When Donald Trump ran for the Presidency in 2016, and shocked America appearing on the Alex Jones show, where Info War’s 50 million listeners for the first time felt that America was going to have a President of the United States that was finally going to actually be for the people. The information war waged by the alternative media, and spread by the people, gained massive momentum in 2012 due to the popularity of social media and information going viral, a true awakening was occurring. The power of the people’s voices were heard all over the world, when Monsanto’s GMO horrific rat studies went viral and gave concrete evidence exposing the real dangers of GMOs and challenging the propaganda corporate media on the safety and false claims that GMOs were here to save the earth and impoverished countries. The information war would continue to flourish as people sought out the truth, and the corrupt Corporate Media lost their relevance. 

Between Alex Jones, Mike Adams, David Icke, Kevin Trudeau, RT, and a handful of brave alternative media sites, the truth was being revealed about the covert war on the American people through the food supply, toxic water supply, geoengineering programs, pharmaceutical cartel, and medical cartel. It seemed as though the United States of America Government was out to poison and harm the people and had stopped working for the people long ago, allowing corruption to infiltrate many forms of government agencies, such as Monsanto in the FDA and the endless corrupt alphabet agencies that were supposed to protect the people, were protecting the interests of profits instead, passing laws to protect the companies from being held accountable for the harm and death they caused to the American people. Companies would have to pay fines rather than do time for their crimes.

These truths are the kinds of topics that 50 million Alex Jones followers care about, and the reason many of them if not all of them voted for Donald Trump. Donald Trump said all the right things at the right time, breathing new life and hope into what America is supposed to be and stand for. The people were fighting the war through spreading the truth and information, and when Donald Trump entered the picture, he gave us all hope that America could once again be for the people. His promise to “Drain The Swamp” spoke volumes, and said that Donald Trump was not going to be a puppet, as all past United States Presidents had been for the agenda of the Global Elitists Death Cult running the United States Of America.

When Donald Trump won the Presidency, we would all watch eagerly not sure of how he would take charge, and rid the United States Government of the Deep State, with his promise to fix America, with his anthem, “Make America Great Again.” We were all ready! Would the United States President really be in charge, or would the Deep State Shadow Government be in control? We would all just have to wait and see if President Trump was going to fight for the people or be controlled by the Global Elitist Death Cult who have been using America to try and take over the world with their One World Government Agenda, to enslave humanity through authoritative dictator societies, that they strategically put in place in city governments across America and throughout the world. 

Constitutional Lawyer Robert Barnes: “Well sometimes you have people say well Deep State is some sort of conspiratorial phrase. Well actually it originated in the doctrine of the dual state that an editor of the Economist came up with more than a century ago. To simply explain the phenomenon of Governments being non responsive to the public or the people anymore, even in Democratic societies, early societies that purport to be constitutionally Democratic societies. That sort of corruption of our Governmental systems is what lead them to call the Dual State the Deep State. When the Dual State becomes deeply entrenched when this administrative state becomes immune from Democratic checks and public will.”

President Trump Needs To Fire Gates Foundation Operatives To Save America

The CCP Fires A Warning Shot At Deep State Covid 19 Accomplices

Barack Obama Must Be Arrested For Spygate And Funding Wuhan Lab

Trump would have four years to prove he is a man of his word, facing an onslaught of challenges, he would have to prove himself regardless of all the obstacles. However, his biggest mistake would be allowing the White House to be full of Globalist Deep State politicians, surrounding himself with all the wrong people who do not have the well being of the American people or the World’s best interest in mind.

As COVID 19 (Certificate Of Vaccine ID), an obvious pre-planned out agenda now exposed, puts America on the line, and at a breaking point, we all wait to see if President Trump will actually take legal action and hold those accountable for their crimes against humanity all over the world, or if he will continue to surround himself with Global Elitist Deep State operatives serving the interest of the Shadow Government and allow them to get away with their crimes? The Global Elitist Death Cult have exposed themselves and their agenda to the World, trying to create a Slave Society and suppress humanity by shackling them with dangerous technology and medical tyranny.

