VLADIMIR PUTIN: “My point is – there are many unsolved problems. This is where the well practiced system of distractions come into play – to distract the voters from the country’s problems.”

As all these revelations rise to the surface, all of it is in vain until justice is served, to career politicians criminals, who have ruined the United States Of America, who have gotten away with everything, who have orchestrated the take over of humanity!

This isn’t about fame, money, or power, this is about humanities final hours, so if we can all keep our egos in check, and remember we are fighting for our lives our souls kept intact. Because who cares about land and all of the oil, if no one is conscious and able to enjoy, love and compassion for all human life, let me remind you this is the fight.

For what is the point of everyone in the underground, fighting for freedom to expose criminals. If this is all just for show, another theater piece rodeo, where we are all taken for a ride, to get our hopes up with no change in stride, there is only one side that we are on, it is the humans against the robots!

Hillary Clinton had to have a distraction, for her Wikileaked emails had no redactions. There was not enough bleach to white wash her flaws, she couldn’t cover her tracks to take the focus off, of all her failed policies, failed run for the presidency, her poor choices, and her gross negligence.

Hillary Clinton does not represent the United States of America’s principle core ethics. Destroying every fabric, moral and cloth, that was sewn into our United States of America’s Constitution.

Unethical actions with no rule of law, disintegrating the foundation of America. Who gave her this right who bestowed such power, it is time for Hillary Clinton to stand about face and answer, all of the questions that have gone unheard, it’s time to hold those accountable who deserve, what they have coming their war crimes exposed, no statute of limitations where is Libya’s gold?

Hillary Clinton’s legacy is riddled with guilt, so much unnecessary blood has been spilt, so much illegal criminal activity, so why is Hillary Clinton still at large running free?

Will Hillary Clinton wake up and smell the roses, 33,000 emails what is the holdup? Held under a microscope she instead turned the focus, off of herself when she deserves the closeup.

Instead of being arrested for her innumerable crimes, she would run the democratic party from the inside. She would wreak hell on this Earth, Obama and Hillary ran America into the dirt, they would control everything from behind the scenes, her and Obama like carrots and peas. A peaceful transfer of power the rhetoric they preached, the shoe on the other foot was not so easy.

This is what happens when you let criminals roam free, especially high up in the echelon of the Elite, where they get away with murder and can do anything.

A nightmare for the World deep in the swamp this might get dirty as you start to dig things up, don’t be afraid of a little mud, we can all jump in and sling it for fun.

Hillary Clinton’s was given a heads up, about her sloppy disk server about to drop, stored in a mom and pops shop, documents for the government? This wasn’t the first signs that we would see, of Hillary Clinton’s incompetency. She left a trail of dementia behind her, government documents left in a binder, body doubles to pose as herself, collapsing seizures, Hillary’s poor health, which is what she was trying so hard to hide, along with all of her infinite war crimes.

Completely unfit for public office, Hillary the puppet no longer able to garner, any support from public opinion, even useless as a Globalist minion. Out to pasture she would go, no use to them, they line them up in a row, perfect for their full moon sacrifice, Hillary Clinton had to save her own life, to scream from the rooftops and make as much noise, everyone could here Hillary Clinton’s voice.

Hillary unfounded attack toward Russia, would degrade U.S. and Russia relations, creating a wedge between President Trump and Vladimir Putin, anything to create a panic diversion. This was the purpose to keep them at odds, someone to take her frustrations out on, and create the biggest media distraction, to derail her upcoming prison sentence.

Like an atomic bomb onto to the press, 9 days in advance she was given, to try and come up with an alibi, erased 33,000 emails she’d blame hackers and spies. Once her hard-drive hit the press, Russia-Phobia would be dropped next. Frantic in a panic to save her own hide, the Steele dossier’ came to life.

To keep the World occupied with anyone but herself, funded by the DNC with a planned coup from hell. Hillary Clinton wasn’t given what she was promised, she’d never be allowed to step foot in the Oval Office. A relentless attack on Russia and Trump, and in 2020 they still have not shut up.

Their first line of attack was to distract, and keep Russia’s Vladimir Putin pushed to the back. Kill Russia and United States positive relations, sabotage Trump’s win, before he ever knew what hit him. This was the war strategy of the Democrat traitors, who had sold out America, who were swimming with gators.

The public was about to peak into Hillary’s thoughts, as emails were available to the general public. Gasps and disbelief her regal image was a sham, the glue that held the Democrats together was quickly crumbling.

