While the American mainstream corporate media repeats over and over Russiaphobia propaganda, and creates false narratives about Russia, be aware when something is pushed so aggressively to the public by the mainstream corporate media, that there is an absolute agenda to serve the Global Elitists, money making war machine. The Russiaphobia hysteria, is intentionally and methodically crafted so that the United States Government has a definite enemy of the world and can push their worldwide Russia is to be hated and feared plot onto the masses. Shouting Russia hate from all media outlets, gives the U.S. a scapegoat to pull out of treaties, fuel the arms race in hopes to bankrupt Russia, and start wars anywhere in the world, while systematically design as many possible ways to covertly destroy Russia.

The actual facts and the truth about Russia that you will not hear in the mainstream media, is that Russia is responsible for defeating terrorism in the Middle East, and is an integral part of the pursuit of Peace throughout the world. In actuality Russia has been protecting the World, by fighting terrorism in Syria since 2015. While the U.S. President blabs their America the Great victorious wins to defeat terrorism to the mainstream media, they are in fact lying and stealing all of the hard earned credit for defeating terrorism from Russia, who hands down through their highly advanced military operations and coordination with they Syrian Government, defeated the terrorists in Syria. Russia is recognized for their efforts of defeating terrorism by the people of Syria, and by the legitimate Syrian Government, who invited Russia to Syria to fight terrorism as well as protect the legitimate government of Syria from being overthrown by the United States. The toppling of Governments by the United States is what has caused terrorists to flourish, for countries to become destabilized and impoverished, a refugee immigration crisis, and thousands of lives lost. This is the truth that is not told, for the mainstream media is part of the evil War Machine sponsored by the United States Industrial Military Complex and will do anything they can for their masters to rally support from the people and justify actions for war in other countries. The United States Government is responsible for the complete destabilization of the Middle East with their attempt to overthrow governments and put in the government of the United State’s design, by illegally invading sovereign countries and going to war, breaking international law by making false accusations and claims with no proof or evidence against those countries in which they want to control. The U.S. uses airstrikes, drops bombs, and arms and trains terrorists groups to create civil wars within those countries, demolishing the economy, stability, and well-being of civilian lives of innocent people, and turning prosperous countries destitute, while destroying the history and culture of the country. The United States War Machine agenda recipe for disaster involves vilifying the enemy of their choice through lies, false flags, staging terrorist events, and provocations, while spinning their version of the story in the American Mainstream Corporate Media, as well as propagandized media worldwide, to gain support of the public. Each time the U.S. has used their topple a government regime change formula, it has ended terribly, with horrific never ending wars in the Middle East, creating the mass migration crisis, fueling terrorism, poverty, and ruining the historical beauty of ancient cities.

Russia was invited into Syria by the legitimate Syrian government in 2015 to fight terrorism and support the Syrian government from being overthrown by the U.S. Russia entering the picture in Syria completely foiled the United States Government plans to take over the Syrian Government. With the support of Russia in Syria, terrorist were defeated, and Syria kept their sovereignty although the destruction by the U.S. in Syria and all over the Middle East, is unforgivable. Russia is the thorn in the side of the U.S Government’s evil plans to take over the Middle East, which would compromise the safety and well-being of Russia, neighbor to the Middle East, which is why such an elaborate campaign for Russiaphobia, fear and hate has been implemented and spread worldwide from the U.S. on a massive scale beginning heavily in 2016. Although Russiaphobia has been around for decades, the inundation of Russiaphobia hit the world hard in 2016 behind the scenes by the warmongers. The United States promote their anti-Russia hate rhetoric to create fear and misinformation amongst citizens worldwide. The U.S. impose their will on sovereign countries, violating the sovereign rights of those countries, threatening punishment to those countries for having any positive relations with Russia and impose massive illegal sanctions on Russia through made up lies, as well as force other countries to impose sanctions on Russia or suffer sanctions by the U.S., and all of this damages global stability and the World economy, while the U.S. uses provocations toward Russia in hopes of starting a war. The United States Government has created a web of lies, to try to ruin Russia through an economic war with the use of sanctions, as Russia’s dominant military strength in Syria threw a monkey wrench in their plans that they never saw coming, for Russia’s military skill and technology surpassed everyone in the world. The U.S. plays dirty, and they will use all other means of covert war on Russia, with Russiaphobia, sanctions against Russia, the destruction of the Russian culture and language, eliminating Russia from Sports, the rewriting of history and WW2 in which Russia fought the longest and suffered the most losses, the destruction and takeover of countries on Russia’s borders, and the aggressive use of U.S. & NATO bases all over the world heavily surrounding Russia, and meddling in Russia’s political affairs spending billions to try and covertly destroy Russia. Whatever the United States Government and it’s warmongering cronies can concoct to make Russia collapse they will implement. They’ve been getting away with it for decades, but the world and technology is changing so drastically, they are bound to get caught in their own trap.

