We love America. America is a great place, the people in America are quirky and interesting, as well as normal and boring too. America always has their own way of putting their own spin on everything. America is really good at setting trends, if it wasn’t for celebrities no one would know about yoga, because once the celebrities grab hold of something and run with it, the American people are soon to follow. We can all thank Madonna for yoga.

It’s a lot of responsibility being a celebrity in one fell swoop Kylie Jenner made the Snaps stock plummet when she said she wasn’t using it anymore. Now that is star power at its finest, crashing the stock market. There is something to be said about America’s obsession with pop culture celebrity, but it seems to be wearing off a bit with the information age, and the growth of independent media, and alternative entertainment outlets. 

Just about anyone can be famous, which is exactly what Oliver Stone predicted in his film Natural Born Killers. Quentin Tarantino did write this film, and according to documented rumors, Oliver Stone rewrote it, inciting a rivalry war between the two directors, Quentin vowing never to watch the movie that Oliver Stone rewrote, because according to Quentin know, one re-writes his scripts. I think to this day Quentin Tarantino says he hasn’t watched Natural Born Killers, but judging by Quentin Tarantino’s obsession with all things film, he most likely viewed Natural Born Killers, in a secret bunker in headphones, so no one would ever find out. It would be interesting to know what Quentin Tarantino really thought of it from an objective point of view, because once the measuring sticks come out between directors, it’s hard to say if the war will ever be resolved. Isn’t that what all wars are anyways, a measure of one’s talent? 

With America’s obsession with cinema and celebrity, and if this happened to be your calling in life, magnify the obsession a hundred fold, you will find the best directors in the business such as Quentin Tarantino and Oliver Stone. We love these guys, and we really hope they can set aside their measuring sticks in the spirit of filmmaking.

When we were at our peak of chasing our Hollywood dream, before David Icke bitch slapped us out of our Hollywood, mind control spell in 2013, and we learned about the Satanic Cult running Hollywood, it would take us a while to gather ourselves, regroup, and take on a different approach to our filmmaking dreams. Not that we ever for a second fit into the Hollywood mold, or thought we could get our foot in the door, because in order to get your foot in the door in Hollywood, you have to have an agent to get a manager, and in order to get a manger you have to have agent to get you a manager. So once again we are at one of those cross-roads a real no win situation going on, designed by the Hollywood, Global Elitists, to only let in those they choose, and who will indeed serve their agenda of mind controlling the masses all across America.

Yes, America is mind controlled to the fullest extent, and even we were for the longest time. It took forever to break our Hollywood spell, even when we knew the information, it had a really strong hold, for it was part of the chart, the fate, the path, and it just wouldn’t let go. We took every opportunity that came our way to try and create our lucky break, to meet the right person, to make the right connections, because in Hollywood, it’s all about the connections, but as everyone is now learning you usually have to sleep your way to the top to make it anywhere in Hollywood. Some of the biggest talent agencies in Hollywood are nothing more than pimps, pimping out actresses to further their careers as well as their agents careers, which is why it’s so ruthless. Sounds like a rough gig, and we though stripping was hard, at least for the most part we had our dignity that is until that industry was taken over by the Global Elitists who have their hands in every corner of the pie. They want it all, and they are dipping into the little guys pot too.

Regardless of all of the obstacles, impossibilities, and challenges, like a chihuahua we just never gave up. There was this internal driving force that always kept us moving in the film making direction, because nothing else ever panned out, we had no plan B. We had our dancing, our writing, our performance art, our music, all things entertainment, anything outside of that sphere always fell apart, for it just wasn’t in the cards. We were on a very specific mission here on this earth, and the calling was unbelievably strong.

We got bit by the movie bug years ago when a director came into a strip club we were working in and begged us to be in his movie trailer he was shooting to try and raise money for a feature film. We blew him off for several weeks, but he wouldn’t stop calling the club we worked at, and the director somehow convinced the bouncer to convince us that we should do it, and it worked, so we called the director and found out the details. 