“ALEX JONES: “Bill Gates openly has his digital tattoo that is Patent 666.”
PATENT NUMBER: 1. W02020060606


666 The Mark Of The Beast Has Arrived


The Deep State embedded within the United States Government, are corrupt criminals who pass illegal laws, have conflicts of interests, accept bribes for political agendas, wage unjust illegal wars for profits and greed, while creating civil unrest, fear, and chaos to retain control. The corrupt Deep State United States Government uses the corporate media as their ultimate propaganda machine to push their enemy agenda that they absolutely rely upon to ignite conflicts between other countries targeting enemies of their choosing. There must always be an enemy who is a threat to the United States Of America echoed through the mainstream corporate media. Whoever the enemy may be will be spotlit and used to blame and justify the United States Government criminal and illegal actions toward other countries. They will starve Venezuela through sanctions, bomb Syria, threaten a war with Iran, start a trade war with China, and a nuclear arms race with Russia, while waging an economic war on the world through sanctions, with their finger on the Nuke button.

The bought and paid for corporate media controlled by the Global Elitist Death Cult and the United States Deep State Government created Russia as the number one enemy in 2016 up until the current, to derail any possible positive interactions and relations between the United States and Russia, the two Superpowers of the world. The slanderous attacks through the propaganda media toward candidate Donald Trump and Russia, made it nearly impossible for President Donald J. Trump and President Vladimir Putin to have friendly, mutually beneficial relations between their two countries, without Russia or President Trump being accused of malicious lies. The intentional divide of the American people and the United States Government political system was created by the Globalist Deep State operatives within the United States Government to divide the people in the United States of America. City governments would be bought and paid for by the Globalists who were trying to take over the United States of American Government by placing their corrupt politicians in powerful positions throughout the country, penetrating the State Governments all over the United States. The swamp was much deeper and murkier than expected as the Deep State Globalists tried to infiltrate all levels of Government in the United States of America, using technology, bribes, buying votes, taking corruption to the pinnacle, and creating a tipping point for President Trump, who would be put to the test.

Between the political divide in America, and the incessive supposed threat of Russia toward the United States of America pushed by the mainstream corporate media, all manufactured to stop President Trump from accomplishing his campaign promises and retain Russia as the enemy. President Trump would have to take action to overcome the corruption, and take America back for the people. Due to the portrayal of Russia as the Villain of the world pushed by the corporate media outlets all over the world, the United States of America and Russia, the two Superpowers of the world could not join forces to work together toward the betterment of humanity, the true fight against terrorism across the world, and create a positive, prosperous, mutually beneficial relationship between America and Russia and an Alternative World Order that opposes the New World Order One World Government to enslave humanity. As long as the Deep State had President Trump surrounded, they would not be held accountable for any of their crimes against humanity and the world. Instead of America, Russia, and other countries harmoniously working together for the benefit of the Global economy and the stability of the world, we would see the opposite. The United States would wage an economic war on the world through the abuse of sanctions, and Russia who had already been dealing with U.S. sanctions from past administrations would be hit with more sanctions, intensifying tensions as the United States attempted to suppress Russia through an economic war, while the U.S. pulled out of crucial treaties affecting the Global security of the world.

It seemed as though Trump had really good intentions for America, with plans of conquering the Deep State and making peace with Russia and other countries, but so far, he has not overcome the obstacles put in place by the Deep State embedded in our United States Government. The small positive steps of peaceful relations toward Russia and the United States, during the Covid19 Pandemic show promise, however huge leaps toward Peace have yet to unfold. 

That might save a lot of lives’ | Trump would accept more Russian COVID-19 aid

Russia sends masks to U.S. – state TV

Russia v COVID-19 | Putin vows int’l cooperation as ‘the peak is yet to come’

When Donald J. Trump entered the office of the Presidency, it seemed as though he was going to repair damaged relations with other countries, from North Korea to Russia, and pull out of never ending wars in the Middle East. It appeared that President Trump was out to create Peace, and there seemed to be a collective energy amongst world leaders looking forward to the new, positive relations with the United States of America under a new Presidency. However the opposite began to happen and instead the United States pulled out of arms control agreements signed between countries that were put in place for the global security of the world. By pulling out of these agreements the U.S. is creating unstable and unpredictable circumstances, for the global security of the world. During President Trump’s Presidency, the United States continued to wage wars on other countries, making more threats and accusations toward countries to justify their actions of war. It was supposed to be quiet and behind the scenes in foreign relations, but soon to be of growing interest in the alternative media. Clearly the Global Elitists War Machine were still churning the wheels of war in the White House calling the shots, as the prospects of peaceful relations between other countries would be sabotaged.