Russia is a Peace loving country, which everyone can observe through Russia’s numerous actions toward keeping the Peace and balance in the World, while building up their people and their country, and their prosperous, positive mutually beneficial relations with other countries worldwide. However, while Russia wants Peace the United States wants war, and all of the oil and natural resources of any country they can land grab through war throughout the world. Russia as the Peacekeepers hinders the U.S.’ negative progress for their unethical, inhumane agenda against humanity, the Earth and the World.


VESTI NEWS Kiselyov: “Putin urged to create a large-scale anti-terrorist coalition like the anti-Hitler one and describes the tragedy in the region as a result of the U.S. activities”

VLADIMIR PUTIN UN GENERAL ASSEMBLY SPEECH: “It’s enough to look at the situation in the Middle East and North Africa. The aggressive external intervention instead of reforming the state institutions and life in general ruthlessly destroyed them. Instead of the triumph of democracy and progress, they brought violence, poverty and social catastrophe and the basic human rights including the right to life are given no value. I want to ask those responsible for creating this situation: Do you have any idea what you’ve done? But I’m afraid my question will remain unanswered because they are still exercising their policy of arrogance, self-righteousness, and subterfuge.”

VLADIMIR PUTIN TO OBAMA: “Russia will answer to the plead of the legal Syrian government and will deploy the Air Force, and you have no right to be there.”

VESTI NEWS Kiselyov: “Obama was alarmed. American jets had been controlling the Syrian sky. Putin offered to hold negotiations on preventing the air accidents. That was it. Two days later, on September 30, Syrian President Bashar Assad officially asks Russia to provide military aid. On the same day the Federation Council sanctioned the use of the Russian military against the Syrian terrorist groups. A couple of hours later, the Russian Aerospace Forces deliver first strikes on the terrorist targets. By that time, the Khmeimim Air Base was completed, reinforced, and protected. In Syria, Khmeimim was probably the last spot the terrorists were unable to reach. However, its significance proved to be crucial. The deployment speed, stealth, and resolve of our pilots, the expertise of all involved branches, from military transport to intelligence, blew the world’s mind. Americans straight-out slept through the whole thing. Later Putin would Joke:

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “The American intelligence is one of the best in the world. Let’s not throw stones at it. It’s one of the most powerful, but it doesn’t know everything and it’s not supposed to know.”

VESTI NEWS: “Russia had to fight against the terrorists for two more years and despite the U.S. opposing us, we managed to successfully accomplish the operation. This fall the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that it was the U.S. and not the ISIS military strength that was the main obstacle in the way of a complete eradication of the Syrian terrorism. 

IGOR KONASHENKOV, MINISTRY OF DEFENSE RUSSIA: “The main impediment to destroying ISIS in Syria was not the military strength of the terrorists, but the support of U.S. colleagues.

