We are the Porcelain Twinz, and on March 30th, 2019  our civil rights, all freedoms and liberties were violated here in Portland, Oregon by the Portland Police, Providence Hospital, Legacy Meridian Hospital, and Project Respond, in an attempt to silence us with the use of Oregon Statute 426: Involuntary Commitment Services.

Authorities in Portland Oregon used this law on us after we went to the emergency room, after our gym locker had been broken into, and our water poisoned, by domestic terrorist groups, gang stalkers and hate groups in a very well planned out conspiracy to destroy our life and murder us.

This law will silence people, take their freedom of speech, right to bear arms, right to choose their own health care away and many other rights.

Involuntary Commitment Services

Oregon Statute 426 allows a person to be treated for a mental illness against their will if they are experiencing an emotional disturbance and are imminently dangerous to themselves or others or are unable to care for their basic needs. To be committed, a person must meet the above standards in a court hearing where critical information is presented in the form of testimony in front of a judge and the person considered for commitment. If an individual is committed, he or she may receive involuntary treatment for up to 180 days.

Oregon Revised Statute 426 provides for INVOLUNTARY treatment of individuals who are either dangerous or else unable to meet their basic needs due to a mental illness. This legal process is known as civil commitment and begins with a Notice of Mental Illness filed in court. This notice is required whenever a person is placed on an emergency hold in a hospital, or it may be given in the form of a 2-Party Petition. A Mental Health Investigator will then work with hospital, social workers and other treatment professionals as well as individuals and their families to gather information and determine whether to recommend that a Civil Commitment Hearing take place with the circuit court. The investigator’s job is to ensure due process for individuals placed on a hospital hold, to make certain that their civil rights are not suspended wrongfully or for any longer than necessary. If an individual is committed, he or she may receive involuntary treatment for up to 180 days.

Because a court-ordered hospitalization is a significant infringement on a person’s constitutional rights, due process of law is required. None of the due process required guidelines were followed in regard to Statute 426 being used on us and there were no legal grounds to use the law. Our family was not contacted. Statute 426 is unconstitutional and should be banned. If statute 426 is corruptly used on a person as it was on us, the State of Oregon has the right to take all your freedoms and civil rights away. You will find this law in every state across the nation.

In California, this same law falls under section 5150 of the Welfare and Institutions Code, which allows an adult who is experiencing a mental health crisis to be involuntarily detained for a 72-hour psychiatric hospitalization when evaluated to be a danger to others, or to himself or herself, or gravely disabled. This law is used in Hollywood on celebrities all of the time, used on Kanye West when he supported President Trump publicly.

Involuntary commitment services laws create a fascist, police state, and is the modern-day witch-hunt on civilians who pose a threat to exposing any sort of corruption. It stifles freedom of speech and the truth from being heard and takes many rights away from innocent citizens.

Why would someone want to lock us up… to shut us up? Who is behind the plan to destroy our life? Why would anyone want to harm us?

We are the Porcelain Twinz, world famous performance artists who have travelled the world performing our theatrically stylized, choreographed, controversial, fetish-burlesque shows, influencing mainstream pop culture where our image has been stolen by many, popstar puppets, to create one of the biggest pop stars in the world.

From 2007-2008 we performed at an exclusive nightclub theater in New York City, with celebrities in the house on a nightly basis. Madonna had her birthday party at this nightclub, and we met her briefly. This time we spent in New York City performing is where many popstars hijacked our image, style, likeness and shows.  We all know that popstars are strategically manufactured by the music industry and are known for stealing from underground artists to create their pop sensation, money-making machines.

Regardless of all of our success as world famous performance artists, we spent 22 years in the adult entertainment industry dancing in strip clubs from 1997-2019 to make ends meet when we were not touring with our shows.

We are whistleblowers and writers, currently penning our second book about the corrupt and illegal prostitution taking over the strip club industry in Portland Oregon and all over the nation.

We’ve written two books about our experiences. Our first book is a tell all about our life from our first memories and how we entered into the adult entertainment industry. We expose the truth about the strip club industry that you do not see in music videos.

The book was originally called The Porcelain Twinz, Our Life in the Sex Industry; it has since been renamed Life is a Lap Dance. If you want to know the truth about the strip club industry, read our first book, Life is a Lap Dance; our second book, currently in process, will be even more revealing.

Now back to who wants to destroy our life? We have ruffled a lot of feathers along the way apparently.

In 2008, we exposed a public figure from one of the wealthiest and most powerful families in New York City (Google) for his sexual harassment misconduct toward us and many other countless women who performed at his theater, however none of the other women had the courage to come forward.

We have openly called out celebrities such as Beyoncé and Lady Gaga for stealing our unique style, performance art shows, and copying our image and likeness repeatedly as well as Dita Von Teese for stealing one of our trademark shows and performing it for a documentary at the Crazy Horse Theater in Paris, and Britney Spears copying our film “The Masked Charade” for her Circus Tour video stage show.

We have been outspoken about the illegal prostitution going on in the Portland strip clubs, and the unfairness of women having to pay to work, which we wrote about in our first book Life Is A Lap Dance.

In 2017, we were poisoned by a dancer at a downtown strip club we worked at and thought we were going to die of heart attacks on our kitchen floor. We had a poison antidote that would save our life in our kitchen cupboard. When we exposed this dancer to the club owner as well as well as prostitution taking place in the club and asked for cameras, we were harassed and bullied by other dancers, then fired.

Owners, dancers and employees now accept prostitution in all Portland strip clubs.

The strip club industry in Portland Oregon has become completely unregulated, and because of this, the women are no longer protected. What was once an industry heavily monitored by OLCC (Oregon Liquor Control Commission) was now an industry with no checks and balances, where prostitution and sexual services are now the norm.

With prostitution now prevalent in the clubs, pimps, gangs and other dangerous elements would follow. Many strippers are now gang members, with pimps and are associated with other gang members in their inner circle who take over clubs and run out anyone they think will take the money away from their prostitutes working in the clubs.