Working late nights made mornings rough, but we would crawl our bones out of bed and make it to the set. We had done a few amateur projects at this point in our stripping career, which is why we were hesitant about this project, we didn’t want to waste our time. However, this would be the movie set that would shift something within us, and our whole life direction would change at this moment as we were both overwhelmed with the spirit of filmmaking. Something happened within us both that day, as we were on the set shooting in a dodgy hotel. We had been shooting all day and it was into the night. All of the actors were at the ultra shitty, rundown, Kent Motel, where the crew had been attacked by a midget and war vet with a huge knife, earlier in the day, not knowing they were shooting a movie. The actors, and crew were all crammed into the small motel room to prepare for the bathtub scene we were about to do. This wasn’t going to be a sexy bathtub scene, for the movie was about a killer, and we were the victims. We went over the top and did our own theater makeup straight out of a slasher film. We looked gruesome. While waiting to shoot, we talked to one of the actors who told us stories of the day on the set, and how the lead actor playing the detective flipped on on him during a super racy scene. The energy of the set was electric, the actors serious in their craft, and everyone was there in a joined, collaborative effort, for no money to make a trailer in hopes of feature film dreams. It was an energy, and a feeling that washed over us both that this was the path and direction we were supposed to go, for before this we were lost, we just hadn’t figured it out yet. It had finally been revealed to us, through an epiphany of sorts that occurred on the set, it was magical. The movie trailer for the film is on our website, it was very cool, and really did change our life.

We became obsessed with film making and directors, one of our favorites being Quentin Tarantino. Who doesn’t love the guy, he’s a freaking genius when it comes to making movies and dialogue. He broke new ground in all of his early works. We watched all of his interviews, behind the scenes, and movies. Pulp Fiction is probably a movie in our archive that we have seen the most. It just doesn’t ever get old, and we stripped to the soundtrack of Pulp Fiction that was in the Jukebox at 92nd street club, the roughest strip club biker bar in Portland for years. We had glasses thrown at us on stage as well as cigarettes, after tipping over beers in people’s laps for ripping up a dollar and sharing it between four guys. We ignited many bar fights in that place to those who disrespected strippers. Those were the days.

Quentin Tarantino was the coolest. He made the word cool, cool again. So when we received a random newsletter email in 2014 that Quentin Tarantino was doing a live reading of the Hateful Eight in Los Angeles, at the Ace Hotel, our favorite Hotel, we had to go!

We knew the amazing creators behind it the Ace Hotel. They were young innovators who landed us the highly coveted gig in New York City through a twist of fate when they saw us performing our shows at Dante’s Sunday Sinferno in Portland and said, “We have to get you in New York City.” Once again we thought they were blowing smoke up our ass, as most people do, but they made the connections and well the rest is history on that story. 

Now that Quentin Tarantino was going to be in person, in the flesh, in Los Angeles California, at the Ace Hotel, we knew it was destiny, we had to meet him! It was only a few days away, and the drive to LA was sixteen hours. We would bring our yorkies with us and chose driving over flying so we could pack our pack of wolves. We were in it for the long haul, brought a stellar outfit for the event, packed a cooler full of juice, since we happened to be doing a juice fast at the time and headed for LA. 

Magical things always happened during our juice fasts. The space in between had come in by that time, as we like to call it, which draws in mystical, puzzle pieces, floating around in the ether. We drew this one in, and were raring to go to LA and meet Quentin Tarantino. We were always up for networking and came armed with our autobiography book we had published, and our film “The Masked Charade.” Our mind Ninja was hard at work, and as we braved the drive, armed with juices, iPods, and yorkies, the adventure was on. We lived for adventure, and were always up for one, flying by the seat of our pants most of our life, but with great focus and determination.

Seventeen hours later when we rolled into downtown LA at the Ace Hotel, after a million and one pit stops, with the yorkies, we had made it. We were exhausted, fucking wrecked. You forget how hard it is to drive seventeen hours straight. I think it’s more like fifteen or sixteen, but we had to stop a lot because of the yorkies. Sixteen hours Is the shorter route to LA, and years ago we took the long way multiple times by accident, the scenic route, so by this time in life we were definitely looking for the short cut. Napoleon Hill says, “The easy road leads to crooked rivers and crooked men.” We never found the easy road, and I don’t even think we ever found the short cut, even though we tried, but we made it to LA in one piece. We would crash for a few hours before getting up and getting ready for the event. 

