While dancing in a strip club in Key West, we had many interesting conversations that came across our desk. Today’s topic at the office would be with an EMT who was in New Orleans during the tragic flooding due to the levees of the dam that burst and devastated the poor, black community of New Orleans. The EMT talked about the many people that heard a very loud explosion before the dam erupted into the ninth ward of New Orleans. The EMT also shared with us his thoughts of this well thought out calculated attack on the people of New Orleans being an experiment of sorts. Because there was no aid for days, and a serious shortage of qualified health care professionals to attend to all of the victims, things turned from bad to worse very quickly.

Besides the fact that there was great suffering from the violence and looting during the tragic event in New Orleans, people did not have access to proper health care or their pharmaceutical drugs, which by this time had become more of an abusive epidemic of opioids, rather than medicine. The EMT informed us that when the masses of flood victims ran out of their pharmaceutical drugs, it took seven days, before they literally turned into zombies. The EMT’S were literally being pawed, mobbed, and grabbed by these people, and had to fend them off just like a zombie movie, as they moaned and groaned for the EMT’s to help them.

The EMT and many other EMT’S speculated that the government was using New Orleans as a testing ground to see how long it would take a heavily opioid addicted population to withdrawal, and what would happen once their withdrawals began. As it turned out, they literally turned into zombies! The EMT’S lives were put in a lot of danger during this crisis, many of them abandoning the scene for their own safety and well-being, as the population suffered greatly at the hands of the Globalist Elitist Death Cult Nazi-Like Experiment.

Were the levees bombed in New Orleans?
Ninth Ward residents give voice to a conspiracy theory
WASHINGTON — It’s become a strongly held belief by some in the storm zone — the idea that the destruction of New Orleans’ heavily poor, heavily black Ninth Ward was neither an accident nor an act of nature.
Dyan French, also known as “Mama D,” is a New Orleans Citizen and Community Leader. She testified before the House Select Committee on Hurricane Katrina on Tuesday.
“I was on my front porch. I have witnesses that they bombed the walls of the levee, boom, boom!” Mama D said, holding her head. “Mister, I’ll never forget it.”
“Certainly appears to me to be an act of genocide and of ethnic cleansing,” Leah Hodges, another New Orleans citizen, told the committee.
Similar statements, sometimes couched as rumors, have also been voiced by Louis Farrakhan, leader of the nation of Islam, and director Spike Lee.
“I don’t find it too far-fetched,” Lee said in a recent television interview, “that they try to displace all the black people out of New Orleans.”
Harvard’s Alvin Pouissant says such conspiracy theories are fueled by years of government neglect and discrimination against blacks: slavery, segregation and the Tuskegee experiments, during which poor blacks were used to test the effects of syphilis.

“If you’re angry and you’ve been discriminated against,” Pouissant says, “then your mind is open to many ideas about persecution, abandonment, feelings of rejection.”

The latest theory is partly rooted in historical fact. In 1927, the levees were bombed to save parts of the city, and black neighborhoods were inundated.