Putin Criticizes ABC Journo on Trump – Russia Connection

VESTI NEWS: “The Russian-US relations are burdened by the former US administration.

RUSSIAN FOREIGN MINISTER SERGEY LAVROV: “Now the dialogue between Russia and the US is free from the ideology that characterized the Obama administration. Trump’s administration, and the President himself and Secretary of State, are men of action, and they want to negotiate not to show someone their achievements in the field of ideological preferences, but to negotiate in order to solve specific issues, solve issues in which depends the country’s development, and the well-being of citizens and on which depends  the settlement of conflicts in different parts of the world.” 

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “It brings us back to the point which I’ve been talking about. The point is we need to work out uniform universally understandable and strict rules of conduct, both in the fields of security and of economic activity.” 

American Journalists’ Question Made Putin Laugh

Russia’s FM Lavrov Reacts To Americans BANNING Russian UN Delegetation From UN in New York

JOURNALIST: “Of all the major powers Russia, The United States, China, India, Japan, Germany, or Great Britain, almost every major power has a competent and capable leaders like yourself, accept the number one power the United States. We happen to have a president unfortunately that needs to be managed, although it remains to be seen if he’s manageable or not and you have been very successful in the senior Presidency. As a senior President, if you’re asked to give advice, to Mr. Donald Trump, how to be a good President, a President that can make a positive contribution to this transition world, what are you going to say to him?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “I am sorry, but I consider the question inappropriate. Mr Trump was elected by the American people and for this reason alone he should be treated with respect even if you disagree with a position of his. He is being disrespected in the country. This is a deplorable, negative aspect of the American political system. You can argue but you cannot show disrespect. Not just for him personally but for the people who have voted for him. This is the first thing. Secondly, as I already said, I believe the President of the United States needs no advice because to be elected, even without extensive government experience, you have to have talent and go through this crucible. He did just that, and he won. He won fairly.”

Putin defends Trump: He is being prevented from carrying out any of his election platforms and plans

Trump and Putin meet and shake hands ahead of meeting at the G20

Putin On Trump: I Think That Trump Will Never Be Anybody’s Hostage

Putin: I would tell you more about Donald Trump if journalists were not here!


VLADIMIR PUTIN: “I was told, just a few hours ago, that the US President said something on social media about Russia-US cooperation and the importance of our nuclear cooperation. True, this is the most important sphere of interaction between Russia and the United States, bearing in mind that Russia and the United States bear a special responsibility to the world as the two largest nuclear powers. 

However, I would like to use this opportunity to speak in more detail about what happened in recent decades in this crucial area to provide a more complete picture. 

The Americans have made, and please pay attention here this isn’t secret information, simply few are aware of it, 620 verification visits to Russia to check our compliance with the agreements.They visited the holiest of the holies, the Russian nuclear weapons complex, namely the enterprises engaged in developing nuclear warheads and ammunition and weapons grade plutonium and uranium. The United States gained access to all top-secret facilities in Russia. Also the agreement was almost unilateral in nature. Under the second agreement, the Americans made 170 more visits to our enrichment plants, touring their most restricted areas, such as mixing units and storage facilitates. The world’s most powerful nuclear enrichment plant- the Urals Electrochemical Combine-even had a permanent American observation post. Permanent jobs were created directly at the workshop of this combine where the American specialist went to work everyday. The rooms they were sitting in at these top-secret Russian facilities had American flags, as is always the case. In addition, a list was drawn up of 100 American specialist from 10 different US organizations who were entitled to conduct additional inspections at any time and without any warning. All this lasted for 10 years. Under this agreement, 500 tonnes of weapons grade uranium were removed from military circulation in Russia, which is equivalent to about 20,000 nuclear warheads.” 