Hillary is an embarrassment a complete and total disgrace, who only cares about herself she dropped out of the human race. She’s is in it for herself, there are no limitations or rules, she is bound to her masters she thinks she’s immune, to all the laws of the land a puppet of the Shadow Government, who always gets her way when she throws fits. With more power bestowed upon her than any President, Hillary ran the United States Of America government? Hillary was enshrined she had become untouchable, don’t you think it’s high time she is knocked off of her pedestal?

She no longer carried the same weight, she had showed she was weak, she made too many mistakes. Poor Hillary Clinton’s woe is me, no one in the world had sympathy, for Hillary had become completely unlikable, she had showed her dark side, with blood drinking cannibals, where detectives and intelligence were never the same, after viewing the Dark Web where Hillary was famed. Right up there with Hannibal Lecter, and this is who is running our United States Of America! Calling the shots behind the Scenes, it’s our darling Hillary, just in case anyone was wondering, we’ve all heard the rumors we thinks she’s disgusting.

All of her flaws now on public display, she couldn’t crinkle up paper and throw it away, for we were now in the information age, where everything is archived stored and saved.

No longer respected by anyone, it was all out in the open to the public. All of the heinous things she has done, rumors of snuff films starring Hillary Clinton. The Clinton body count hashtag on twitter, Hillary Clinton was cold and bitter. Her associations with murder, rape, and pedophiles, the list goes on for miles and miles. Hillary Clinton’s reputation has been completely defaced, will justice be served we all sit and wait.

Hillary determined to hold onto her coveted place, for she was working on secret projects hidden in outer space. She had worked so hard on her ruthless climb to the top, this was history in the making we must unbind and stop. This is beyond what anyone thought was remotely possible, this is not a human quality, this is not at all logical. And what they have planned now for all of the humans, is absolutely insane like a sci-fi movie, in black and white they already showed to us, in the 1950’s Twilight Zone episodes, and invasion of the Body Snatchers, these are not Hollywood actors.

Now 2020 something is quite strange, is this going to be America’s dark page. Is this really happening in society, is this how they plan to enslave humanity? Be careful what your accept and dotted lines you sign, it’s the Devil’s oldest trick patent number 666 free will it binds, all of the souls for eternity, they’re working fast in the underbelly.

Faith or no faith this is your choice, it makes no difference the technology’s deployed, even better if you don’t believe in God, then it’s this much easier for them to rob, you of what you think does not exist, this is one of the Devil’s dirty tricks, who never discriminates homeless or old, he’s in for the take they want every soul, that’s alive on this planet patent 666, is an underground secret experiment on the humans.

We all have something that they want, for we have something that they do not. This is their war on God their master plan, kill the sacred Earth and soul of man, to make us all robot drones, to steal every single human soul. We’re you’ve become an algorithm in their Satanic ritual, where they have taken your human spirit and your free will, where on the outside you seem to be human to the naked eye, but there is only pure evil lurking inside. It’s the most bizarre thing you’ve ever seen, straight out of a Stephen King movie.


Did Hillary Clinton forget to mention, this is their true intention, the insatiable evil to steal all the souls, to use MK Ultra and mind control, they will stop at nothing until they achieve, their plan for human slavery.

They want to steal everything on this Earth, including the meaning of your birth, to make us all forget our purpose, to indoctrinate as many losers. Degrade the World’s society, Totalitarian takeover of humanity, lock down the World and make them beg, until we submit and are their microchip slaves.

Did Hillary Clinton leave all of this out, in the fine print you signed at your house, becoming a part of the team, to overthrow America’s democracy, to burn it down and start over, the microchip is chaos and disorder. They have finally succeeded they have their slaves, a warning to the humans we hope to save, don’t fall for the Devil’s tricks disguised, with temptation for your benefit these are all lies, for something much more dark and sinister is underneath, everything that appears to be shiny.

Hillary’s ruthless attack on Putin and Russia, may have something to do with the Nazi program, and secret experiments hidden underground, CIA’s Langley ironic as Hell. Russia’s technology could potentially detect, suspicious activity look at Sputnik. A counterbalance to their uni-polar World, this is what they are so afraid of a smorgasbord of ulterior motives, to skew the opinion of the U.S. voters, and rewrite the pages of history, to shred international law’s legitimacy, to stereo type Russia and the Soviet past, to only highlight the negative and not their accomplishments, to try and erase all of their achievements, and only focus on the horrible grievances.

But we shouldn’t throw stones at glass houses, there are plenty atrocities the World’s not proud of, this is why we must learn from our history, God forbid we ever repeat these miseries. To learn from our mistakes and move into the future, this is what we must prepare our youth for. But there is an Evil force on this Earth, that is making the World suffer and hurt, but there are those who oppose this pursuit of the one percent, this is the beef with Hillary and the Neocons toward Russia.

