While the U.S. Deep State Neocons have played with fire, funding Jihadist terrorists for their geopolitical desires, in pursuit of their One World Government Empire, consequences never cross the minds of these pathological liars, who create Foreign Policy in our U.S. government, who consider only the Global Elite one percent. The danger we face far exceeds, Vladimir Putin as the enemy, for there is too much evidence and solid proof, Russia is who fights extreme Islamic Terrorist groups, who have worked for decades to keep the World safe, while the U.S. has built up walls of tension and created fictional hate.

The Atlantic Council and U.S. Foreign relations setting the stage that has no good will or patience, are the ones who dictate the mood for the entire world, creates adversaries and tell countries what they can and cannot do. Vladimir Putin warned of this early on – a Unipolar World is for the benefit of one – one center of power that decides everything, civilized countries, cultures and governments slowly dissolving.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “What is even more important, is that the model itself is flawed because at its basis, there is and can be no moral foundations for modern civilizations.”

The U.S. Deep State government has definitely overstepped their bounds, scooped so much on their plate they’re juggling now, and while they’re destroying the civilized World, ISIS somehow got their hands on a nuke button. No, just kidding this hasn’t happened, but inevitable if these idiots continue controlling our U.S. Government. Our U.S Foreign Policy war planners, who are careless and arrogant obeying their Masters, making enemies out of friends, is destined for disaster and must end.

While the U.S. Government manipulates and plays games, funds terrorist groups arms them and trains, the most radical and extreme terrorist regimes, cutting off hands and public beheadings, these radical extremists have no regard for human life, they act alien to humanity, and are sick in their minds.

These radical extreme terrorist factions, heavily funded with their own plans of actions, using you as you use them, this is beyond dangerous, soon to spiral out of control, they have their own plans and agenda you’ll reap what you sew.

Radical extreme terrorists must be contained, they are full of hate and disdain toward the West and USA, with the entire World as their Target, this is the clear enemy this is quite obvious.

Jihadist terrorists just a pawn in the Globalist game, the U.S. Deep State we are ashamed. This unpredictable enemy, the one you have been secretly funding, to create chaos, instability and, discord – to overthrow any government on your chess board.

A clear and present enemy, serving covertly the Global Elite, who are behind the scenes pulling the strings, keeping the terrorist regimes organized and continually flowing. It’s honestly only a matter of time, before they have their hands on nuclear weapons to destroy mankind. The nuclear button especially designed for ISIS, the Neocon Globalist stupidity is priceless, sucker punching the entire World, what exactly are we waiting for?

Why the U.S. Deep State is busy trying to create, foreign adversaries out of civilized countries, making potential allies into enemies, the actual threat on this Earth, has no common sense, no sense of purpose, they are designed for one thing, to be suicide Jihadist mercenaries.

Architects behind the scenes, design their unethical war strategies, while appearing to be sporadic and unorganized, random attacks from a crazy extreme terrorist guy. In the shadows unseen power structures organize, that is what the U.S. Deep State has been fomenting. It’s time to get our priorities straight, if humanity is to preserver these terrible mistakes, and define real enemies who set out to attack, and recognize those who have our back.

If we dig into the heart of it all this would be profound, for we know who we can count on when the chips are down, who we have fought two World wars, and Jihadist terrorist in the scores. If we can remove all of the ridiculous political obstacles, those deflecting mutual cooperation, those in the way indefinitely, who will never permit the U.S. and Russia to pursue World Peace.

Our political system is rotten to the core, so many bad seeds with selfish motives, who do not care about people or the World, who are encouraging fingers on the nuke button. There is no room for this kind of thinking, it’s outdated, expired, does not benefit human beings. It’s time to move into a new era, rise to the occasion and take back America.

So while your eyeing that Russian land, Venezuela’s oil, and Libya’s plans, toppling governments and overthrowing regimes, creating hotbed of terrorist of radical extremes, who will not pause for not even a second, if they have the opportunity to end all of life’s existence. All of these squabbles you chose to create, will finally be over and you won’t have a say, all of your actions to indoctrinate, there is no time to hesitate and act swiftly to change this fate.