VLADIMIR PUTIN:The HEU LEU program has become one of the most effective measures of true disarmament in the history of humankind I say this with confidence.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “Each step on the Russian side was closely monitored by American specialists at a time when the United States limited itself to much more modest reductions of its nuclear arsenal and did so on a purely goodwill basis. Our specialist also visited enterprises of the US nuclear arms complex but only at their invitation and under conditions set by the US side. As you see, the Russian side demonstrated absolutely unprecedented openness and trust incidentally, and we will probably talk about this later. It is also common knowledge what we received from this, total neglect of our national interests. Support for separatism in the Caucasus, military action that circumvented the UN Security Council, such as the bombing in Yugoslavia and Belgrade, military invasion of Iraq and so on. 

Well, this is easy to understand once the condition of the nuclear complex, the armed forces, and the economy had been seen, international law appeared to be unnecessary.

Putin Slams US Over Nuclear Treaties: Russia Gave You Uranium, You Repaid Us By Bombing Serbia

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “One should always have the principal, honest and transparent position. It is the same with the people in life and in the international arena if all of our partners know that we will not deceive them, don’t lie to them or put effort to double cross them, but we have an opinion, that you can argue against or not agree with, but it is understandable, transparent and consistent then with that we can work together. This causes trust. This leads to a respect in the end. And this is the basis for cooperation.”

FINANCIAL TIMES: “Arms Control. We know that the INF agreement is in grave jeopardy. Is there any place, from Russia’s point of view for future arms control agreements or are we in a new phase where we are likely to see a new nuclear arms race?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “I believe there is such a risk. As I said already, the United States unilaterally withdrew from the ABM Treaty and has recently quit the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty as well, but this time, it did not just quit but found a reason to quit and this reason was Russia. I do not think Russia means anything to them in this case because this war theater, the war theater in Europe is unlikely to be interesting to the U.S. despite the expansion of NATO and NATO’s contingent near our borders. The fact remains, the U.S. has withdrawn from the treaty. Now the agenda is focused on the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New Start), I hope that I will be able to talk about it with Donald if we happen to meet in Osaka. We said that we are ready to hold talks and to extend this treaty between the united States and Russia, but we have not seen any relevant initiative from our American partners. They keep silent, while the treaty expires in 2021. If we do not begin talks now, it would be over because there would be no time even for formalities. Our previous conversation with Donald showed that the Americans seem to be entered in this, but still they are not making any practical steps. So if this treaty ceases to exist, then there would be no instrument in the world to curtail the arms race. And this is bad. 

FINANCIAL TIMES: “Do you believe that the world now has become more fragmented?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “Of course, because during the Cold War the bad thing was the cold war, it is true, But there were at least some rules that all participants in international communication more or less adorned to or tried to follow.

Now, it seems that there are no rules at all. In this sense, the world has become more fragmented and less predictable. which is the most important and regrettable thing.

FINANCIAL TIMES: We will return to this theme of the world without rules fragmentation, more transactional. But first Mr. President, tell us what you want to achieve in Osaka in terms of your relationships with these other parties. What are your main goals for the summit?

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “I would very much like all the participants in this event and the G20, in my opinion, is a key international economic development forum today, so I would like all the G20 members to reaffirm their intention at least an intention to work out some general rules that everyone would follow and show their commitment and dedication to strengthening .”

FINANCIAL TIMES: “Can we just turn to North Korea? How do you assess the current situation, and do you believe that in the end, any deal or agreement will have to accept the fact that North Korea has nuclear weapons and that total dismantling is just not possible? I ask you this Mr. President, because Russia has a fairly small but still a land border with North Korea.”

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “You know, whether we recognize North Korea as a nuclear power or not, the number of nuclear charges it has will not decrease. We must proceed from modern realities, which are that nuclear weapons pose a threat to international peace and security. Another pertinent question is where this problem stems from, the tragedies of Libya and Iraq have inspired many countries to ensure their security at all costs.

What we should be talking about is not how to make North Korea disarm, but how to ensure the unconditional security of North Korea and how to make any country including North Korea feel safe and protected by international law that is strictly honored by all members of the international community. This is what we should be thinking about. 