SYRIA SNAPSHOT: Kiselyov Lays Out the TRUE Story of Russia’s Surprise Upset in Syria Blow by Blow

Putin: Syrian / Russian Victory At Deir ez-Zor Is A Serious Defeat For ISIS Terrorists In Syria

Vladimir Putin Officially Declares ISIS Defeat by SAA and Russian Forces in Syria Dec 7, 2017

Putin to Russian Soldiers: The Homeland is proud of you! You are returning victorious to your homes! Dec 11, 2017


4 Years Later – Russian Intervention in Syria Saved Country, Surrounded Terrorists in Idlib

Putin Holds Solemn Award Ceremony For 600 Soldiers Who Distinguished Themselves in Syria

Trump is portraying the United States of America’s troops as mercenaries who are being used to pillage the wealth of another country. Here are Trump’s words about Syria:

TRUMP: “We are leaving soldiers to secure the oil. Now we may have to fight for the oil, that’s okay. Maybe somebody else wants the oil. It can help us, because we should be able to take some also. And what I intend to do, perhaps, is make a deal with an ExxonMobil or one of our great companies to go in there and do it properly. Right now it’s not big. It’s big oil underground, but it’s not big oil up top.”

TRUMP: “Then they say he left troops in Syria, you know what I did, I left troops to take the oil, I took the oil, the only troops I have are taking the oil they’re protecting the oil, but we have the oil right now the United States has the oil. No they say he left troops in Syria, no I got rid of all of them other than we’re protecting the oil, we have the oil.”

Trump SHOCKS Laura Ingraham

Putin Condemns U.S. Attack on Syria, Calls it for What it Is: “An Act of Aggression” Apr 14, 2018

BREAKING: In Your Face Netanyahu! Russia To Supply S-300!

VESTI NEWS: “Russia plans to officially address the UN body in the Hague to investigate the use of chemical weapons in Idlib. The Russian leader believes that any events similar to the alleged chemical attacks in Idlib must be thoroughly investigated.”  According to Vladimir Putin: “such provocations are being prepared in other parts of Syria, where ‘a specific type of substance may be planted and the whole thing will be blamed on the Syrian government.

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “All this reminds us of the events in 2003, when the US representative in the UNSC showed of a supposed chemical weapon, found in Iraq. After that, a military campaign in Iraq began and resulted in the destruction of the country an increased threat of terrorism, and the appearance of ISIS on the international stage. No more, no less. The same things are happening now and again, our partners just nod at them. It reminds me in this case of our great writers, Ilf and Petrov. I just want to say, ‘This is boring, girls!’ We’ve seen this all before already. When it comes to,… why it is happening. Now, are new strikes possible, or impossible? We have information from different sources that a similar provocation, I can’t really call it anything else, is being prepared in other parts of Syria, including the southern suburbs of Damascus where they plan to plant a certain substance, and blame the Syrian government for using it. But we consider that any occurrence of this nature is worth investigating thoroughly. We plan to officially address the appropriate UN body in the Hague, and call upon the international community to thoroughly investigate these events and depending on the results of the investigation, make an informed decision.”

Putin: New Chemical Weapons Provocations are Being Prepared in Syria Apr 11, 2017

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova: US is preparing fake chemical attack in order to bomb Syrian forces

Zakharova: US Strike Was Planned Well in Advance; the Idlib Event was Just an Excuse for Agression

VESTI NEWS: “Russia is concerned about Washington’s warlike rhetoric on Syria and warns the partners against irresponsible actions. It’s about trying to blame Damascus for preparing a chemical attack against civilians. The suspicions as they say at the State Department, are based on secret intelligence data. And again, they offer the world community to believe their word. In Damascus, all this is called preparation for the battle, which the U.S. is setting up against Assad.”

YEVGENY PODDUBNY VESTI MILITARY CORRESPONDENT: “The Americans again accuse the official Damascus of intentions to use chemical weapons and again aren’t planning to present any proof. They claim that at Shayrat Airbase in the Homs Governorate, there are actions that indicated the Syrian military  are preparing for the use of chemical warfare agents. And officials in Washington don’t care that it looks like preparation of the public for a new unlawful attack against a sovereign state. It has happened to often that the phrase ‘weapons of mass destruction’ was used as an excuse by the U.S. in the context of the Middle East. And later, it turned out that the reason, to put it mildly, was factitious.” 

US is Preparing a New Attack in Syria Jun 29, 2017

RUSSIAN FOREIGN MINISTRY ON THE PROVOCATION BEING PREPARED DEPUTY MINISTER OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS SERGEY RYABKOV: “cynical measures to disrupt the signs of stabilization in Syria. The U.S. is using armed terrorist groups and  quasi-governmental organizations to organize provocations in the country. These organizations act ruthlessly, brutally, using poisonous substances. The Americans blame the provocations on the government in Damascus. We may be on the verge of repeating that outrageous scenario, and now a rough provocation followed by air strikes is highly likely.” 