Imperialism in a Nutshell July 2020


VLADIMIR PUTIN: “The Uni-polar World that had been proposed after the Cold War, did not take place either. The history of humanity certainly has gone through Unipolar periods, and seen aspirations of world supremacy, and what hasn’t happened in world history? However, what is a Unipolar World?

However one might embellish this term, at the end of the day it refers to one type of situation: One center of authority, one center of force, one center of decision-making. It is a World in which there is one Master, one sovereign.

And at the end of the day, this is pernicious. not only for all of those, within the system, but also from the sovereign itself, because it destroys itself from within. and this certainly has nothing in common with democracy.

Because as you know democracy is the power of the majority, in light of the interest and the opinions of the minority. Incidentally, Russia, we are constantly being taught about democracy, but for some reason, those who teach us, do not want to learn themselves.

I consider that the Unipolar model is not only unacceptable, but also impossible in today’s world. And this is not only because if there was individual leadership in today’s, and precisely in today’s world, then the military, political, and economic resources would not suffice.

What is even more important, is that the model itself is flawed because at its basis, there is and can be no moral foundations for modern civilizations.”

Putin’s landmark speech at the Munich Security Conference 1/4 FULL MUNICH SPEECH

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World Peace hasn’t been on the table, all the War Planners are exclusive in NATO, who have set out to smash and destabilize, everyone opposed to their NAZI rise.

Excuse my French should I bite my tongue, NATO has dropped bomb after bomb, they don’t need any proof or a UN resolution, NATO comes up with their own nifty solutions. Do as we say or we invade, any leader we will assassinate, who doesn’t abide to our rules we impose, where we set up shop your country we now own. That morsel of land in your country bears our name, where you will have no say we control the time of day, of what we do or where we point our missiles, only Russia intelligence knows what there in for. If you say no, only a few have, we will happily rearrange the map.

Yugoslavia was the first to endure, a NATO air raid hailing in Europe. Missiles flew overhead, bombs were dropped on people sleeping. Yugoslavia refused NATO’s imposed invitation, to enter their country to set up their Military bases, who must protect you from them, this is the NATO discipline. Yugoslavia would not conform to their demands and enslavement, while NATO pursued other arrangements. This is putting it lightly, NATO has made clear they are Nazi’s.

President Milosevic refused the NATO invasion, the United States Of NATO who controls all countries and stations. Suddenly humanitarian rights would justify, NATO planes flying in Yugoslavia skies. Ethnic Albanians in Kosovo, need NATO protection from their Dictator. This would be the usual excuse, to invade a country for a hidden purpose. Break it off and sever ties, now it is its own nation in constant strife. Those who refuse to recognize social justice has been served, may suffer in other ways until they learn. These lessons NATO teach they instruct them well, orders are sent straight from Hell.

NATO leads the charge of the New World Order, an organization that has its own rules and see’s no borders. Yugoslavia set it off one at a time, they would tick the box on their list of countries to override. International law turned a blind eye, prosecuted no one for NATO war crimes. Who exactly are NATO and where do they come from, a counterbalance to the pact of Warsaw, that no longer exists was dismantled, so why does NATO still have cards on the table?

NATO launched the first war in Europe since World War Two, their logo is backwards, let this be the first clue. Have you seen their uniforms, snazzy and sharp, did Hugo Boss design these, do they have the same mark? Mark of the beast based on their actions, NATO crimes ignored this organization is clearly ran by fascist. Fascism appears to be on the rise, from Ukraine to Poland in 2020 we must ask why? Someone needs to make a list of all the countries NATO has bombed destroyed and invaded, a body count there must be a tally of every human life taken.

And now NATO’s barking up Russia’s tree, surrounding their land, air and sea. NATO’s been strategically setting up their plan, on how to steal the Russian land. Break away the Soviet Republics, try to weaken the soul and put in their puppets, on all of Russia’s borders, this agenda is that of the New World Order.

