 150 Nuclear Bombs Secretly Being Deployed Along Russia’s Borders! JULY 2019

S-400 Triumph In Action!  Russian Air Defense Forces Hold Exercises In Astrakhan Region SEPT 2, 2020

Kiselev: Macron Is Right! NATO Just A Cash Cow For The US, Article 5 Means Nothing! 2019

MACRON: “NATO was designed as a response to the enemy, as a response to the Warsaw Pact.”

KISELEV VESTI NEWS: “Wait, everything is turned upside down. NATO was created on April 4th, 1949. That is, less than four years after the end of WWII, when the former USSR’s allies in the battle against fascism, created a military bloc against the USSR. It also included France, Great Britain, Canada, Benelux Italy, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, and Portugal. There were 12 members and more than six years later, the Warsaw Pact was signed in response, on May 14th, 1955. It was created as a counterweight to NATO. In addition to the USSR, it also included Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, East Germany, Poland, Romania, and czechoslovakia. Therefore, when Macron says that NATO was designed as a ‘response to the enemy,’ that’s not entirely accurate. It was designed as a threat to a friend with whom they fought against fascism, and with whom they were building a post-war life in Europe. If so, the creation of NATO was not justified. Just as now the expansion of NATO to the east is not justified. Neither is the existence of NATO, given the fact that the Warsaw Pact has long been terminated. Macron sees one reason for NATO to be such a valuable military alliance for the U.S. —Commerce. NATO countries are just cash cows for America.” 

MACRON:  “President Trump, and I fully respect this, views NATO as a commercial project. From his point of view, NATO is a project in which the U.S. acts as a kind of geopolitical shield in exchange for a deal ensuring that the Americans have the exclusive right to sell weapons to Europe. France didn’t sign up for that.” 

KISELEV VESTI NEWS: “Macron sees the roots of the issue. At the same time, he understands that the cornerstone of the alliance —Article 5 charter — is no longer effective. Macron’s argument is simple…

If Syrian troops, defending their territory, attack Turkish forces, which invaded Syria, should France declare war on Turkey, which is also a NATO member? No one in the alliance can solve this puzzle so far. Or if Syrian troops try to liberate their oil fields, which the Americans suddenly decided to ‘protect’ from God knows whom, should France declare war on Syria as part of its NATO obligations? I understand why the brain death of NATO is better for Macron. After all, a brain dead organization cannot give such orders.

Macron May Be Right! NATO Continues to Milk Europe, No Benefit For Anyone Except US!”

Macron May Be Right! NATO Continues To Milk Europe, No Benefit For Anyone Except US! 2019

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “Of course, one shouldn’t be afraid but the practice says differently. Look, we are all dealing with Iranian issues there were already cases of implementing American sanctions against European companies. A 9 billion dollar fine was paid by PBNP Paribas French bank, then Deutsche bank for violation of the unilateral sanctions, and what happened? You paid it like the dearest ones. The same happened with a Japanese bank. This practice should stop. This is unacceptable, this is what it is all about. So if this continues…What is good about it? This is what destroys the existing World order. We nevertheless, need to agree with our American partners on any other rules of conduct. This is extremely important because this is something that underlies our today’s discussion. Trust. Either there is some or there’s none. If there is none, then nothing good will come out of it. Then it will be like I said in the speech, nothing except force will rule, and this can lead to a tragedy at the end.”

Putin Teases Macron: No Worries, Emmanuel, Russia Is Ready To Protect Europe! 2018

OWNED! Putin Owns Macron In Under One Minute – CHECKMATE! 2018

Shoygu: US Will Deploy Prohibited Nukes In Europe and Pacific Rim Around Russia and China! 2019

As hard as NATO, the U.S. Military Industrial Complex, the Mainstream Worldwide Corporate Media, the Global Elitist Death Cult, Hillary Clinton and others try to paint Russia into a corner and mark Vladimir Putin as being a Totalitarian, Authoritative Dictator, one just needs to step back, take a deep breath and review the mountains of documented video evidence that disspells these propaganda lies and myths, which proves the true character of Vladimir Putin. One just needs to listen to the words that he speaks with so much elegance, grace, conviction, truth, confidence, integrity, and a deep vast knowledge of the World. It’s something you can feel deep within your being, all of his words have profound meaning.

From the very beginning of Vladimir Putin’s role in the Russian Government, he has taken on the mission of fighting and defeating evil. From the very beginning of his arrival into the spotlight as Prime Minister and President of the Russian Federation,Vladimir Putin dug his heels in deep, and fought terrorists, as well as pulled the Russian Federation out of the depths of a broken country in economic despair and back into a World Superpower. No wonder the Global Elite’s are so scared and intimidated of Vladimir Putin, for his power is great and his intentions are pure.

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