We also made the mistake of publicly voicing our political views in 2016 in support of Donald Trump, during the elections before the landscape of the political hate groups were established. This created a lot of hate toward us in the strip club industry.

We are Trump supporters and in 2016 during the elections, we blasted our political views on our Porcelain Twinz Facebook page. Little did we know we would become a target for the anti-Trump hate groups in the city. We had no idea the extremes that would be taken toward our well-being, our livelihood, and our lives and in combination with the hate groups, we believe that there were also some serious vendettas against us.

For nearly three years since 2016 we have been stalked by a network of multiple gangs who have joined forces to harass, bully and stalk us and attempted to murder us. This began after we met a real estate developer in Orange County, California, who developed large commercial projects in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

We met him at a strip club in Orange County while we were traveling the country dancing in 2016. We knew him for less than 30 days, and in his bait and switch scheme,  he soon revealed that he was in a high profile motorcycle gang and involved in other criminal organizations, bribing politicians and judges to achieve his goals, while suing his enemies and paying the judges to always win in court. His investors were overseas investors, and he was Korean.

Since crossing paths with this person, who we believe was bounty hunting us, in 2016, we exited the situation as quickly as we could, but it was too late, and this person placed on a target list within a network of gangs. The gangs and groups are part of a mob network, who are paid to attack, stalk, harass and hunt a specific target.

We know this about the network, because this person told us how gang stalking works in great detail, and how the gangs work together as a worldwide network, and even bragged about just returning with his motorcycle gang of hundreds who were stalking a target’s house that night, by riding their bikes in circles around their target’s neighborhood and revving their motorcycle engines, which had super loud mufflers, to psychologically break down their target. He also informed us that because of this massive, instant communication between the networks of gangs, nobody ever gets away.  There is no escape.

Once you are a target put on a list like this, if you don’t already have a bounty, there will most likely be a bounty placed on your head to keep hunters motivated and hungry. These networks of gangs and hate groups work together to stalk their target and achieve their goal of psychological terror, harm and death. Everyone gets involved including your neighbors, because these hate groups canvas the neighborhood of their target, and pay people to spy, harass, video and bully targets 24/7. According to David Icke, George Soros is funding billions of dollars to these groups and networks all over the world.

The hate groups are divided up into many different groups to look like legitimate activist groups, rallying behind their cause. The groups are designed to target all walks of life in society to cater to every preference. Some people like spirituality, others may like ANTIFA, or Black Lives Matter, church organizations or political groups. This way the hate group movement is spread like a spider’s web throughout society instantaneously with social media. There are different groups for different classes of society, but they all are working as one large network. The group’s members are all receiving paydays to participate in the cause, and their cause may be to stalk, bully, harass, harm, and even murder any target on their list.

All of the gangs and hate groups are working together as a network in the thousands, it’s unbelievable how this can happen to innocent people. They have infinite numbers of people and funding who are paid to participate. With financial incentives these gangs and hate groups can make their target’s life a living hell. This is how they control people they do not like in society.

These gangs and hate groups, have cut off our financial resources by bullying and stalking us in large numbers while we were working inside of the strip clubs with the intent to murder us, bullying and stalking us out of the strip club industry permanently, because who wants to be, just another dead stripper.

In January 2019, the hate group stalking intensified to an all-time high. We were being aggressively bullied everywhere we went from our gym to the grocery store.

On Thursday, March 28th, 2019, we were at the gym, our locker was broken into, and our water, which we drank was poisoned. We instantly felt dizzy, woozy, light-headed and nauseous and knew we had been poisoned. We poured a poison antidote packet we had with us into water and drank it. We instantly got dressed, and packed up all of our belongings, left the gym and drove home fast before the poison could completely take hold.

We had been dealing with a lot of aggressive behavior at our gym for several months, and it was so blatant that a Ukrainian man in his 60’s, who barely spoke any English, came into the sauna and showed us a series of self-defense moves. He apologized for all of the mean people bullying us every day at the gym. It was that obvious. We believe the hate groups were paying gym employees as well as gym members to harass, bully, video us, take photos of us in the sauna and naked in the women’s dressing room. We complained about all the cell phone use in the club and dressing rooms after being video recorded by a woman’s child when we were coming out of the shower naked. We asked for our privacy to be protected. They gym put signs up prohibiting cell phones in the sauna, but people would still try to bring them in to create a confrontation. We cancelled our membership after the poisoning incident.

When we arrived home from gym after drinking the poisoned water, the symptoms of being poisoned were increasing. The nausea was intensifying, and the pain that took hold over our whole body set in.   We drank another herbal packet and took two tablespoons of activated coconut charcoal and were terrified that we might not survive this one. Activated charcoal is in every emergency room in the nation used as a poison and overdose remedy, because it goes in and draws out the poison with adsorbent structure and is popular in the natural health community as a health tonic. We drank a lot of water and went to our bedroom to lie down, but the poison caused nausea, restlessness and insomnia, so there was absolutely no peace. Our bodies hurt all over as we feared the worst.

On March 28th, 2019 we called our naturopathic doctor, told him we were poisoned and asked him if he could see us,  for he could instantly make us the antidote to whatever his technology would detect in our bodies, but he was not available and advised us to go to the emergency room instead. We had already went to one emergency room near our house, and were treated with such hate and hostility at the window check in, and knew by the strange behavior that the hospital staff was exhibiting that we were not going to be safe, and took our ID that we had given to the check in girl back and left immediately. We informed our doctor of the bizarre behavior at the hospital, and begged him to help us, but he said he couldn’t meet us at the office, due to an appointment he had first thing in the morning from a surgery he had just received for a sliced tendon on his leg. Our doctor in the past was always available to us in emergencies and had met us at his office on an occasion when we needed him in the past, so this was heartbreaking for us that we were stranded without him.  We feared going to the emergency room and felt it was a risk, for the hate groups were at all levels in society, and we feared corruption even at the hospital, and we were right.