Internal political struggles of the United States, made Vladimir Putin the perfect saving grace, a decoy to pin every problem in the World on, where everyone blamed Russia’s Vladimir Putin. Russia was mixed into the shuffle, as the deck of cards was starting to buckle.

Hillary Clinton would lead the charge, on pulling out the Russia card, Vladimir Putin’s ‘piercing blue eyes,’ had got to Hillary many times, Hillary publicly voiced her frustrations this was a game where he had the aces. Hillary’s right up their with John McCain, spewing the same hate in the same vein, making Putin out to be Hitler, U.S. politicians who are failed and bitter.

The media hopped on and sang along, the ratings to good they would not stop. This is what our media has become, propagandist to steal all your freedom. Who have sold out for the highest price, so they can live a pampered life. Destroying America as the World watched, the internal battle from the Democrats, who will stop at nothing they are always scheming, they have all been taken over by evil demons. Hillary Clinton is supposed to represent, the United States Of America’s Government.

Hillary Clinton was teeing up a dangerous game, of Russian roulette she had no shame. Hillary handed Lavrov a shiny red button, said this time she means it and smiled for the cameras. Hillary couldn’t be more arrogant, treating Russia with no respect, Russia had yet to reveal, hypersonic weapons this was not a drill. Those were not show and telled until later, and you wonder who pushed Russia’s buttons as the U.S. destroyed their relations. Maybe the U.S. would change their station, and fix U.S and Russian relations.

Have you ever heard the Russian political representatives, they treat everyone with dignity and speak diplomatically. There are no ultimatums only history lessons, to correct those who misrepresent the Russian Federation.

The misinformation and out and out lies, targeting Russia I guess their all spies? That is what the media portrays, the attacks never stop it’s 24 hours a day. The venom is spewed around every corner, and now NATO surrounds all of Russia’s borders. They are setting them up for the public to accept, this is how they sleigh villains in the media press. Public hangings, World leaders tortured in the streets, are we reverting back to witch hunts we all know history! How about those responsible for assassinations, are held accountable there are no statute of limitations.

The picture is painted the emails are saved, Hillary paved the road for Russia-Gate, Russia propaganda, Russia hate. Russia is a peaceful nation, they sell the U.S. rockets and have a space station. There is definitely more than meets the eye, to Russia-Phobia and espionage spies. Dive down deep beneath the surface, and we have all life on Earth’s and people’s purpose, being snatched up like candy from a baby, it only takes a little bribery, for the world is in a hypnotic trance, we must wake them up in an instant! Or else humanity will be lost, the humans it is time to wake up!

The tables had finally turned with President Trump, a fresh start for America in the Oval Office. The World yearned from what President Trump had to offer, would he represent what his campaign slogan meant we all waited with wonder! The foundation of America and what it was built on, Make America Great Again spoken in volumes, into the unknown for what would unfold, down the road less traveled truth be told.

He was something new, everyone in the World held their breath, and awaited the dark suits of the shadow government, or would he be able drain the swamp it’s what he had promised it’s something we all want. Did we really know what this meant, when we started digging into this. No one knew exactly what this entailed, until we unearthed the demons from Hell!

The Deep State an American satire, they were ready to set the World on fire. This is something we’d all have to do together, and organic process that would manifest out of nowhere, and we would all be divinely guided, by something unexplainable something inside us. For we were in a spiritual war, it was finally waged like never before. This was something straight out of the Bible, Armageddon had finally made it’s arrival.

America would be turned upside down to interrupt, the Presidential elections and demolish the profound changes in America. Under President Trump the economy had grown, not just in America, but all over the globe. The democrats corruption about to be exposed, but first they would ruin any positive record breaking results, created by the Donald J Trump Presidency, who was ruining the chance of the Global Elites, of their one percent take over and the New World Order, instead America would be first and their would be law and order.

The democrats have no chance against President Donald J Trump, they were sore losers who would not give their power up. A peaceful transition from the democrats to Republicans, a standard practice that never happened.

Hate would be fanned peace was not part of the democrat policy, they funded the looting, hire a mob, chaos and robbery. They were sore losers with no chance at the Presidency, the Shadow CIA was part of the democrat party, creating the upheaval of America that was sweeping the nation, heavily funded and organized into pure George Soros mayhem.

The people who stand for America are not asleep, but deeply awakened and silently guarding, all of America with their powerful prayers, you cannot kill the spirit of any true patriot. Who are all privy to exactly what is going on in the streets, the media, the hoaxes, the Global Elites. The truth seekers who want peace on this Earth, are here to protect and to serve.