As the Satanic veil is lifted in Hollywood, and the Devil worshiping Death Cult is exposed, people are falling down the rabbit hole to the horrific truth behind the curtain in Hollywood, jumping onto their devices to do their own research to discover the truth, as the corporatized monopolies so desperately to try to censor it all.

If you are one of these truth seekers, you are bound to stumble across the many supposed conspiracy theories about Lady Gaga, but as Disney is exposed for their Nazi ties, Satanic brainwashing of children, porn capitalization and pedophilia, one may begin to realize that these conspiracy theories are much closer than the truth than one may realize.

Let’s take Lady Gaga a prime example of the Hollywood Death Cult Satanic Puppet, who is said to participate in human sacrifices, drink adrenochrome, which is the blood of tortured children “THEY” sacrifice in satanic rituals, drinking the blood and getting off on the fear stricken adrenaline in the blood. Gaga is also said to eat dead babies? To solidify these monstrous stories, is the claim made by Lady Gaga’s x-hairstylist who said Lady Gaga was possessed by the Devil and levitated off of her bed, the numbers 666 in blood appearing on her forehead. Sounds like something straight out of the exorcist, and based on her career driven Satanic music videos, and live Satanic performances, which are all rituals dedicated to the Satanic Death Cult she is a part of, forcing the evil, vibrational frequency of Satanic energy into our Mother Earth and onto all of the minds of the masses watching, anything is possible.

As Lady Gaga desperately tries to claim that she has mental health issues, along with a host of other medical conditions she is afflicted with, making her the victim and giving her the prop she needs to wear her diseases as a proud, brave, badge of honor, you better ask yourself what is the real agenda here? It’s obvious. people who suddenly and desperately claim mental illness are trying to get a lesser sentence for their crimes.

Mental illness is very real, and delicate, and those suffering from it do not deserve to have Corporate Pop Star Puppets falsely sensationalize these disorders for their own personal gain. Lady Gaga has abused her celebrity stardom position and power to serve the Hollywood Satanic Death Cult agenda, to mind control the masses and participate in the destruction of our beautiful earth, which, Lady Gaga described on Oprah stating, “the earth is a slowly rotting apple on the kitchen counter.” This is exactly the attitude the parasitical Global Elitists view the earth and the people in society, as a virus to the planet that “THEY” must exterminate. Lady Gaga is part of the Globalist Elitist Death Cult agenda of eugenics. Our Mother Earth is meant to be a paradise, and if we can eliminate those huge evil corporate entities destroying our Earth, a vital key to the entire galactic universe, then life will live on.

Lady Gaga goes onto claim she is a victim of a serial rapist, while clearly supporting pedophile, sex slave owner, rapist, R Kelly, displaying a disgusting act of near sex, live on stage, on television for all families and children to see, as well as shooting a music video with R Kelly, showing her support for him.

You gotta question the truth or integrity behind the words that come out of Lady Gaga’s disgusting mouth, because any victim of rape, pedophilia, or sexual assault would not come within a nanometer of R Kelly, with the mountains of accusers piling up. Her support for R Kelly, a sexual predator, is unacceptable, a disgrace and insult to all of his victims, and all women who have suffered in any way from this kind of attack.  

Actions speak louder than words, and even Oprah cannot save you Lady Gaga, nor does she want to as she asks you about that, “Meat Dress.” Code for we all know what’s up Bitch. Even though as hard as you are trying to save face, proclaiming your humanitarian goodness, which is right up there with Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize and Melania and Donald Trump’s, New Year’s Resolution in 2020, being Peace, after dropping bombs on other countries. 

Lady Gaga is nothing more than a pawn pushing the Big Pharmaceutical cartel agenda as well as her own. Lady Gaga indoctrinates our youth with radical medical acceptance propaganda to serve the pharmaceutical cartel, and medical industry agenda. This radical acceptance of Obey & Accept whatever your doctor tells you helpless attitude is to create a weak society. Take your pharmaceutical drugs disguised as medicine, question nothing. Accept defeat, embrace your disease, there are no alternatives. Here is your death certificate.

Lady Gaga is also gravely worried that if she does not convince the public that she has a mental illness, the repercussions for her actions and crimes she may be involved in are going to result in an unpleasant verdict in the courtroom.

You have had over a decade to show you goodness, but you have chosen to climb your way to the top at whatever means it took, stealing other artists image and likeness, making yourself a cheapened, diluted carbon, copycat, replica, to selling your soul, joining the Hollywood Death Cult, pushing Satanism, and pedophilia on children and the masses, all for your own fame and glory, and if anyone dare threaten your throne you think you own, you will be put them on your hit list. The Hollywood Death Cult will work together in a collaborative team effort to take out any and all of your competition. “THEY,” have been getting away with murder for years, this should be an easy fix, but as we all know God is far more powerful than the evil residing here on this earth, and the powerful invisible forces that protect those of us who are indeed here to help save the earth and humanity have another thing coming. We will all achieve our goals through our actions and our words, our integrity, intention, humanity, truth, knowledge and wisdom, all of which will be shared with the world, and felt on the deepest levels. 

So while your empty words fall on deaf ears, your reign of terror is over, the tables have turned and the world is awakening! Death, destruction and all things evil have no place in 2020. The Power Is In Peace. Fuck you Lady Gaga.



“The Internet is buzzing about Lady Gaga’s hair stylist suddenly quitting after accusing her of being a devil worshipper — which is what everyone thought she was anyway. Michael Pooter, who cut Gaga’s hair since January 2010, took his family and went into hiding after making some wild accusations about the pop star.”

He said Gaga would stare at him, and he could no longer take the staring. He said in the interview,
“she would eat his children if he ever told anyone” about her.

“She was usually liquored up on cheap whiskey when she came in for treatment. One day, when she was mumbling more than normal, which I found out later was her actually speaking in tongues, I saw the number 666 on her scalp and I quickly asked for God to protect me. She rose up out of her chair and floated 3 feet above the ground while yelling…..”
Michael, took his family and is living in an undisclosed location for the protection of his family.