We made decision to go to Legacy Meridian Hospital, for fear that we were going to die,since we had been there before in the past and had a positive experience, but deep down did not want to go to any hospital.When we walked into Legacy Meridian, we told the staff that we believed that we had been poisoned and have been being stalked by gangs and hate groups that we believe were responsible. We were treated bizarrely once again at this hospital and asked if we could be taken into a private area, because after waiting in the jam packed stalker filled waiting room, we started to fade, and thought we might lose consciousness.  We were taken to a room and both were able to lie down together on a hospital bed.  We snuggled in the fetal position and waited. 

We had literally seen the emergency room doctor at Legacy Meridian for five minutes and we both had a terrible feeling come over us when he accused us of doing this to ourselves like we were criminals. The hospital took our blood work and said they would be testing it for Tylenol and Advil as if we did this to ourselves.

We heard some very peculiar conversations between the doctors outside of the door; a reference to a code blue, and code pink, and knew something was funny, but not ha-ha funny.  They had taken some blood work, but we had not signed anything.  The nurses wheeled in two large square containers filled with a blue liquid and claimed that this would be our IV’s. We had never seen an IV that looked like this before.  The doctors went outside of the door, and we heard them say to another doctor that they would be finished with us in about five minutes.  The doctors left our room momentarily, and we both looked at each other, and literally started feeling better, like an angel jumped into our bodies or something very surreal was occurring.  We looked at each other and said that we have to leave now!  We jumped up off the bed, still alone in the room, and made our escape toward the front door, where two security guards were geared up standing in blue gloves.  They asked us where we were going, and we told them home to rest and recover, and that we were suddenly feeling so much better and thought that we were going to be fine. The front desk girl frantically asked us to sign the paperwork, and we told her that we were not signing anything and walked out the door and bolted to our car. Without our signatures, the hospital had no legal grounds to hold us there.  We did not feel that the hospital, staff or doctors had our best interest in mind, but instead had a very sinister agenda planned for us. This was awful, to go to a hospital for help and be treated like a criminal, and fear that they are going to harm you. We did not feel safe, and felt we were in danger. After being in the adult entertainment industry for 22 years, it is not uncommon for women to be stalked, murdered, stabbed poisoned or raped, so to be accused of painfully poisoning ourselves, is unjust to say the least.

The hospital called our cell phone multiple times, which we answered, and every time they called, they expressed their concern, and asked if we were okay, which we assured them that we were okay and doing fine and were feeling much better and going to bed. The following day someone knocked on our front door. I (Heather) looked through the glass window of our front door and observed a woman standing on our porch. I did not open the door. The woman said, “I want to talk to you for a moment, can I please come in?” I said, “No, I’m fine, I am going to bed.” I had my small dog in my arms and said, “We are fine, thank you.” I closed the curtain and went to bed.

We slept for 12 hours, and when we woke up, we ate an amazing, hearty vegan smoothie protein shake that many vegan bodybuilders are consuming and promoting that made us feel like a million bucks! Smoothies are a staple in our vegan diet and are packed full of superfoods and boast a nutritional spectrum that pales to the food sitting upon grocery store shelves. We recovered from the poisoning with our amazing healthy food and herbal supplements and would rest and relax for the rest of the day.

Later in the day, a police officer knocked on our door and asked if she could come in and talk to us about the many stalking reports that we had been filing with a Portland police officer over the last several months. Amber said, “Oh don’t worry about that, we must have been mistaken, we are not interested in reporting anything, we are fine, feeling better thank you.” The officer said, “Can you open the door so I can give you my card?” Amber, who was wrapped in only a towel getting ready to take a shower, said “Just drop it in the mail slot.” The officer left. We also received two phone calls from police officers that were communicating with the Emergency room doctor at Legacy Meridian hospital. The officer was calling to check up on us, and we assured the officer that we had recovered fully, feeling much better now and were back to normal.

Terrified for our lives on many occasions, we had filed numerous police reports and had been communicating with an FBI agent out of New York City for over two years, trying to stop the gang stalking by these hate groups. We believe the FBI agent shared our emails with corrupt people within the system, and for whatever reason decided to threaten us with a reference to our mental health needing checked in our last communications. Two days after the FBI agent’s threat, we were arrested and taken out of our backyard and kitchen at exactly 10:33 a.m. by four huge police officers and two Project Respond mental health workers who trespassed into our backyard by opening our backyard gate, entering our yard and home without our permission, claiming they had a warrant and a, Mental Health Hold, for our arrest and hospitalization. It was a warm 70-degree sunny Saturday morning at 10:33 a.m. on March 30, 2019.  Someone should do the Masonic numerology breakdown of all of this times, dates, number of people involved, etc. We told the police officers and the Project Respond workers to leave and that they were trespassing and not invited onto our property. They refused to leave, claiming we were a danger to ourselves and others and that we had a, Mental Hold, placed on us by the emergency room doctor at Legacy Meridian hospital and Project Respond.

The Portland Police entered our home and claimed they had a warrant, but they never gave us the warrant when we asked for it. They never showed any proof of having a warrant. Our dogs were terrified, traumatized, and frantically barking at the intruders in our home. The police handcuffed one of us like a criminal, humiliating us in our beautiful, pristine, Laurelhurst neighborhood for all the neighbors to see. They placed us in separate ambulances and strapped both of us down with Velcro restraints, in the middle of the street onto our own individual gurneys. Before they insisted on strapping us down and loading us into an ambulance, we offered to comply to their requests of our need to go to the hospital and offered be escorted there in our car.  We pleaded for them to not humiliate us by putting us unnecessarily in front of all of our neighbors by strapping us down and rolling us into ambulances, but they refused. We were taken to the, Psychiatric Ward, at Portland Providence Hospital. Our two, five-pound Yorkies, would be left alone in our home, with no arrangements made for the care. Dogs are sentient beings, under Oregon law, and Project Respond and the Portland police just abandoned our furry children leaving them alone for two days without food or knowing how much water they had in their dog bowls.