Dismantle the Russian Federation, by inflicting severe unethical sanctions. Break their spirit and diminish their hope, enslave the Russians make them broke. But as history is revealed on the Russian pride, they defeated the Nazi’s women and children would fight. Have you seen the parade on Victory Day, millions march in the street to celebrate, those who fought for the Fatherland, the Russian blood spilt honored hand in hand. No one can ever take the Russian soul, the genocide NATO has planned is not ethical.

The one thing the Russians definitely hate, are NAZI’s disguised as politicians and banks, who have infiltrated technocrats and the corporate Elites, they’ve cast their web in all directions they’re in everything.

As many vast webs that this Evil has spun, nature keeps a balance on this pendulum, and there would be an underground army to crack the codes, a spiritual war would unfold. And as we head into uncharted waters, the strange events that make us question and ponder, everything that we have ever known, down a road that was never hoed, into the woods with darkened trees, searching for light and new technology, syncing up minds that are still free, all in the name of humanity.

As the Master Mind taps new dimensions, we trust inner guidance of all our decisions. To trust our instincts and insights, from the deepest places is from the light, to march in sync into the night, this is how we win the fight.

The West can “get stuffed” – Putin 2016

RUSSIA INSIGHT: “The causes and consequences of this war have been the object of a vast media disinformation campaign, which has sought to camouflage NATO and US war crimes.

It is important to note that a large segment of the ‘Progressive Left’ in Western Europe and North America were part of this disinformation campaign, presenting NATO military intervention as a necessary humanitarian operation geared towards protecting the rights of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo.

The intervention was in violation of international law. President Milosevic at the Rambouillet talks had refused the stationing of NATO troops inside Yugoslavia.

The demonization of Slobodan Milsovic by so-called “Progressives” has served over the years to uphold the legitimacy of the NATO bombings. It has also provided credibility to “a war crimes tribunal” under the jurisdiction of those who committed extensive war crimes in the name of social justice.
The Just War thesis was also upheld by several prominent intellectuals who viewed the Kosovo war as: ‘a Just War.’

In turn the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) was upheld by several ‘Leftists’ as a bona fide liberation movement rooted in Marxism.

The KLA –whose leader Hashim Thaci is now president of Kosovo was a paramilitary army supported by Western intelligence, financed and trained by the US and NATO. It has ties to organized crime. It has links to Al Qaeda, which is also supported by US intelligence.”

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Biden War Machine Anxious To Get Back Into Syria & Cause Chaos In Caucasus Nov 2020

ALEKSEY PUSHKOV: “The majority of the world, including, Europe has already understood that not Assad is the problem, but Islamists, and without the Syrian army this real and not imaginary threat cannot be defeated.”

“Today it is a surprise for Washington that Toyota Land Rover paid from US budget and delivered to Syria, for some reason don’t end up in the hands of the moderate opposition but ISIS who proudly drive around with them in the desert.”

Russian View On US Policy In Syria 2015

The United States: Merchant of Death and Destruction

PUTIN : Speech to UN  “Do You Realize What You’ve Done?” 2015

PUTIN: ‘Do You Realize What You’ve Done?’FULL SPEECH 70th UN General Assembly Session 2015

“NATO was created to defend Europe and perhaps not only Europe from Soviet aggression, from a country that you couldn’t predict. There is no more Soviet Union, and there is no more Warsaw Pact. Why can’t we create an organization where we are part of it, said Mr. Putin, and act together to protect from some kind of aggression. He was told, go take a walk, basically.”

VLADIMIR POZNER: “I would also like you to, perhaps try to solve a little problem. It’s a kind of a mathematical.

Take the time from when Gorbachev came to power, March 1985, to 2007, when Putin has been in power for seven years, that’s 22 years. I ask you to find a single thing in foreign or domestic policies done by the Soviet Union while still existed, and then Russia proper that might in any way anger, irk, disappoint the United States. Let me answer that for you. Nothing, not one thing during that period. Now, what did Russia get as a result of that?

First, the enlargement of NATO. So that was number one. Then the bombing of Yugoslavia. That was done by NATO and NATO is after all dependent mostly on the United States. Let’s face it, right? The UN did not condone this. So the bombing of Yugoslavia that’s from March 24th,’1999.”

