The Food Inc. documentary changed our reality. We didn’t make it past the chickens in this documentary, and this was the tipping point of us going vegan as well as reading Markus Rothkranz’ book Heal Yourself 101, which was one of the first books ever written busting the vegan myths.

As we became more awakened in our life from the information age, the truth movement, and a lifelong search to cure ourselves due to our compromised health from environmental toxins we were exposed to as children, we were looking for the truth of optimal healing health and healing.

There were many years and events that would lead up to the inward shift that would permanently change our lifestyle to veganism. We felt ashamed and enslaved to the gluttony of our our forks and knives stabbing meat for consumption. The meat lies perpetuated that a person would die without animal protein and wither away into skin and bones cancer and death lingered in the backs of our minds. As soon as we discovered the truth that was being shared by Markus Rothkranz’ and other health advocates, we had a moment of clarity which came while watching the documentary Food Inc. We didn’t make it past the chickens, and through our blurry teary eyed vision we made a decision to quit meat. We had a freezer full of free range organic meat, from our glut of ducks, to beef sliders, and chicken breast, the tippity top highest quality of meat you could possibly buy. 

We had our caesura and spent the week polishing off what we had bought. This is what drug addicts often do when they are getting ready to go to rehab, they go on a bender one last time. While this wasn’t a bender, it was our poverty engrained consciousness that you cannot waste food. This would be the last time we ate meat, and we would never look back. The meat and dairy withdraw on the body created nigh sweats, and cravings. This would eventually dissipate as we devled into cleansing and detoxing our bodies.

The decision to go vegan has raised our consciousness, vibrational frequency, and changed our physical appearance. The struggle to have a thin waistline, which we even battled and had to work our asses off to maintain, suddenly became a breeze. Dairy is the Devil that will keep you fat, and meat will do the same, causing inflammation all over the body. When we eliminated these things from our diet, it changed everything on a physical level and spiritual level. 

Our knowledge for healing and cleansing would bring many shifts in consciousness, making the vegan switch no longer an effort, but a way of being. It would no longer become a concentrated effort of will power, but was instead “The Is”  It just is. When this kind of shift occurs in ones life, one becomes a conduit to the cosmic intelligence of the universe, and the download center is open. Life questions will be answered, and life purposes revealed. Plants have frequency of information to deliver to the body on a cellular level, it is alive and vibrant with knowledge and keys to the universe. Everything in nature has the Fibonacci sequence weaved throughout every vein with information and answers to our lives on this earth.