I was put in the ambulance first, and Amber second. Amber was frazzled asking the officers to allow our sister to have our house key. The officer took our house key from Amber’s hand and locked our front door and put the key in his pocket. When Amber was in the ambulance, Amber asked where her house key was? The EMT worker retrieved the key from the officer and put the key in Amber’s vest pocket and zipped it up.

When Amber got to the hospital, the doctors refused to take her blood work first, and instead immediately had the nurses hook her up to IV’s, pumping her full of sedatives and lowering her electrolyte levels, making her feel woozy and dizzy, so they could achieve the test results that they wanted to in order to keep her electrolyte levels at a dangerously low level. The doctors and nurses did the same thing to me. I demanded that they take blood work before pumping me full of whatever was in the IV, and the doctors refused. The hospital had an agenda to attain the results that they wanted, so they could keep us captive.

A social worker had Amber sign a piece of paper with our oldest sister’s name on it, which would allow Amber to give our sister our house key, and permission to enter our house and care for our two small dogs. The social worker demanded that Amber write down our, Xfinity, home security code on the piece of paper, but Amber refused. The social worker became frustrated, and exclaimed that Amber was being difficult, took her cell phone out of Amber’s hand, and refused to allow our older sister, who was in the lobby of the hospital, to come retrieve our house key. Now Amber had no way of calling anyone to arrange pet care for our Yorkies, and we feared that if we didn’t get out of this situation soon, our furry babies would dehydrate and starve to death.

Home security companies strictly emphasize the importance of NEVER giving your home security code to anyone ever!   We had already had issues with our security system being hacked on multiple occasions over the course of the last few months and had to have our entire system upgraded and replaced to the newest technology to combat these hacks. Stalker hackers would sit outside of our house in their cars with their computers and trip our alarm constantly.  Our Xfinity logs documented over 3,000 hack attempts in one day.   We reported this to Xfinity, and the Portland police on multiple occasions.

It is unfortunate that the Portland Police have failed us, for we have great respect for those who protect and serve our communities and have had very positive experiences with police officers in Portland, but this experience has tainted our trust for authorities in Portland Oregon. Once upon a time in Portland Oregon, there are many amazing people serving our communities from doctors, police officers, fire fighters, EMT’s, and more, but when the corruption hits, it goes deep.

A few days prior to being taken out of our home and restrained in an ambulance against our free will and civil rights, a similar event occurred outside of our home in the middle of the street directly outside of our living room window in our pristine Laurelhurst neighborhood. A homeless man was walking through the street ripping his clothes off in the cold, pouring rain, while waving his arms in the air, while screaming and yelling. A fleet of police cars and an ambulance immediately arrived on the scene, as if they were right around the corner. They apprehended the obviously mentally ill homeless man and strapped him down to a gurney in the middle of the street and put him in an ambulance. This was a highly unlikely event to occur in our neighborhood. What are the chances of these similar events taking place within days of each other in our pristine, quiet neighborhood? To us this appears to be a Satanic ritual taken place outside of our house, showing us what they were about to do. In Occult black magic a ritual takes place to help create the desired outcome. Was this a Satanic ritual, well thought out and planned to manipulate an outcome against our free will. According to David Icke, this is how the Satanic Occult operates, showing us what they want to achieve in in plain view before it happens.  

While in the hospital I (Heather), started asking several questions to the medical staff involved detaining me in this hospital. I asked, “Who has the authority to place a mental hold on my health?”  The emergency room doctor from Legacy Meridian, replied, “Project Respond, are the ones that placed the mental hold on you.” I said, “Who is Project Respond? Who in Project Respond has the authority over my life, over my rights as an American citizen? My civilian rights have been taken away!”

Their response was, “I don’t know.” I said, “Who runs Project Respond? Are these doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists? How can an ER doctor I talked to for maybe five minutes make that call? Who at Project Respond has this authority on my life against my will now the will of the state? Is this a police state? Who is Project Respond? Are they qualified doctors with PhDs, because these are the only qualified professionals who should be evaluating my mental health which is fine?”

I would continue my battery of questions to anyone who came in my room. The response would be, “You refused treatment when you were in fatal condition at Legacy Meridian Hospital.” I said, “I recovered, I am fine, I was called by police officers twice in regard to the ER visit and told them we were fine. Two people and different times came to my house and could see I was fine. This is illegal. What you are doing against my consent, against my will is illegal. I am not signing anything. I don’t consent to what you are doing. Insisting that I be pumped full of whatever you are going to put in my body without my consent. I am into naturopathic medicine, alternative healing, I do not want anything in my body. If I need to see a doctor, I will see my naturopathic doctor. Can I call my doctor? I want to call my doctor.”

It would take an hour of me asking over and over to talk to my naturopathic doctor before they finally let me call him. I left him a message and told him what had happened. He was not in the office, and I had to call his answering service and relay a message that stated that we were taken to the hospital against our will strapped down with Velcro restraints with a Mental Hold placed against us. We could not leave the hospital and we are being held captive and forced to take IV treatments against our will.

The first doctor that came into my room had no desire to set me free. I told him that this was not my choice and I was not in agreement with what they were forcing us to do. I asked him questions. An hour or so later a different doctor came in who was much nicer. I asked him all of the questions I had been asking. I told him that we were in the adult entertainment industry for over 20 years, and it was not uncommon for women to be stalked or poisoned therefore the two of us thinking we had been poisoned should not be deemed as mental illness, but should be taken very seriously and investigated as to who all was involved in this murderous plot.

I told him that forcing us into an ambulance and into a hospital was against my rights, and my sister’s rights as US citizens, and this was not my choice, but quite the opposite of anything that I would have chosen for myself.  The State funded, Project Respond, is now in control of all of my decisions, and this is illegal. I threatened the doctors with lawyers and informed them that I would be taking legal action against anyone responsible for this happening to me. The doctor informed me that a social worker would be coming to evaluate me.

