Celebrities, glamour, fame, money, bling, the American Dream to be rich and famous. We here in America eat this up like candy, the idea of celebrity.  Celebrities are hailed as our Gods, Celebrity idol worship. They are larger than life characters, who have some sort of electrical energy that can charge the world. This is what they call the “IT” factor. If you’re a dud with a pretty face, it’s just not going to happen, you have to have the whole package to make it at the highest levels in Hollywood. You have to have “IT”. Yes, there are those that slip through the cracks and were born into it, or happen to know the right people, but as a collective, Hollywood has some serious talent, and as much as we want to tear them down, and build them up, they serve a purpose on our earth. Could you imagine life without laughing or even crying when you watched a movie. We are all people watchers, the world is a stage, and people like to watch people, it’s what we humans do best. We are all entertained by each other. 

If you have ever seen a celebrity in real life, then you may become Starstruck. You think, “Oh this would never happen to me,” but it’s somewhat of an involuntary response, it just happens. I’m not quite sure what this is that takes over when you see a particular celebrity in person, but you may lose your breath, and freeze up like a deer in the headlights, or say something really stupid. It’s anyone’s guess what will happen, but for the most part we played it pretty cool, we had it down.

In 2007-2008 we had the honor of performing for many famous faces while in New York City at the hottest night club theater. If you swung a cat by its tail, you were bound to hit a celebrity. We were watching them, they were watching us, and we had the rare opportunity to entertain them.

When we suggested to one of the theater owners that they should get Madonna to come hang out, they took our advice, and she had her Birthday party at this famous nightclub theater. Never missing an opportunity to crash a party, and left out of the Madonna festivities for whatever reason was unbeknownst to us, but we did come to the conclusion that “THEY” wanted to hide their Sparkling Diamonds from anyone who might want to snatch them up. Well we luckily caught wind about this secret Madonna party that was hidden from us, and yes, we were going to politely crash it. It’s one of our specialties.

When we arrived unexpectedly, everyone was asking us why we had not performed for Madonna? We said, you will have to ask “THEM.” We had steam coming out of our ears, and felt really fucked over by this opportunity of a lifetime to perform our Fetish-Burlesque shows for Madonna, since it was our idea to have her come there, and our shows had made this night club theater very famous. Our infamy was well known, and we worked very hard to achieve this level success in our career, grinding it out on the road for a decade before this opportunity fell into our lap, and although we thought we would network our way onto even bigger super stardom, nothing happened. We must have passed out a hundred press kits, with nothing. We came to the conclusion that we were off limits, for any meetings or opportunities that did come our way, would turn cold. 

Regardless of this, we took advantage of the situation and set out to meet Madonna, one of our greatest influences and inspirations for creating our performance art shows in the early stages of our career. Who wasn’t inspired by Madonna’s Vogue she performed on MTV? We watched this over and over in awe of her amazing creativity. 

When we arrived to the New York City night club theater, we entered the main doors, walked passed the bar and into the theater’s bottom floor, which was packed full of people. We scanned the room for Madonna. Where is she? We know she is in here somewhere. A few people came up and talked  to us while we were on our stealth mission hunt, but we were distracted, we didn’t have time for idle chit chat, we were on a Madonna Mission. We had to play it cool, like we weren’t looking for her, didn’t plan to meet her, just came to hang out and join the party. 

On the wall to the right about twenty feet away, we saw Justin Timberlake standing talking to a group of people. Darn, we really want to go say hello, but our sights are set on Madonna. Another scan of the room, and we see several huge bodyguards surrounding the couches. Okay, she’s gotta be over there. Celebrities are not easy to access it takes great focus to weave your energy into their sphere. Armed with our book and movie as always, hidden in a discreet purse, we made our way through he sea of people. We just nonchalantly snaked our way through the crowd passed by one of her security guards, and into her view. We made eye contact with her, smiled, and she stood up and walked toward us. We reached out and handed her our book. She accepted it graciously and turned to her friend and said, “Oh look, they have a book.” She smiled at us, and we were under the impression she was going to invite us over to hangout, when I suddenly felt a tap on my shoulder. I slowly turned around, and looked up into the face of her huge security guard.  He was muscle stacked in a suit, CIA style, and  said, “Your going to have to leave now.” This guy was a real party pooper, what was the big deal, we wanted to hang out with Madonna, who doesn’t, and just like that, our fun was done. What a stick in the mud, how is Madonna supposed to have any fun with these boring duds. We obeyed and politely made our way out of the inner circle and upstairs to the balcony.

We were totally bummed that we didn’t get to perform, and didn’t get to have a conversation with Madonna, and we nearly mowed over by her entourage of security guards when she was exiting through the private back hallway we happened to be standing in before she left. It was our last glance at Madonna. We had many conversations with the multitude of celebrities that had crossed our path at this night club theater over the course of one year.

Rene Zellweger asked us to join her at her table, and complimented our Red Burlesque show that was inspired by her movie Chicago. She was one of the most sweet and gracious celebrities we have ever met. Josh Hartnett nearly knocked us over when he ran over to introduce himself to us, as if he needed an introduction, come on it’s Josh Hartnett. When we met Jeremy Piven and Terrence Howard, who were hanging out together, the first thing that flew out of Amber’s mouth was, “We loved you in Hustle and Flow.” He gave her a strange look. Who didn’t love “Hustle and Flow?” It depicted the strip club industry to a T and was an amazing story. These guys worked on us for hours to come hang out with them, but we had to catch a flight to perform somewhere the next day, and this one was not in the cards.

Ceelo and Danger Mouse were cool cats who were on the rise from their “Crazy,” success. One of the coordinators of the theater awaiting our arrival one night was dying to introduce us to U2’s the Edge who waited around to meet us. It’s literally a celebrity pile up, and it was a fun time meeting celebrities. Who doesn’t want to meet a celebrity, it’s fun, they came out of the wood work while we were there, and it was a highlight in our career as Fetish-Burlesque stars.

And as Woody Harrelson said in Natural Born Killers, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.” We just getting wound up.