We should think about guarantees, which we should use as the basis for talks with North Korea. We must be patient, respect it and a the same time take into account the dangers arising from this, the dangers of the nuclear status and the presence of nuclear weapons. Of course, the current situation is fraught with unpredictable scenarios, which we must avoid.

Vladimir Putin interviewed by the Financial Times

Putin: Kim Jong-Il Told Me In 2001 That North Korea Has Nukes, Pressure Leads to a ‘Dead End’

Putin warns Trump over N.Korea: Stop with threatening force, unabashed rudeness and insults

Putin On Washington Asking For Russian Help: Americans Are Interesting Folks

Putin: Russia Doesn’t Want To Become USSR 2.0; You Cannot Make Other Nations Live By Your Rules

Why are the countries that were once a part of the USSR surrounding Russia’s borders, targets for civil wars and coups. Were former countries of the USSR strategically broken off with plans to put in place puppet Governments controlled by the Deep State United States Government in collaboration with the Global Elitists with the One World Government agenda in mind?

The collapse and dissolving of the USSR was not the solution for the restoration of Russia or the people, but instead created more devastation and left 25 million Russians beyond the borders of the Russian Federation. The country was ripped apart, and in economic shambles, exacerbating the crisis for the people of Russia, making the problems worse than they already were, with no solutions in sight. Those who took part in the dissolution of the USSR assumed Russia’s collapse to be permanent, because how could a country in such a devastated state ever recover. No one thought it was possible.

After the fall of the USSR, the United States would be the only superpower in the world, and did not foresee the resurrection of the Russian Federation becoming a superpower ever again, as the U.S. started writing their own rules disregarding international law and waging wars all over the world, with no balance in the world to stop them. 

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “Well, this is easy to understand once the condition of the nuclear complex, the armed forces, and the economy had been seen, international law appeared to be unnecessary.

Putin on Russia-US Relations Deteriorating: It all started with NATO bombing of Serbia / Yugoslavia

VESTI NEWS” “The current international system, is basically a system built by the West to ensure its own interests”

VESTI NEWS: “The bombing of Serbia was an assassination attempt on international law of planetary proportions of a planetary scale, and the Serbia precedent opens the way for the further NATO aggression in Iraq, Libya, and Syria.”

VESTI NEWS: “Are European Union citizens able to realize, that many of their current problems, above all the migration crisis, originate in March 1999, when the US and its European allies started a war against a small country in the center of Europe without a UN mandate?”

Russian Report: NATO Destroys Serbia in 1999, Serbia Destroys F-117 Nighthawk

Big News in Russia! 20th Anniversary of Barbaric Bombing of Serbia by NATO War Criminals


HOW IT ALL STARTED: 19Y Ago NATO War Criminals Bombed Serbia & Occupy Serbian Kosovo – Russian Doc

RUSSIA FOREIGN MINISTER SERGEY LAVROV: “Our U.S. partners as President Vladimir Putin said in his recent statements, saw these developments as their victory in the Cold War and acted as absolute winners, even though they have always rejected this publicly. They were absolutely convinced that from there on Russia was in their pocket, considering Russian’s economic and foreign policy leaders at the time. They believed that Russia would obediently do the Western bidding. 

The West’s centerpiece idea after the Soviet Union’s dissolution,  that they can do whatever they want and nobody would stand up against them even if they protested, was still very strong. 

Russia cannot be anyone’s subordinate in international affairs, and that any belief to the contrary was a short -lived anomaly.

When Yegeny Primakov, a true patriot, an experienced politician and statesman and a person with a strong intuition, encyclopedic, knowledge and deep perception, learned tat the United States had decided to bomb Yugoslavia, he could not carry on business as usual. At that time he was flying to the United States for important but not extraordinary talks with Vice-President Al Gore.

His decision to turn the plane around was a reminder that Russia’s only rule in the world is to stand up for the truth together with other powers, but exclusively on equal terms and mutually beneficial agreements. The bombing of Yugoslavia was clearly an act of aggression. I was also the first armed attack against a European state after the end of WWII in 1945.