When the redheaded social worker, who appeared to be in her sixties, came into my room she asked me a series of questions. She asked me to recap why I thought I was here. I said, “My twin sister and I are in the adult entertainment industry, and because of this we have had issues with being stalked. We believe that our water at our gym had been poisoned, because our locker was broken into. We went to the ER but started feeling better and went home. We were fine and recovered, when we were ripped out of our home against our will and brought here.”

Apparently, the mental hold was not in place yet, even though the police officers that trespassed into our backyard claimed that they had a warrant with a mental hold on us at 10:33 a.m. I was told by the police officers that arrested me that the emergency room doctor from Legacy Meridian Hospital, and Project Respond were the ones that placed the Mental Hold on the two of us, and now suddenly they were stating that  Providence Hospital was the hospital responsible for placing the illegal mental hold. The social worker informed me that the emergency room doctor at Legacy Meridian couldn’t legally place a Mental Hold on us, because we hadn’t signed any paperwork at their hospital, therefore that doctor was not given any authorization to treat us or place a Mental Hold on us, and that it was a social worker at Providence Hospital who placed the  Mental Hold on us. This is getting very confusing, like a riddle. Suddenly, it was the social worker and Providence Portland Hospital who placed the mental hold on us, and I said, “How and why would she do that? She can see that my cognitive function is perfectly fine, that there is nothing wrong with my mental well-being. There are plenty of people who are mentally ill, that actually do need help. I am not one of them, I want to be released. I will be calling my attorney, I am taking legal action, this is illegal.” How can a social worker we have never met make this call? She is not a doctor, she is not a psychiatrist, we just met her, just now!

Down the hall, a crazy person came through the doors screaming throughout the hospital that there was going to be an earthquake. He was cussing at all of the doctors, nurses, and called the CNA who was watching me a cunt. This was obvious mental illness. The irony of it all.

I would be pumped full of God knows what with the IV they were administering through my arm. I felt a sedation come over my entire body. One of the doctors asked if they could use a shock device to resuscitate me if I did not wakeup. I said yes, but then the CNA watching me to make sure I couldn’t leave, said something when the doctor left.

She said when people come out of anesthesia, they shock their heart to wake them up, and they get all loopy and silly and say things they don’t remember. I said, “I don’t want to be shocked for any reason, tell the doctor I am not in agreement! Do not shock me!”

The CNA watching me said, “Don’t worry, they are not going to shock you.” I made a decision at that point that I was not going to fall asleep. My twin sister and I would consciously stay awake for the duration of our involuntary three day stay. Our iron will to survive this vicious attack on our freedom and bodies was great. We were terrified to fall asleep, and in fear of our lives at this point.

The CNA sat in a chair at the entrance of the room I was being held in. She was on her cell phone and had a smartwatch on. These are all recording devices in this day and age. She was talking to someone in the hall, reading out loud all of these terrible health statistics about people with deadly diseases. She said, “Did you know that blank % of people have AIDS, Hepatitis C, HIV, etc.?“Who does that? Who reads these kinds of awful statistics out loud in front of a patient/prisoner in a room? Someone trying to create fear and paranoia. This was not a normal conversation.

After being held at the first area in the hospital, I was told we would be going to the ICU. I said, “We don’t need to be in the ICU. We are fine. We don’t need to be here. We don’t need to go to the psychiatric ward either. This is against my rights as a citizen.”

The nurses eventually wheeled me to the 5th floor G5 where I would be held captive until Sunday. Amber was taken to the 2nd floor, the psychiatric unit; apparently, she was the more difficult one. I asked if I could talk to my twin sister, and they allowed us to talk on the phone.

I said, “Are you okay? She said yes. I said. “I’m wide awake,’ she said she was too. I said they were holding us here until Monday because the investigator is out of the office until Monday. I said, “I don’t think I will be able to sleep in here.”

Amber said, “I’m wide awake. Turn on the Kardashians, that will keep you awake.” I said okay. It was a Kardashian weekend marathon. We were going to keep up with the Kardashians in our silent oath between one another to stay awake.

A day later I would be interviewed by a social worker at Providence Hospital. This social worker was younger than the other had been, approximately in her late thirties, and looked like a hipster, and someone I could be friends with. She had Bettie Page short bangs and curly hair. I told her about how we had been in the adult industry for 22 years, and how it was a completely unregulated industry now full of prostitution, drugs, gangs, and pimps, which was where some of the stalking stems from. She said she had worked with sex workers before around 2001,

and knew about the industry. I told her the industry changed in 2009 when the laws changed, and the women were no longer protected. Not that they were protected much before, but now they were really not protected. The clubs could take as much money from the women that they wanted, and over-schedule too many women on a shift, collecting as much in stage fees and creating an overly competitive environment that would in the end lead to extra sexual services. It was now full-nude, full-contact lap dancing and full-service by those who chose to do so behind the curtains.

I told the hipster social worker that we had been reporting the gang stalking with a Portland Police officer for several months, but that the stalking never stopped. I told her we thought our stalkers poisoned us, and this was not uncommon in the strip club industry. It was common and many women have been stabbed, raped, murdered, poisoned or roofied, and stalked. I said we did not feel comfortable with emergency room doctor at Legacy Meridian and left without being treated. I told her we went home slept, ate and recovered, and when I was in my backyard two days later, two people from Project Respond and four huge police officers ambushed me and my twin in my backyard, and handcuffed me against my will. I felt like a feather in the grips of this extremely strong police officer, so I knew there was no point in trying to escape.

The authorities were going to have their way with us; they had their motive, their cause, their Targets locked into their sites. I offered to comply with the officers and drive the two of us wherever they wanted us to go. They refused to allow us to drive in our own car but instead humiliated us in front of all of our neighbors on a beautiful sunny Saturday, by strapping us down to gurneys with Velcro restraints and loading us in two separate ambulances and drove us to Providence Hospital.