VESTI NEWS: “The pattern is typical for American actions around the world: Provocations, an act of retaliation, destabilization of the saturation, and the subsequent regime change. But the Russian Foreign Ministry says Moscow is ready for such a scenario. Whatever the developments, Russia will not abandon the fight against international terrorism and plans to return Syria to normal life.”

Russian MoD Warns: US/UK Are Preparing a False Flag Chemical Attack in Syria Aug 27, 2018

There Has Been NO Chemical Attack in Douma, It’s A False Flag Op!

Russian MoD: US Missile Attack on Syrian Airbase Prepared Long Time Ago

Russian MoD: Syrian Army doesn’t have chemical weapons as confirmed by the UN and OPCW

Syria: Putin meets Assad at Russian military base in surprise visit to Syria DEc 11, 2017

Putin: ‘Only the Syrian People’ Can Remove Assad (June 19, 2015) | Charlie Rose

Mysterious Containers: What’s Wrong with Chemical Weapons in Syria

Chemical Weapons by Regime in Syria is Fake News – No Proof for Western Claims

Putin: We don’t protect “evil Assad”, we protect Syria from becoming Libya or Somalia

Russia Displays Pieces of US Missiles Shot Down Over Syria, Two Unexploded Ones Delivered to Moscow



Americans Sold Weapons to ISIS. An Exclusive Report from Syria

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Photo-Evidence: The US and ISIS are Fighting Together

Extreme Makeover – ISIS Edition: US Rebranding Former Terrorists For New Insurgent Army

US Special Forces Provide Secret Cover For ISIS Retreat in Syria

SYRIA WAR UPDATE: Russian Air Force and SAA Thwart ISIS & Al-Qaeda Counter Offensive


Russian ASF General Explains How Pilots Chased Away US F-22 “Raptor” Without Triggering World War DEC 18, 2017

60 Minutes: Kremlin Insider Sergey Markov Says Russia Has Defeated US Without Firing a Shot! Oct 25, 2019

Syria conflict: Putin defends Russia’s air strikes – BBC News


HERO Pilot of Downed Su-25 in Syria Set Off Grenade When Surrounded by Terrorists – Russian MoD

Putin Recalls Two Heroic Stories From Syria: Russian Special Forces Achieved Impossible

French couple decorates ‘Russian Rambo’ hero of Syria op with family’s WWII medals

Putin Congratulates Special Forces Working Secretly in Syria on Heroism and Self-Sacrifice

President Putin Congratulates New Military Commanders Fresh From War in Syria

HEROES: 16 Elite Russian Soldiers Fought a Swarm of 300 Syrian Jihadists

Russian troops help liberate Syrian town | DW News Apr 13, 2016

THE BOSS: Putin Congratulates Russian Pilots on Their Successful Mission in Syria Dec 11 2017

RAW: Russian Pilots Arriving Home From Syria Given Hero's welcome Dec 13, 2017

Syrian Christian girls defend their town from Western backed “moderate rebels”

Putin Vows To Protect Christians in Syria Dec 9, 2017

Russia invited international journalists to report on their operations in Syria – BBC News

Thank you, Russia, Thank you, Putin’ – BBC News Nov. 14, 2015

ISIS Switching to Asia!: Shoygu Meets With Chinese to Discuss New US-Sponsored Terror Threat! Oct 22, 2019

EXCLUSIVE! Russian warships attack ISIS positions in Syria from Caspian Sea (1500km away)


Putin Assesses Effectiveness of New Russian Weapons Systems in Syria

NATO Underestimates Russia’s Power! Putin, Shoygu Put On a Show With Awe-Some Nuclear Triad Drills!


America Did Less Than Nothing in Syria: Putin Takes Credit For Restoring Syria’s Sovereignty Oct 18 2018

‘Not One American Flag is Waved in Syria’: Syrians Seem to Think Russia Liberated Their Country!