The developments in and around Syria have encouraged our Western partners, primarily the Americans but also the British, to resort to public insults against Russia in their hysteria using such terms as barbarism and war crimes.

Foreign policy is always an extension of domestic policy, and securing a foreign policy is always derivative of how secure a country is internally.”

Lavrov: Did we forget barbarian NATO aggression against one European country (Serbia) in 1999?

Putin Knows Why Washington is So Aggressive; They See the Signs of a Resurgent Russia!

SERGEY SHOYGU RUSSIAN DEFENSE MINISTER: “The world is becoming more unpredictable and less secure.The U.S.’s withdrawal from two important arms control treaties is evidence of this. The U.S.’s faith in its power superiority and the ability to take unreasonable steps because of this is the main factor of instability. The West long ago created patterns and algorithms for overthrowing any legal authority inconvenient for them in any country. Naturally this is done under the banner of promoting democracy. Well, which country they brought their democracy to is democratic today? Iraq? Afghanistan? Libya? Or maybe in the former Yugoslavia, which was democratically bombed and forcibly divided into six states back in 1999? Things like sovereignty and independence after any US intervention are out of the question.”

U.S. General: We Have a Plan to Take Down Russia’s Kaliningrad; Shoigu Reply Is EPIC!

With the leadership of Vladimir Putin, the strength of the Russian people, and the hard work of the Russian Government, the Russian Federation would rise again and be for the people and for Peace throughout the world. Modern Russia is a peaceful country and deserves to be recognized for their efforts in orchestrating peace keeping throughout the world, successfully fighting terrorism, and rebuilding their country into what is now the Russian Federation. May old stereotypes and propaganda be eliminated from the dialect of the world, and give Russia the respect they deserve. Those still echoing the negativities of the USSR, and ignoring any positive aspects that the USSR contributed to the world, although the people did suffer greatly, there were still positive contributions such as art, theater, education, major advancements in technology and the victory of World War II defeating the Nazi’s. However the negative aspects are all anyone ever hears and what they continue to use to try and shape the image of modern Russia. It is time to let go of the past and move into the future of the Russian Federation as a positive, peaceful, global partner of the world, with technology and innovations that can benefit humanity, and recognize Russia’s humanitarian efforts all over the world with the leadership of Vladimir Putin.

Russia has been more than cooperative over the years with the United States, and has put forth numerous efforts to restore and rebuild relations, clearly Russia is not the problem, but the United States Of America’s corrupt political system ran by Deep State operatives controlled by the Globalist agenda to keep Russia as the enemy with an attempt to achieve their One World Government New World Order agenda, which is depopulation and to enslave humanity. We must remember this is their goal, and based on what is happening with the COVID 19 agenda, we can see the truth clearly.

With Russia as an Ally of the United States Of America, the Global Elitist Death Cult do not have a chance of creating their One World Government Enslave Humanity agenda. There is a reason Russia has been deemed the Villain of the World and kept at arm’s length from President Donald J Trump’s White House, and that is so progress toward World Peace is halted, and the agenda to enslave humanity is pushed forward.

Russia as the enemy blasted throughout the media all over the United States and throughout the world is not for the benefit of humanity. Those who live in glass houses should never throw stones, and there are plenty of atrocities throughout history in every country throughout the world that could be propagandized to tear down a country, and even current crisis such as the homeless epidemic in the United States of America, as well as the extremely high cost of living and basic essentials of life. However in the technological age, and minds moving into the future, people want the truth as well as innovations, cures, and problems to be solved easily and for cost of living and basic essentials to be fair. We are in a unique time of existence where we are all so interconnected and the people throughout the world are more connected and interactive than ever before through a variety of platforms, breaking down barriers through social media, ecommerce and freelance platforms, allowing people on opposite sides of the world to work together on business ventures and creative projects, bringing their talent and creativity to fruition. It is quite incredible and mind blowing how the internet has connected so many people harmoniously, with no barriers enabling people to work freely and naturally together to achieve a common goal, with no restrictions. Humanity and the people clearly want peace not war, prosperity and stability, health and wellness, opportunities and contributions to humanitarian causes. May the Governments around the world be able to provide this for all of us and put away their war machines and move toward World Peace.