Let’s track and hunt down this Evil, They are trying to wipe out the organic seed vaults. These wars are more sinister than you may have thought, all the fine details are etched in the rocks. The Georgian Guide Stones says it all, written in detail by the Cabal, the genocide of humanity in their deck of cards, towering on a cold slab cement wall. The plans they have laid out for mankind, depopulate 95 percent the eugenicists think they decide, of who gets to flourish on this Earth, and who they sacrifice at birth. This is why they attack the food supply, through GMO’s and pesticides, the seed vaults we must stash and hide, for they want to exterminate mankind. The seed vaults a target for their destruction, they had to move them from Syria to the Arctic, where we know the seeds will be safe, where Russia act as the guardians.

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