Northern Syria Finally Settling Down Despite Years of US-Sponsored Terrorism Taking a Toll!

Scramble For Northern Syria! SAA Races Turkey to Occupy Raqqa and Manjib!

Joint Russia-Turkey Patrols of Syrian Border Continue! Peace Has Returned to Northern Syria! Nov 6, 2019

New Dawn Comes to Syria: Citizens Celebrate the Defeat of ISIS in the Streets


Time to Go Home: Thanks to Russia’s Efforts Fighting Terrorism, Syrian Refugees Start Going Back


Raqqa After the War: Vesti SPECIAL – Living in the Ruins of NATO’s Indiscriminate Massacre


MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Russian Goal to Defeat ISIS in Syria Has Been Completed


US Withdraws From Syria With Tail Between Legs! Russian Troops Move In to Keep the Peace! Oct 16, 2019

Syria: Putin announces start of Russian troop withdrawal from Syria


Putin Declares War In Syria Won and Only Mop-Up Operation Remains

Sochi: Assad and Putin Declare Victory Over Terrorist Forces in Syria, Discuss Future For Country May 18, 2018

Syrian President Assad Personally Thanks Putin and Russian Generals For Saving His Country

Peace Descends on Damascus - Life Is Slowly Returning to Normal in Syria Thanks to Russia!

War-torn Syria shows signs of rebuilding Aug 23, 2018

Russian Tech Won Syria, Now It Will Rebuild It: Syrian Restoration Effort Now in Full Swing Nov 21, 2018

The Savior of Syria and Europe? Russia Leads Restoration Effort to Bring Syrian Refugees Home

The West Drops the Ball...Again: Syrians and Russians Begin Restoring Palmyra On Their Own

Assad: West Won’t Have Stakes in New, Rebuilt Syria: Russian Businesses Will However

Refugees Heading Home: 250,000 Make Journey Back to Rebuilt Cities in Syria

Mosques and Churches in Russia Gather Humanitarian Aid For Beleaguered Syrians

Russia-Turkey-Iran Summit: Vladimir Putin Says Syria Won’t Be Carved Up Into Zones of Influence!

Russia Writes the Rules in Syria! Signed Memorandum Provides Road Map For Restoring Order!

Erdogan Visits Putin’s Palace! Negotiations Seal the Fate of ISIS, Kurds and Syria!

BREAKING! Putin Gives First Statement After Tough Talks With Erdogan That Lasted SIX HOURS!

Putin Tackles Nuclear Disarmament, Ukraine and Syria Conflict During Valdai Club Meeting

Putin Asks Netanyahu to Accept Territorial of Syria, Participate in Talks On Rebuilding the Republic

Putin Reaffirms Commitment to Syrian Allies, Won’t “Cut a Deal” With US and Abandon Friends!

After Liberating Syria Putin Makes a Record Breaking Billion Dollar Nuclear Energy Deal in Cairo

Putin Visits Tehran and Finds Common Ground With Partners on Syria, Investment and Nuclear Deal

Syria: Russian forces patrol M5 highway near Saraqib


VESTI NEWS: “Interest in a language alway reflects the country’s influence in the world.”

VLADIMIR PUTIN: “Eastern European learned Russia. Their main partner was the Soviet Union. A career depended on that. Career advancement depended on it. There was real cooperation with the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union Dissolved. That’s it. Interest in the language began to fade. This fading is artificially pushed even further because they’re still afraid of us. And what are we seeing now? Some countries, which are reviving economic and political cooperation with us, are experiencing a surge of interest in Russian. They ask for textbooks and teachers. And I’m talking not just about former Soviet republics but about non-CIS countries. Interest in the Russian language will grow as our well-being in the broad sense of the word grows. Without well-being, it’ll never happen. Even if we have two or three more Tolstoy’s or four more Pushkins. They’ll be translated and that’s it. There will be some good translators then. But if our country is powerful strong, attractive, then they’ll learn Russian.”

Minister of Finance Siluanov: US Senate to Punish Russia For Fighting ISIS in Syria With Sanctions!

Putin Makes Preservation of Russian Language a Top Priority in War Against Russophobia!