The hipster social worker said she had never heard of anything like this ever happening to anyone, and the only time anything like this possibly happens is with an attempted suicide. I told her there was no reason for them to do this and that two people had stopped by our house to check on us at different times, after we left Legacy Meridian hospital, and we had talked to an officer on the phone twice and told her we were fully recovered and, A-Okay!This did not stop them from illegally trespassing into our backyard onto our property to take us away.

I yelled for Amber to close the door and lock it, since she was just in the kitchen,and the officer said, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” They claimed we were harm and danger to ourselves and others. We told them this was a lie, and that there was no reason for them to violate our civil rights. This was illegal, what they were doing was wrong and illegal, and our family was not in agreement with any of it. The hipster social worker listened to our story in disbelief, and I do believe that her and the nice doctor I saw the previous day were the reason I was set free first.

I (Heather) would be released by the nice Providence doctor on Sunday. The nice doctor said, “I see no reason to keep you here.” I asked if Amber was going to be released, but did not know, since he was not her doctor and did not know her situation. I told him it was the exact same situation as mine, and asked if I could go see my twin, which he allowed. My doctor said that he didn’t know what they were going to do. I thanked him for releasing my Mental Hold. The CNA watching my room left, and I was free. I called Amber and told her I was coming down to her room.

The CNAs that they call sitters stay in each of our rooms and guard us all day and night, like we were criminals under arrest. The CNAs are not qualified in the health field. They don’t have to have a degree of any kind, they are not educated, and we do not know how their background is screened. They have access to our private medical records and were able to read back to us what the nurse or doctor had said.

The CNAs always had their cell phones out, and it appeared that they were recording us, and were participating in the hate group network being paid to record our life of what has become a living Hell, while capturing our torture on camera, while violating all of our privacy and civil rights. Doctors spoke to us when CAN’s were in the room, revealing confidential patient doctor information in front of these CNAs, while the CAN’s had their cell phones out, actively texting and recording everything happening.

When I (Heather) was set free, I went down to Amber’s room. We would have to survive one more night in here to make it through until Monday morning because they were not releasing her Mental Hold. Together we would watch, Keeping up with the Kardashians Weekend Marathon, to stay awake. We would will our bodies to stay awake, and knew we had to get out of here.

I was not going to leave Amber’s side. Amber told me that whenever she laid down and closed her eyes, the CNA would leave the room, and a six-foot-tall fit black man would replace her. He appeared to be a gang member. Amber sat up in her bed and the gangster said, “Oh I thought you were sleeping,” and he left the room, while the CNA returned. She decided to pretend to go to sleep again to see if he would come back in, and he did. She sat up once again in her bed and put him to work. She asked for water, crackers, juice, applesauce, and for them to turn on the lights. He finally left and was replaced by a female CNA. The female CNA was watching Amber like a hawk to see if she was going to go to sleep.

When Amber slightly closed her eyes, she said she could see the CNA staring at her, watching her intensely, practically burning holes through her. She was sitting just inches away to the left of Amber’s bed right next to her. She kept watching Amber to see if she was going to go to sleep, and when Amber looked like she was going to go to sleep, the 5’9” athletic strong built CNA took out a six foot long thick phone charging cord like a landline telephone cord you would use at home. The CNA wrapped the cord around her hand and watched Amber to see if she was going to go to sleep. Amber sat up and starred at the clock on the wall and decided to stay awake. Amber would turn the TV on when the next CNA came on shift to stay awake.

We both stayed awake for three days for fear that they were going to murder us due to the peculiar behavior the CNAs were exhibiting and the hate groups that seemed to have infiltrated the hospital staff now. It made no sense on why we were even here being held against our will with forced IVs, and babysat by uneducated, unqualified CNAs who had access to our medical files. They had their cell phones out the entire time pointing them at us like they were taking photos or video. This is what these groups do. We believe that capturing us on video or photo equals a payday of some sort.

One of the doctors came into the room and we asked him why Amber was still on IVs when her salt levels, which the hospital had intentionally lowered were back to normal. That was the, supposed, reason they had brought us here against our will in the first place. When the doctors received the results of our blood work from Legacy Meridian Hospital, our salt levels were dangerously low, due to the poison we had ingested at the gym.  I told the doctor that we ate, we slept, and we are fine now. We were feeling great until we were illegally ripped from our home and forced to come to this hospital with a, Mental Hold, which is against our constitutional rights as US citizens. We were pumped full of IVs without any bloodwork taken to see what our levels were in the first place, which were normal before the forced IV treatment.

I added, “Amber’s levels were normal this morning; why is she still on IVs?” The doctor’s response was that her levels were at 30. The nurse said 35-45 was normal. They said that she went up too fast and they had to bring her back down again, and if it wasn’t done right, she could suffer irreversible brain damage. I responded that we were normal, she was fine and told him to take her off the IV. The doctor refused.

Amber continue to endure the IV torture, which made us both feel absolutely terrible. After many hours of enduring the IV, Amber got feverish all over, from head to toe. She freaked out and started exclaiming, “My brain is burning my brain is burning! Something is wrong!” I ripped the IV out of her arm and refused to allow this to be done to her any longer.

I started tapping the back of her neck and spine to neutralize the negative effect that was happening to her. She tapped the side of her hand. These are acupuncture meridian points that help rebalance the body. We tapped for 30 minutes until the burning subsided, but it would take about three hours before the burning throughout her brain and body would subside.

We would make it through another night without sleeping, and come Monday morning I (Heather), would begin making phone calls to an attorney we had worked with in the past. He advised me on whom to call for help. However, the only thing that was concerning about calling organizations in Portland, was that the town is full of corruption and predominantly Democrat, and from our recent experiences thus far and observations, the corruption has infiltrated society at the highest levels. We did not want to be wrongly held against our will. What we needed was a really good attorney, who could not be bought by these hate groups, who appear to have an infinite flow of money, and go after anyone we attempt to work with to sabotage any sort of progress or success that we may have.