VLADIMIR POZNER: A decision was taken to enlarge NATO, three countries; Poland, the Czech Republic, and Hungary.Thomas Friedman is New York Times old hand columnist.called up George Kennan in 1998.

George Kennan in my opinion, is perhaps one of the most brilliant minds, political minds of the United States in the second half of the 20th century. The man who devised the idea of containment of the Soviet Union rather than war against the Soviet Union, successfully did this. A brilliant man who established the very foundation of U.S. policy, this will be the Soviet Union.

Thomas Friedman called George Kennan. The article he published in the New York Times, it’s called ‘Foreign Affairs, Now A Word from X,’ Because in 1947, in the magazine Foreign Affairs Mr. Kennan had published this article about containment, and he signed it X. So he called him up and he asked him,

What did he think about his decision to enlarge NATO? Let me quote:

May 2nd, 1998
George Kennan: “I think it is the beginning of a new Cold War,I think the Russians will gradually react quite adversely, and it will affect their policies. I think it is a tragic mistake. There was no reason for this whatsoever.”

PART 1 Vladimir Pozner How the United States Created Vladimir Putin 2018

VLADIMIR POZNER: “The United States could have picked two ways of treating Russia. One was to say, let’s treat Russia like we did our enemies after World War II, Germany, Italy, and in some of the countries that were occupied, such as France, or were not occupied such as UK but were really badly hurt. Let’s find a way to see to it that in those countries, Nazis, fascists do not come back. And communists do not come to power, and may remind you that in those days, the Communist Party of France and the Communist Party of Italy were very, very powerful. And that plan turned out was called later the Marshall Plan, which was basically a financial ideas idea to spend a lot of money but in a very precise way to develop certain things, and not to allow others to develop.

Now, that could be the policy, to adopt vis-a-vis Russia. See to it that democracy begins to develop in that country. And let me say, just for the record, Russia never in its entire thousand years, never had democracy, completely absent. So it wasn’t like something that once upon a time Russians had, and then they lost, but they knew what it was. They didn’t know what it was. So let’s spend money on getting democracy moving in Russia and seeing to it that the communists do not get back. And that could have been one approach.

The other approach was to say, for 40 years, you held a nuclear bomb over our heads, you lost the Cold War, and you’re gonna pay for it. You’re gonna be punished for what you did.

And there were people who supported one view and people who supported the other in this country. Early in 1992 a document was produced in the United States by a gentleman called Paul Wolfowitz. You may know who he was, he was under Secretary of Defense of the United States responsible for policy. The document he produced came to be called the Wealth of its Doctrine, not officially, but that’s the way it was addressed. It later was incorporated in something that was officially called the Bush Doctrine. That document was leaked to the New York Times. And so it became public.

What it basically said, and you can look it up, it’s available, you know, just go to Wolfowitz Doctrine, and you’ll find it, what it basically said was this.

The United States should never again, allow any other country to challenge it. The United States must remain the superior country. And we should tell our allies not to worry about developing their own weapons because we will do that for them. And we must watch out for Russia because we don’t know which way it’s going to go. The bear might get up on his hind legs again, and growl.

When that document was leaked to the New York Times, there was an outcry by the more liberal, if you will, in America now the word liberal and conservative has lost the meaning that it once upon a time had. So when I say liberal, I’m not sure that I’m saying the right word, but at least many people were upset by this document. Edward Kennedy said that it was an imperialist document that no country could or should accept. It was quickly as it were removed and rewritten by Mr. Cheney. Not a very liberal man in any sense as far as I can remember. And the Secretary of Defense in those days, Mr. Powell, but basically it retained that view, Russia and America must remain, was to be the only superpower. And basically, that view was the one that was accepted. It was the one that was accepted.

And the attitude towards Russia was pretty much, you’re no longer a superpower. You are a second rate country. Just keep quiet, please. This became evident and would be evident to you if you follow the policy of the United States.”

PART 2: Vladimir Pozner How the United States Created Vladimir Putin 2018

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