The founders of the Ace Hotel had bought the old United Artists theater once owned by Charlie Chaplin and other old Hollywood icons. It was ornate and gothic, oozing with history. We made our way into the sold out 1600 seat theater that was bustling with people clamoring to see Quentin Tarantino in person. We watched as all the actors made their way on stage, and sat for the next two hours to watch the table reading. It was pretty lackluster, and honestly quite boring, but we heard Quentin Tarantino in real life, in his own voice speak, as well as Michael Madsen from Reservoir Dogs, who Quentin yelled at during the reading for practically falling asleep.

As the show ended and the cast and director exited the stage, everyone made their way out into the lobby. It was like a sea of people, shoulder to shoulder. We really had our heart set on meeting Quentin Tarantino, and we were quite good at manifesting this kind of thing into our reality, so we just sort of milled around, waiting to see what would unfold. 

Always six feet tall in our tall platform shoes, we came eye to eye with a Hollywood icon. We both however drew a total blank as we stared at this person trying desperately to go through the filing bank of our minds of who this person was. I know who that is…who is that, fuck, who is that? Think, think, think, think, think, think! No dice, we cannot recall for the life of us who this person is. It wouldn’t hit us until we were on our drive home, that we were eye to eye with Harvey Weinstein! I said, “Mother Fucker that was Harvey Fucking Weinstein.”  This is obviously before the scandal and fall of Harvey Weinstein, and he was at that point the God of Miramax Films, where all dreams came true. Could you imagine if we would have recollected who we were standing in front of? He did the movie Chicago, he would love us! I’m sure he would have, thank God we dodged that bullet. With the temporary Amnesia of Harvey Weinstein we looked on in the sea of people, and to no avail of anyone else that seemed worthwhile we left. 

All dolled up with nowhere else to go, we ventured out to a few strip clubs to check out the LA scene and see if it held any prosperity. First we went to Cheetah’s, and that was downright depressing. The place is a total shit hole, and the women seemed so sad and desperate with no money or customers in sight. It’s a rough gig those LA strip clubs. We bounced out of Cheetah’s and headed to the Spearmint Rhino. The managers clamored to let us through the door, and check out their club. It was packed full of tons of women, and you can instantly feel the mood of a place by the look on the women’s faces. It too was a sad state of affairs, with more women than customers and all in all it just felt awful. That’s the thing, it doesn’t matter what state you are in, once you walk into a strip club, they all feel the same. It’s because they are all ran by the same evil with the credo of desecrating women, taking their money, and forcing them into prostitution.

Our night on the town was a complete buzz kill, and we threw in the towel and headed back to the Ace Hotel. It was around 2:30 a.m. and we were completely defeated. Our trip had turned out to be a dud thus far. While in the lobby a young woman came up to us and started chatting us up, She was a babe and we all hit it off talking about the show. She took a few photos of us with our iPhone, which turned out really good, before we got ready to head to our hotel room. The concierge came up to the two of us and started talking to us, and asked us if we knew Quentin Tarantino was upstairs in the bar? We cooly said, “no we did not know that.” We calmly made our way to the elevator and pushed the button, as it glowed, taking us to the top floor where the bar was. We didn’t want to be rude, or impose on all of those gathered around Quentin Tarantino who was in the distance, surrounded by the entire wait staff who were circled around him listening to him talk. 

It was really cool to see Quentin just shooting the shit with the common folk. We slowly inched our way into the exclusive you have to be a waiter to join our party crowd, and caught Quentin Tarantino’s eye. He looked up and said, “Oh Hello.” We said, “Hello, we don’t want to crash your party, but we are huge fans and drove all the way from Portland Oregon to see you’re reading.” He said, “What did you think, should I make it into a movie?” We of course said, “yes,” although it wasn’t his finest work, we would never insult Quentin Tarantino. He laughed, and said, “I guess we will see.” We had a book and movie in our hand and extended our gift to him. He graciously accepted it and thumbed through the pages of our book. He said, “Cool I will check this out.” We held our breath. We said a few more words to Quentin, and told him thank you for letting us crash his party, and we politely excused ourselves. We were officially on a Quentin Tarantino high, and had indeed accomplished our mission of coming to LA on a whim to meet Quentin Tarantino!

We had slipped into our book a business card with our number and email, and even though Quentin Tarantino has never called or emailed us, how many people can say that Quentin Tarantino has their phone number, a copy of their book and film hand delivered!