I was in the hall making calls, and it was as if an angel sent my nice doctor into my path, who was making his morning rounds. I stopped him for a moment and explained to him that they had not released my sister Amber from her Mental Hold, and she is in the exact same situation as I am, but they won’t release her, and we don’t know why. We asked for a different doctor, and we requested you.  I asked him if he could be her doctor?  He said he didn’t know if that was possible, but that he would talk to the doctors and see what he could do.

We were now both waiting for more doctors to review Amber. We were in the room feeling restless and cramping up from the lack of movement in the last three days. Amber stepped out of her hospital bed and said, “let’s do some Yoga now!” We started our Bikram yoga practice that we have been practicing for years.  We found a space in the tiny cramped room and began with the pranayama deep breathing exercise; two sets of ten. Breathe in, breathe out. We went through the standing series of postures, and when the two doctors came into the room, we were doing triangle posture with warrior pose. We stood up and turned to the doctors and told them that we were doing some yoga. The doctors were visibly shocked at our energy, for they had been pumping us full of sedatives and God only knows what else for the last three days, but we were not going to let any of that get in the way of our determination to move our bodies and minds out of this hospital, never to return!

We shared with them why we had thought we were poisoned again and told them our adult industry background again. We said we were perfectly fine and felt good and that this was against our will and unnecessary again. We said if we need a doctor, we will treat with our naturopathic doctor, who has access to a lab and can run tests if needed. The doctor asked why don’t you just come back to this hospital for your checkup?  What a sick joke right.  We stated that we didn’t have insurance so going to a regular hospital was just not in our budget, and we are into naturopathic medicine as our first option for medical care. We informed the doctor that we  have a trusting relationship with our naturopath doctor for many years, and the doctor finally agreed that he thought the, Mental Hold, on Amber could be lifted, but that it was up to the investigator, who was set to arrive at the hospital soon. However, there was one more doctor on the team that had to see us, and if she was in agreement that the hold could be lifted, then all of the doctors would share it with the investigator before she would make her final decision on Amber’s fate.

A female doctor came in our room a while later. We were still doing yoga. We repeated our backstory of our adult industry past, and how what we feel may have happened to us was not uncommon, considering the industry that we have been on for so many years. By the end of our conversations, she was in agreement that the, Mental Hold should be lifted.

The mental health investigator finally arrived, and she was icy cold, like the howling wind of the coldest winter chill slicing through your skin that you have ever felt.  She was not convinced that she should lift the hold and she claimed that it was not up to her but to the doctors that were so busy making their rounds that she didn’t think they would have time to talk to her.   We told the investigator that the doctors had informed us that it was her call, and that all of Amber’s doctors had unanimously agreed that the Mental Hold should be lifted. We were officially going in circles like a Dr. Seuss riddle.  The investigator said she was going to talk to the social worker but was pressed for time and had to leave soon.

I went out into the hall to try to hunt down one of the doctors who had the authority to release the hold, but instead I found the hipster social worker. I ran up to her and said, “The investigator is not going to release the hold. I mean I don’t know for sure, but she didn’t seem like she was going to.” She responded by telling me that the doctors were the ones that had to lift the hold, but I told her that the doctors told us that the investigator was in charge of lifting the hold. I asked this hipster social worker if she could talk to the investigator, and while I got on the phone right away to call one of the organizations my attorney had recommended, a saw the icy cold investigator walk into Amber’s room, and I heard her say loud and clear, “I’m lifting the hold!” She exited the room as fast as she entered, like the evil spirit that she was, and just like that it was over! We were informed that we couldn’t leave until the afternoon, therefore we would have to wait it out a few more hours, but we were now free!

The CNA left.  The room was finally empty. It was just Amber and me sitting on the bed waiting for her discharge papers. I texted our lawyer that we had finally been released. And just like that this Hellish nightmare at the hospital was over, however the Hell in our life was still being stoked like hot coals on a campfire.

We are on a Target list, Bounties have been placed on our heads, and people get paid to harass, bully, and harm our animals and us. In November of 2018 our 12-year-old, five-pound Yorkie was poisoned and murdered by these hate groups. When we walk our dogs in our neighborhood, we are constantly being accosted by aggressive dogs, or ran off the sidewalk by people. We live in the Laurelhurst neighborhood hate mob, where Catholic churches are abundant, and the Catholic school is a few blocks from our home. Our once-friendly neighbors are now spying and bullies, after the hate groups canvased our neighborhood and offered paydays to push out people in society that are on their Target list.

We have been stalked 24/7 hours a day by these gang stalkers and hate group networks, posed as regular civilians. They work in large networks and even recruit and pay Democratic citizens. They canvas ed our neighborhood and we have experienced bullying and harassment from our once friendly neighbors.

These group stalkers, which now include neighbors, and other people living in our communities and city, communicate with cell phones on our whereabouts. Wherever we go, we are met with harassment, aggression, intimidating bullies, and stalkers in larger groups, at the grocery store, gym or our dog walk. They try to destroy our lives, and have cut off most of our financial resources, and violated our personal and private space in our everyday activities by spying, following, videoing and monitoring our every move.

A few days after we were released from the corrupt hospital, we had a package on our porch delivered by the US Mail to a name and address that was not ours or anyone else’s address in the neighborhood. The package read, “blue medical gloves.”  On our dog walk there have been blue gloves on the ground, and at the grocery store employees come bag our groceries and put blue gloves on in front of us before doing so. Blue gloves represent the psychiatric ward of the hospital.  This is all strategic psychological harassment. On numerous occasions throughout our neighborhood, people pull up in their cars and get out in their scrubs during our dog walk. Impeccable timing on their behalf, the connected network of our whereabouts through cell phone communication is precise There may even be hidden cameras pointed at our house, because when we have gone on our late night dog walk, while everyone is asleep, and the streets are quiet and empty, the stalkers appear out of nowhere, with their ultra-bright lights high beaming our face, and attempt to run us over while we are crossing the street,  and then slam on their breaks, shining their ultra-bright break light in our face next, roll down their window, and  insinuate that they are going to get out and harm us. These groups have infinite financial resources. They may even approach your estranged family members to help them with their cause to destroy our life. Money and drugs can buy almost anyone.

Even the Portland Oregon water bureau is corrupt over billing us for two years. Our water bill is insanely high averaging $600-$850 quarterly, which is what a household of 8 people would average. No matter how many times we have called to try to resolve the issue with the City of Portland Water Bureau, troubleshooting for a leak, and hiring a leak detection company who found a leak on the city’s side at the water shut off valve, there appears to be no resolution in sight. We were told by the leak detection company that the leak they found on the city’s side would not affect our bill, and when we called the water bureau, they said we could not have an adjustment or be compensated and our water bill should decrease, which it has not. A friend of ours suspected that a neighbor could be spliced into our water supply, which would make sense since our next door neighbor installed a fountain pond, but maybe it’s just the water company creating our bills out of thin air to meet the requests of this evil hidden hand destroying any and everything they can possibly dream of in our life. Tell us the city is not corrupt. This is how these groups work, trying to financially break their targets, and to suck every ounce of joy out of their target’s life.

We believe these gangs and hate groups are heavily funded with infinite financial resources, which is why they have been able to infiltrate powerful positions in society. We believe we have been a target of these gangs and hate groups being heavily stalked and harassed on a daily basis, and although we have reported multiple incidents to police, filing police reports and communicating with the FBI, in regard to the 24/7 stalking issue nothing has been resolved, and the hate group activity has only become more aggressive.

The gang and hate group stalker network methodically created the poisoning attack against us at our gym, so they could strategically achieve their goal of using Statute 426 as a weapon against our life and civil rights. Legacy Meridian, Providence Hospital, Project Respond, and Portland Police were responsible for placing a Mental Hold on our life on Saturday March 30th, 2019.

As if these events were not bizarre enough, other very strange things occurred two weeks before we quit the strip club industry. There were several celebrities from the music industry that came into the club we were working at. Andre Nickatina came wearing a bright red shirt and bullied and elbowed us and had his gang banger entourage with him. When we went on stage, him and his gang bangers surrounded our stage, and were making bird call, whooping sounds. We walked off the stage in fear of our life and told the bouncer that we are leaving we are not going to get murdered on stage!

Cardi B’s tattoo artist Luis Vega, from City of Angels Tattoo shop came in another night and bought dances from us. Eminem came in with a stocking cap, a hoodie and Adidas pants on, completely Incognito. These celebrities know how to mask their energy; they can totally blend in when they want to, which they did. Eminem said we looked like Lady Gaga and we told him that he looked like Eminem, but he claimed that he was not Eminem, and that he gets that comparison all of the time.  We also said, “That bitch stole our image,” and he said, “Yeah I could see that.” That is what everyone says.

We chatted it up about celebrity doubles. We said, “That is not the real Eminem they are using now.” He asked, “Do you think it’s a clone?” We laughed, “No, they don’t have that kind of technology, it’s a body double, an impersonator, it’s a stand-up comedian who can do character voices that is posing as Eminem.” We do believe that this was the real Slim Shady standing in front of us. There is only one Eminem, and we were obsessed with his music and huge fans when he was in his prime. We perform one of our Fetish-Burlesque shows to a song that is on one of his records.

The next weekend Lady Gaga, or someone who looked exactly like her, showed up, and our lives were about to turn upside down and backwards, because this network that wants to erase us and steal our legacy of art that we have created, and take it for themselves.  Lady Gaga came into Union Jacks Club, Incognito, with an entourage of people and tried to leave before we saw her. I said, “Hey Amber do you see who is over there? It’s our Copycat Nemesis! What the Fuck is she doing here?” She had all-natural makeup on, hair pulled back, attempting to do the celebrity blend-into-normal society thing. After she left, a Universal Records representative by the name of Peter walked through the door. He bought lapdances from us and told us he was in town with the band Bauhaus. He loved our style and asked us if we did music. We told him that we rhyme and have two records ready to record.  Peter offered us a record deal on the spot.  He asked “Who do I need to call to make this happen? We can have you on a jet tonight.” We told him, we wanted to keep our souls, and know how the music industry works, and that we did not want to be a part of the Satanism and the Hollywood Death Cult. He looked disappointed, but not surprised.  He didn’t even flinch about the truth of the industry, and stated, “Yes those souls of yours seem nice, you may want to keep them.” We also knew by all of the extreme circumstances occurring over and over in our life up to this point, that this was just the Devil’s trick, a bounty hunt, a way to steal our art, shelve us sacrifice us, and erase us… No fucking way!

The Hollywood Death Cult ramped it up after Jared Leto hired a filmmaker to come to Portland and film us for his 4th of July documentary in 2017, A Day and the Life of America, which was a documentary that Jared Leto orchestrated, shooting an event in every state across the country on the 4th of July. In our interview, we ripped into Lady Gaga for copying our entire image for her persona. We exposed the dramatic change in strip clubs, from adult entertainment to prostitution all across America.

Who is responsible for this prostitution agenda in strip clubs? The majority of strip clubs are owned and operated by Satanists with the credo to desecrate women.  Why are all of the states across America allowing prostitution to thrive inside of strip clubs?  Is it all bribes and payoffs with an agenda to lure young women into drug addiction and prostitution, and become sex kitten programmed slaves?  It’s the modern-day form of sex slavery because women become so addicted to drugs and alcohol, that they get trapped in the industry with no escape route. Who else is trying to destroy us? Who doesn’t want us to be successful and live our truths, pursue our dreams and God given rights to have free will on this earth while we are here?